GrindWater Slaysh Wakesurf Board Review

From the Grindwater line, The Slaysh Wakesurf Board. It’s their smaller of the two boards. It’s 4′ 8″ and it’s definitely a little shredder. It’s probably the most maneuverable wake surf board. All of these boards come with the kick tail stomp pad in the back. This board also has the fly rail design. This cutaway design we came up with, just gives it so much maneuverability and it works in relationship with the fin. So the fin and the cutaway on the fly rail give it an awesome performance. It also features a swallow tail design. Other features this board has is it’s rail to rail concave design, which means it’s got curvature from rail to rail. So it really has a great surfing feel, but since this board’s a little smaller than our other model, it’s more rippable for those slayshes off the top which is why this board is called the Slaysh.

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