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Lib Tech Snowboards Men's & Women'sThis is a Lib Tech Attack Banana. It’s an all-terrain freestyle killer for your killing needs. It has a flex rating of a 6 and a lot of really unique features. It has a twin shape, of course, and it has the new Elliptical C2 BTX shape. There’s going to be camber from underneath the bindings to the nose and the tail. And in between the bindings, there’s actually going to be a reverse camber shape. It’s going to make this board playful and fun, but also responsive at the same time.


It has Colombian Gold Eco-Timber from tip to tail wood laminates. It also has a very unique blend that sandwich the wood core. It’s called Basalt and Fiberglass blend. Basically, Basalt fibers are volcanic rock fibers that are very eco-friendly. If you have a volcano, you can basically make Basalt, with a lot of money too. The edges, of course, are going to be Magne-Traction. Magne-Traction technology is a wave-like technology that creates more surface area for your riding needs. The more surface area you have, the harder your edge bite is going to be. The top-sheet is made out of beans, it’s called Beans Bio-Plastic Top-Sheet. And of course, the power transfer internal sidewalls are going to keep this thing basically indestructible. The design was done by Steve Cobbs, and you can check this board out at Lib Tech. Thats is the Lib Tech Attack Banana, flex rating of 6, all-terrain freestyle killer. Rad graphic, I like it.


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