Liquid Force Luna Womens Wakeboard Review

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The Liquid Force 2011 Luna. The Luna, another staple board in our line, is on the PS3 shape. This board features a three-stage hybrid rocker, so it’s a little different trajectory, a little different arc coming off the wake then the Angels. It has a straight up pop, but still a user-friendly ride. It has a beveled rail on the side so it takes that variable edge rail concept a bit further giving you a little more forgiveness. It helps the board to roll onto rail easier. There is a double concave through the center to help soften the landing and the water exits through these tip exiting slots giving you a little extra controlling surface and a little more bite and hold and some lift. Lunas have a deeper long base molded inside fin for a little extra bite and hold. The Lunas also come as a grind. The 2011 Luna grind wakeboard has all the same features but coming with our LF grind base. This is a center P-tex base so it will work both behind the wake and hold up to all the cable and park and rail abuse you can throw at it.

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