Gallery: Behind the Scenes of Chas Guldemond's Cold Front Shoot

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Each month Snowboarder Magazine runs Cold Front photo spreads in the very first pages of the issue. These shots are highly coveted by riders and photographers alike and they give a little taste of what you’re dropping into in each issue. For November’s 2010 issue Chas Guldemond and photographer Ryan “Huggy” Hughes nabbed one of the Cold Front shots. Lucky for you, The House Boardshop and Snowboarder Magazine have partnered up to bring you behind the scenes extra’s that you can only see online here at The House, including this months photo gallery of shots that didn’t make the cut.

I’ve been organizing my own spring park shoots in the Tahoe area for the past four years. This spring, I worked with Chris Castaneda and the SPT/Northstar crew to get this sick double line ready for a private shoot. I called up Jeremy Thompson to come shred with me because I knew he would throw down and bring along his good energy. There’s nothing better and more rewarding than being able to have a private session at your home resort. Northstar was closed for the season, so a few of the guys brought their sons up to watch. I had my dogs and my girl there, and we just had a good time. Jeremy and I would ride for a few hours, and then we’d take a break and barbecue. Jeremy was even spotted bronzing in a lawn chair. A few really productive days, good friends, endless burgers, and three epic sunsets…it was Tahoe at its finest. -Chas Guldemond

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No animals were harmed in the making of this animation. (R) Chas Guldemond (P) Huggy

It’s very rare that you could classify a snowboard photo as cute. This one might just do it though. (R) Jeremy Thompson (P) Huggy


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