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Not only does K2 Snowboards have great product but they have great employees.  John Schmook and Brian Reichel might be the two most passionate reps at K2.  Their undying love for the Midwest and fantastic service they provide trickles down from regional shops to individual riders.  If you’re looking for more than product, K2 is a lifestyle brand that welcomes everyone.  If you’re a junior grom, a mom, or uncle Tom K2 Snowboards has something for you.


1.  K2 – Maysis Snowboard Boot – “I love the boa, for the ease of use.”

2.  K2 – Fastplant Snowboard “…Bambooyah built, jib rocker, and a five year warranty.” This board can do it all.

3.  K2 – Cinch Snowboard Binding Its all about the ease of use. “…because I get a head rush if I bend over too long.”


4.  K2 – Ryker Snowboard Boot “Double boa is were its at!”

5.  K2 – Slayblade Snowboard “…snappy and poppy and it can take you anywhere, from the park to the steeps and deeps”

6.  K2 – Indy Snowboard Binding “…super comfy”

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