Look Out For Flying Carp!

Flying Carp HuntersIts official, spring is here. Now that the ice is off the lake and rivers we want to you to remember to have fun and most of all stay safe. There are dark forces lurking just beneath surface of many rivers across: Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Minnesota. You may have herd the chilling tales of fisherman coming ashore beaten, bruzzed and covered in blood, boats spinning wildly out of control (with no captain in sight), or horror stories of 40-50lb living cannon ball flying threw the air attacking unsuspecting boaters. What is this threat you ask… Well, It’s the Flying Asian Carp, which is now threatening one of the Midwest greatest resources, the Great Lakes.

In 2010 Obama administration appointed John Gross as the “Asian carp czar.” Gross and his team has implemented some interesting tactics to contain this growing epidemic. Such as: Electrical barrier, block flood waters from the Des Plaines River with a 13-mile fish barrier, and conducting more than 40,000 hours of netting, electrofishing and other fish monitoring strategies.

“The Carp Stops Here!”


Unlike our “Asian carp czar” Captain Nate and First Mate Zac of Peoria Carp Hunters are taking matters into their own hands, Kicking Bass and Not Taking No Carp From Nobody.  Under maned and under resourced the dastardly duo are determined to take back the water of the mighty Mississippi  to hopefully reclaim it to its rightful glory and have tons of fun.

The Asian Carp was first brought to the US in the 1970’s By commercial fishing operations in Arkansas. The Carp would do a job that no American fish would do, clean the algae from the commercial catfish ponds. Which is all fine and dandy until the river floods and the carp escap. Now threating are Great Lake it more impotent then ever to do our part to help stop this invasive species. If the Asian Carp makes it to the Great Lakes they could destroy a $7 billion fishing industry and endanger boaters’ lives. “They eat like pigs and breed like mosquitoes”  stated Clark Bullard of the Univertly of Illinois. To Learn more about our goverment strategy for dealing with the invasive Asian Flying Carp visit- www.asiancarp.us


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