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2011 Forum League Snowboard Boots

Forum Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets & PantsThis is the Forum League, it’s a skate-inspired boot that’s not going to break the bank! As you see, all the features that we’re going to go through are basically skate-inspired. And it’s going to be a nice, soft flex boot.

It has a Level 1, pretty much pack-proof liner. The Fgrip, skate-inspired – it’s going to be a very, very thin sole so you can feel the bindings, you can feel the board. You’ll be able to feel the snow and all the rails that you’re going to be riding on. The footbed is a classic EVA footbed. It’s not going to wear out, pack out within like a month or 45 days, or however long you want to ride this boot. It’s going to last a season, and it could last more seasons than just one.

The lacing system is great. It has speed lace zone systems, both on the outside and on the liner as well. All you have to do for the internal liner: to loosen, pull up; to tighten, push down. Lock in and you’re good to go. Then the speed lace zone on the outside is wonderful as well, because you have the separation of the front of your foot, or the front of your shin, and then the top of your foot.  All you have to: lace them, pull up, set back, tighten the strings and then you’re basically good to go.

This Forum League boot also has is the Forever Fit. Forever Fit System is the system and the concept in which Forum designs all their boots – from the inside out. They started with the EVA Level 1 footbed, built the liner on top of that, and then built the surrounding boot on top of that.  So it’s going to be a nice, snug fit. You’re going to have great heel-hold, and the flex is amazing. If you like tweaking out your grabs this is going to be a great boot for you. It’s a Level 4 for both medial, lateral, and then forward to back. Check this out – if you like to skate, if you like to snowboard, this is the boot for you.


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