Forum Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets & PantsForum Manual Snowboard. This is a twin-shaped board for that crazy jibber out there that wants to ride at least 100 or more days a season. It has a very soft flex; it’s about a 3, with a reallyrad shape.

It has the Chili Dog With Pop profile, and it has a continuous rocker. It’s a little bit more forgiving in between the bindings, but on the nose and on the tail it’s going to be a little bit stiffer for a little bit more pop. It has a poplar wood core from tip to tail, which means it’s going to stay light, it’s going to stay responsive, and it’s going to pretty much stay the same throughout the season. You will have to break it in a little bit, but it shouldn’t be a big problem.

It has a Biax fiberglass laminate that sandwiches the poplar wood core. The laminates run at 90 degrees and at zero degrees on both the top and on the bottom. On the base we have the Free Base. It’s Forum‘s base, smooth ride, it doesn’t take much to maintain this thing. One of my favorite things about this besides the grip tape feel of the top sheet. It also has the beveled edges. So, if you’re that park rat or that jibber out there that constantly gets hung up on rails; if you’re trying things like nollie front board triple kink and you keep catching those heels, it’s because they’re not beveled. This thing comes out of the factory with 3-degree beveled edges. This is the Forum Manual.

Alright Andrew here again with Forum Snowboards here to talk about the Forum Manual Snowboard. This board has been around for quite a while now for Forum it’s definitely one of our most popular models. This year we changed it up a little bit by adding chili dog with pop so the profile is a chili dog board but we what did is from the inserts back to the kick points we added a pop zone so you’re going to get a little bit more snap and pop out of your ollies. Definitely makes the board ride a little bit more aggressive but still at the same time giving you the forgiveness of the chili dog feel. The big thing on the manual is it’s meant to be ridden about five centimeters smaller than what you normally would.

The reason for that is the long effective edge so a 150 Manual has the same effective running edge as a 155 but you can see how the tip and tail are real blunted up, you know that’s going to help with swing weight also with olling up onto a rail, onto a box, you’re not going to have a big nose out here to catch as you’re popping up. Free base on this so real durable, really easy to maintain, retains wax real good. Popular core which is just a full-grain tip to tail wood core, bi axle glassing, nice and loose torsionally flexible, 4×2 insert pack and that’s about it on the Forum Manual Snowboard.


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