Forum Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets & PantsThis is the Forum Youngblood Series; there’s three different boards in the Youngblood Series. There is the Chilly Dog With Pop, we have the Camber series, and then we have the DoubleDog series. These three boards are pretty much giving you the same, besides those three profiles. I’m going to go through each one. The Chily Dog With Pop is a continuous rocker, the form has, with pop zones outside of the bindings. The Camber board, of course, is going to have a normal, nice camber. And then the DoubleDog is pretty interesting because it has a continuous rocker shape, but underneath the bindings and the inserts, there’s actual camber. That’s the only difference between all three of the boards.

For the construction we have Biax fiberglass… we have fiberglass that runs 90 degrees and zero degrees, that sandwich the aspen wood core. The wood core is actually called a Gnar core, so 100 percent aspen wood runs tip to tail, except for underneath the bindings, they changed the grade of the wood to 45 degrees. Of course, it’s going to be a twin board, and it’s got freebase on it. So nice smooth base, it’s going to hold wax, it’s going to last long whether you’re going to be on snow or on cement and one of the greatest things about the Forum Youngblood is the Swingers Club, That is the laminate aspen wood core is actually tapered inside for less swing weight on the nose and tail.

This is the Forum Youngblood Series, with Chilly Dog With Pop, Camber and the DoubleDog.


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