Forum Shaka Snowboard Binding Review- 2011

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Forum Shaka Snowboard Binding

These are an awesome binding, with a lots of great features. Forum has added features like no other binding manufacturers are making. One is this, this is the hinge disc. It’s a disc that actually flexes with your reverse camber boards, great idea. Not only is this a great idea, it works very well with their split base plate bindings. You see all the material out of here. Well, that’s so your binding flexes a lot more. Not only will the bindings flex with the reverse camber, they’re going to be also very comfortable with the tons of EVA padding that the Shaka Binding have.

It also has F gel. Forum snowboards puts a lot of F gel in their boot, liners, insoles, and outsoles. Now, they’re putting it in their binding. So you’ll be able to bomb drop off of 100 ft  cliffs onto cement stairs, and you won’t feel anything, a pretty good idea. The straps are great as well. They have a new technology called the flip flop strap. The ankle strap you can actually take off and turn around, depending on what kind of flex you want in the bindings. If you want more medial flex towards the inside of your boots, you can do that. If you want more lateral flex towards the outside of your boots, your bindings would be able to do that with the flip flop strap on the Forum Shaka. They have the toe strap called the throw down. It’s a great idea. It goes on the front of your toes. They remove some of the excess material and put some neoprene so they’ll be able to tighten down nice and tight. You’ll be able to feel it definitely.

The base plate and the heel cup are pretty cool technology. They use a glass nylon composite material. It’s actually 50% fiberglass. The rest is nylon is the base plate. They use aircraft-caliber aluminum in the heel cup, so it’s the best of both worlds. There are some companies that only make aluminum bindings. There are some binding companies that only make nylon bindings. This is the strength of aluminum and the flexibility of nylon in one. Awesome binding. Very comfortable with the F-gel. The hinge disc is great. The flip flop straps are amazing. This, ladies and gentleman, this is the Forum Shaka Snowboard Binding.


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