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Minnesota-born brothers Erik and Bjorn Leines burst onto the snowboard scene in the 90s like vikings marauding a seaside town and quickly established themselves as top caliber shred heads. Shortly thereafter, the brothers looked around at the business side of things and said to themselves—you know what, I bet we could be pretty good at this too!

In 2003, the Leines clan put together a small line of gloves under the Celtek moniker that was sold in a small family of super core shops like The House Boardshop. Right from the get-go, Celtek embraced the inherent creativity of the snowboard industry and its unavoidable crossover with the art world and the community between. What came out of this love triangle was a line of handwear, worn by a select crew of riders on the top of their game that today has expanded to cover knuckles dragging across the snow of fifteen different countries.

Their art-adorned offerings have also increased to include a full women’s line, facemasks, hats, backpacks, and a sweet lineup of t-shirts and hoodies. You’ll find some of your favorite pros rocking Celtek’s artful apparel like Dan Brisse, Aaron Biittner, Zac Marben, and Chris Grenier. The guys are also expanding into the skate world by putting their stuff on the one and only Lizard King so look for Celtek on the slopes and the streets!

In 2003, two brothers created CELTEK with one aim: to revolutionize the action sports industry by tapping the creativity of riders, artists, and the community itself. From a few gloves sold by a small group of core riding shops in that first season, CELTEK has since experienced an organic and exponential evolution, maturing into a full-fledged accessory source that supplies shops in 15 countries around the globe with its unique, art-inspired designs. Every CELTEK product brings the roots of action sport culture to the surface, placing the passion and personality of the rider on display with unmistakable style and matchless quality. From the beginning, the mission of the CELTEK clan has remained the same: inspire creativity, express individuality, and ride every chance you get.


Brothers and business partners Erik & Bjorn Leines are the inspiration behind the CELTEK brand, bringing a combined 30 years of professional snowboarding experience to bear on the industry.

Erik entered the pro arena in 1997, coming into his own during snowboarding’s most explosive period of growth. As a team rider for brands like Nixon, Oakley, and Volcom, Erik was granted an insider’s pass to the business side of the sport, an advantage that few share in the industry. His determined work ethic and unshakeable dedication to the sport earned him a broad fan base and the nickname “Mule,” a moniker that still applies today in his role as CEO and Co-Founder of CELTEK.

Bjorn has ridden professionally since 1996, and today names Rome, Volcom, Oakley, and DC among his sponsors. His inimitable style has garnered not only competitive success, but deep respect both within and outside the pro snowboarding community. As Brand Ambassador and Co-Founder of CELTEK, Bjorn possesses that priceless insight afforded only to long-time veterans of the pro circuit, bringing the same passion he displays in his riding to the strategic marketing of his own company. –MH


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