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The K2 Turbo Dream. This thing is absolutely insane. It’s pretty much the Ferrari of the K2 line. The features are absolutely stunning. It has an all terrain rocker system, which means that’s it about 75% flat in between the bindings and about 30% up on the nose and on the tail.

The construction is called a hybritaper, which means that they take out a little bit of the core material on the nose and the tail and taper it off so there’s less swing rate to make those spins a little bit faster. The sidecut construction is called the twin hyper progressive. That means that it’s a little bit smoother going into the turns, when you’re in the middle of a turn it’s very, very aggressive; it holds a great edge. The stance is set back 3/4 of inch, so not very much; it still has that twin shape. The core is called a WH3, which means it has three different types of wood in the core and it also has two urethane skin honeycomb strips in between the bindings. The fiberglass in this thing is pretty unique as well. It’s called the triax fiberglass and it has integrated carbon glass in the K2 Turbo Dream. There are three different patterns of glass that sandwich the wood core. There’s carbon fiber inside so it makes this thing extra, extra snappy and very, very responsive. If you land a little bit off, and you’re going off a 90-footer, this thing is going to hold your weight and not let you slide out. A couple of my favorite features are the new technology that K2 has out. One is called a damping system called the harshmellow. It’s almost like squishy little pads right under where your body is going to be set. So it dampers when you’re going about 90 miles an hour through some rough stuff and it also helps absorb a little of the impact. It also has something called the carbon web one. Carbon web is a new technology from K2 that has carbon fiber on the nose and on the tail. It kind of looks like a spiderweb. So it increases ollie, pop and it makes this board very aggressive. The base is a 4000 sintered base. It’s a top of the line base. The base bevel right now is, out of the factory, 1 degree. This is K2’s Turbo Dream. I can’t wait to ride this thing. It’s going to be amazing.

Hey, I’m Brian Rickle with K2 Snowboards, and we’re taking a look at the K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard.The K2 Turbo Dream is one of our higher-end Atlas snowboards. Basically, it’s just a really nice all-mountain snowboard. And really, it’s kind of anywhere from the peaks to the parks with an emphasis on the all-mountain orientation. The Turbo Dream has 10 stringers of carbon running all the way through that board to give it a lot of pop. It has our Carbon-Matrix-1 torsion forks at the very tip of the tail, just giving you a lot of edge hold with a lot of snap in the tip of the tail. It has our harsh, mellow dampening right underneath the bindings just to make that snowboard ride silky smooth on those groomers. And then, it also offers our all-terrain rocker. So it is flat between the bindings just to give you a lot of hard snow performance and give you a lot of stability on the ground. And then, it has a rocker on the very tip of the tail so it really makes that board float really nice on the powder and really quick and maneuverable through the trees and on the groomers, and that’s the K2 Turbo Dream snowboard.


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