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Forum Snowboards2011 Forum Scallywag. This is an amazing board with an amazing graphic. It has the pirate theme of course. It has a piece of board or a plank and that’s basically what we ride down on the hill; a piece of wood, that’s what this is, well it’s a little bit more than¬† just a piece of wood. Cool die cut, cool core. The Scallywag has a flex rating of about a four, it’s for the all-mountain rocker who wants to get on to everything: jumps, jibs, windlips, whatever.

The profile is a twin shape of course with continuous rocker. It’s called the “Chillydog with Pop” so it’s a little bit more forgiving in between the bindings. It has pop zones on the nose and on the tail. It has a poplar wood core, tip to tail poplar laminate wood; it’s going to stay light, it’s going to stay poppy, it going to stay very responsive. It has “Biax” fiberglass; the fiberglass runs in two different directions 90 degrees and 0 degrees that sandwich that poplar wood core. The additions that it has are the swingers club, the swingers club is the laminate wood core that is has.¬† It’s actually tapered to the nose and tapered to the tail which gives you swing weight, helping you guys spin faster and go bigger. There it is: The Forum, Scallywag.


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