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This is the K2 Drone Snowboard binding. It is an automatic binding. If you do not know what that is I am going to show you. I will be showing you how cool this feature is. To tightening this binding you will have to set your toe strap and that is pretty much it. Other than that, all you have to do to tighten this is ratchet down your ankle strap. The ankle strap is actually attached to your toe strap through this chassis right here. Once you tighten this baby down, as you see, your toe strap tightens down as well. It is a pretty cool little feature that saves a lot of time when you are racing friends down the hill or just trying to get as many laps in or hiking those stairs and trying to get that shot before the police come.It has auto-chassis — fiberglass reinforced nylon chassis. It is nice and strong.

The heel cup and the sides are connected. It has air locklight high back so this baby is going to flex a little bit. You see all the air holes in it — nice and light. The ankle strap is called auto caddy. It is a little bit different strap than most of the other straps. It is nice and light. It is super, super thin and very comfortable. The material is cut out at the center so you won’t get that ankle strap pinch. Also, it has a tool-less centering lever as well. So if you ever want to just adjust your ankle strap, center it on your boot when you are riding, or before you ride, it is tool-less so that helps a lot.

One of my favorite features about this thing is the harsh mellow padding that it has on the base. You’ll see these little pads right here, those can work with the harsh mellow system that K2 has in some of their boards. Harsh mellow kind of dampers some of the vibration that your board is going to give you when you’re riding. These bodies absorb that crazy crap that happens.

Next up is we have the K2‘s EZ toe strap. All you have to do, like I said before, is adjust this little toe strap once and you’re set to go. It has air light aluminum long ratchets. Sometimes ratchets have a short little lever and it is hard to really, really crank down on them. These things are almost three inches long so you’ll get a lot of leverage. If you know basic physics, you know it is going to help to get these babies nice and tight. It has a Canted Footbed. Check these out — K2 Drone Snowboard Binding.


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