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Forum Snowboards, The Pat Moore. This is Pat Moore’s Pro Model. You see it’s called the Thunder Puss. That is his cat. He actually has a cat named Thunder Puss in either New Hampshire or the Sierras. Now, I’m not sure where he’s living. Pretty awesome top sheet graphic, I don’t know who designed it but I love it. Awesome base, I think that’s him. Does that look like Pat Moore? I don’t know we’re both redheads, we look like that sometimes. Flex rating of a 5. It’s a twin shaped board. It has a Gnar core, which means that it has laminate aspen wood from tip to tail and has 18% sustainable light weight wood in between. It also has 45 degree aspen wood underneath the bindings. So, it stays a little bit stiffer tip to tail and from edge to edge. It has light triaxial fiber glass inside that sandwich that wood core. This thing from Pat is going to be a little bit stiffer. The glass runs at 3 different directions at 0 degrees, 45 degrees and negative 45 degrees both on top and on bottom. It has a formula Sintered base. It has swinger’s club. Swinger’s club is the base that form boards have that taper on the nose and taper on the tail as well. The tail is going to be a little bit stiffer. Pat wanted a board that slays hard in the big jumps and the big parks but also is light and fun in the mini parks as well.

Today we are going to talk about Pat Moore Pro Model. Pat’s had a pro model with Forum for a few years now. It represents his riding style – a real big powerful guy, likes to do everything on the hill, big jumps to hitting hand rails to urban stuff. So this board particularly has the good old solid camber power, the grip you need for landing big jumps, effortless kinds of turns edge to edge, real responsive. So that is why he is still riding a camber board. Kind of a lot of better riders are going back to camber these days. It’s just more of an aggressive riding type board. The guts of this thing have the gnarly core, which is a light weight core with Green Bell technology. Green Bell Technology has the 45 degree angles with the grain going long under the insert packs. It gives you about 20% more strength underneath the foot. Center base, which we call formula base – you’ve got a nice big Poppy Forum Logo under the base. Twin tip shape, 4 x 2 inserts, light Triax, so you get a little bit more snap. It’s a little bit more aggressive tortionally. Swingers club, which is basically milling out the core from tip to tail, which will cut down on swing weight. Swinger’s club, there is a little video about that too, that you can check out if you want to know a little bit more about Swinger’s Club, and that is the Pat Moore Snowboard. Oh, one other thing, graphically… although this is Peter Line’s Rendition of Pat Moore, so this Peter Line’s full on graphic. Thunder Puss is Pat’s cat, so that’s a just a cool little back story about the graphic.




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