K2 Darko Boot Review


2012 Darko Snowboard Boot

This is the K2 Team Design Darko Snowboard Boot. The internal Intuition Control 3-D liner is going to keep your feet happy and snug all season long. There’s internal J Bars and external J Bars plus cushioning, a 3-D molded tongue, and Velcro closures. This will keep your tongue dead center in your boot all day and all season long.

The Condra Boa Liner Lacing system is pretty unique. To tighten and to loosen the liner lacing all you have to do is pull up on the Boa System knob that’s on the shell of your boot, to tighten and to loosen it. The EVA 3-D molded footbed has Harshmellow technology in the heelcup and in the forefoot.

The shell has traditional lacing and a performance Harshmellow sole. K2 has removed a majority of the rubber in these and put in Harshmellow. Harshmellow of course in the heel and in the forefoot to dampen the vibrations and the negative vibes that you get from snowboarding here and there. That’s right, this is the K2 Darko Snowboard Boot designed by the snowboard team of K2 for you and for me.


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