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When Jeremy Jones left Rossignol Snowboards in 2009 after a prolific riding career, it didn’t take long before whispers of Jones Snowboards were heard. The whispers became deafening and Jones Snowboards released its first decks for 2010-11. Now they are flying off the shelves. Here is the story and philosophy behind the brand from Jones himself.

“Obsessed, addicted and immersed in the mountains since 1983, I have written my life story around snowboarding. I have been all in from the beginning – hiking resorts before they allowed snowboards at age 9, all-night drives to Jackson Hole in high school to score first tram of the year, hiking all night to score a first descent at dawn. Becoming a pro snowboarder was not an optional career, there was no back-up plan.

“Now 26 years after stepping on my first snowboard I feel blessed to have been given the opportunities I have. From riding some of the world’s wildest lines to naming mountain peaks to the countless signature products I have helped create, it’s been an honor to be a part of snowboarding’s evolution. During this journey I have often focused on the performance of my equipment. How can we make this board better…rail an edge harder…weigh less without sacrificing durability? After ten years of working with the R+D teams on new designs and technologies, I’ve made significant progress towards my dream board but the time has come to take that quest to the next level?

“For 2010 I am proud to announce the latest offspring of my life-long commitment to snowboarding – Jones Snowboards. I have started Jones Snowboards to develop the highest performance all-mountain weapons on the market – freeride boards that reflect everything I’ve learned both on the snow and in the factory. Every snowboard we produce will be born of my passion and our designs will mirror the performance demands of my riding matched with the environmental demands of my conscience.

“Jones Snowboards is a natural evolution for me. Snowboarding is not my job, it’s my life. Come experience the progression. Ride with me.”


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