Industry Insider: Capita Snowboards & Union Bindings


Johan Malkoski and Emmet Klocker from Capita Snowboards & Union Bindings are big.  Each Standing close to 6’3″ and weighing in around 200 lbs. of twisted steel with sex appeal, both have a great physical presences.  Put these huge Defenders of Awesome in a room and they will entertain any crowd like a three ring circus.

With ringmaster pizzaz, Joahn, who’s often offensive and distinctly sincere, knows truth and stands confidently on the platform of his words.  Combining the tools of education and experience needed to use them, Johan has blazed a path into center stage of the snowboarding industry.  Leaving his Drake, Northwave, and Bakoda Sales Manger position to help start, with other ex-NW partners, what is now known as C3 Worldwide (Capita Snowboards, Union Bindings, & Coal Headwear), the industry can do nothing but marvel at the show of creations.

Emmet is a soft spoken traveling entertainer who tours the Midwest repping Capita Snowboards, Union Bindings, Coal Headwear, Volcom Clothing, Electric Eyewear, and Celtek Gloves.  When he’s not introducing riders like Dan Briesse to the world he can be found cooking in his beautiful home.

The greatest things about Johan and Emmet is they build relationships with shops and every employee; it took close to 30 minutes to drag them off of the sales floor and into the photo room for the shot below.  Johan and Emmet were more concerned with getting to know every House employee than projecting an image of who they want people to think they are.  Real dudes.

“A buddy gave me some great advice a long time ago that if you want to fly with the owls at night, you better be able to soar with the eagles in the morning.”  -Johan Malkoski

1. Capita Snowboards – Space Metal Fantasy

2.  Union Bindings – Contact Pro

3.  Union Bindings – Force

4.  Capita Snowboards- Totally Fk’n Awesome