Liquid Force Fly Wakeboard Review

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For the ultimate and lightweight pro model performance, Liquid Force offers the Fly series and what the Fly series is, is it’s taking our four pro models: the S4, the Shane, the Lyman, and the new Watson. And we make these boards with a special CNC light-weight core, a special Triax glass, and super light top sheet and base materials to give the boards durability, performance, and lightweight. We start with a CNC core that combines three materials: PVC foam, longitudinal wood grain stringers, and high density foam around the perimeter. Now this combination is CNC mild to the precision shape of each of our pro model designs. The boards wrapped in a unique Triax glass with unidirectional reinforcement, both top and bottom. The deck top sheet is the lightest material we could find and it’s translucent. There’s a window into the core so you can see the board. In order to retain all the features and all the contours inhered into the design of the pro models, the bottom skin is screen printed and vacuumed form to the precise shape of each of these riders pro models. What we end up with is a board that’s really responsive, has a livelier flex, and its 35% lighter than the standard pro model made in our standard construction. These boards are super light and super alive. Liquid Force makes the Fly’s comes in eight models this season and the S4 that come in the one-thirty eight and one-forty two. Shane’s model comes in his one-thirty eight and one-forty two. The Lyman comes in the one- thirty nine and one-forty three and Watson’s new shape comes in his one- thirty nine and one-forty three. For super light-weight performance, in a tested pro model shape, check out a Fly.

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