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2011 Forum Scheme. This thing is the all mountain rocker. This thing will tear it apart all over the place. If you like doing jibs that are all natural, this is going to be the board for you. It’s for the guy who likes literally hitting everything guy or girl. It has a Flexor bottom of 4. It has a little bit stiffer of a tail. It is a twin-like shape. I say that because the stance is set back ½ inch. It has Forum‘s ChillyDog profile, which is a continuous rocker shape. You’re not going to catch your effective edges anywhere with this thing. It has what’s called a Gnar core. It has vertical aspen laminate wood from tip to tail. Underneath the bindings, you will have 45 degree laminate aspen wood.

It has Biax fiberglass, which means that the fiberglass runs in two directions: at 90 degrees and at 0 degrees. The sandwiches the wood core. The base is called freebase. You won’t have to maintain this thing very much because it’s going to stay fast right out of the bag. Another great thing about the Forum Scheme is that it has the swinger’s club. The swinger’s club is actually the process in which Forum takes the wood core and gradually tapers it off in the nose and tail, so you won’t have as much swing weight. So if you like hitting everything on the mountain, if you like hitting jibs in the park, [pounce] slashes, and wind lips, this Forum Scheme is going to be for you. Not only that, but it also has a pretty rad top sheet. It almost feels like brick tape in spots, so, yes, you’ll still be able to stick stickers on this board, but you won’t be able to slip off your board when you’re getting on this air lift or off. Thanks guys!


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