Forum Kicker Snowboard Boots 2011 Review

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You are looking at the 2011 Forum Kicker Snowboard Boots. This is a pretty rad boot. It is a hard charging boot for that rider that likes to go big who needs a little extra support than the average rider. If you like to go big, if you like to stay on top of your board and you need a boot that helps you maintain balance without getting over the nose and your tail too much, this is going to be the boot for you.

This is for the lady or the guy that go absolutely massive and need the support. Starting off this has the forever fit construction. The fit construction that Forum has that stars out by building the Good Vibe foot pillow insole. So, inside you’re going to be walking around what feels like a pillow with lots and lots of cushioning. They build around that a level 3 F-gel liner. It’s going to be a little stiffer of a liner, a little bit more supportive both medially and laterally. It also has F-gel cushioning all along the foot bed. It does have the new Good Vibe outsole as well. You’ll see here that it’s a little bit thin, so it’s skate inspired, so you can feel the board under your feet.

The density of the outsole is going to be a little different than most. It has two different composites. One is called the F-gel, of course, which is lighter of an outsole material, a little bit more forgiving, absorbs a lot of impact. Then there’s a little bit more dense material that helps you walk around on parking lots, on ice, hiking pipes, and back country everything like that. It does have the Speed Zone lacing system.

If you guys don’t know what that is, it’s a lacing system that’s pretty fast, it’s pretty quick and it does have great separation of tightness on your shin and on your top of your foot. All you have to do to tighten your boots is basically pull up on a string, lock it back and tuck it in, and you’ll be good to go all day. It’s great because every once in awhile if you ride a lot like I do, I tighten my boots like every single day of course, I always get those little wear marks on my pinkies from tightening so hard. The speed lace system won’t give you those wear marks. It also has the gold cuff links on the internal lace liner. To unlock it pull up the little circle, to loosen it pull up on the whole lever, and then push it back down, lock in place to tighten it. This is going to be a rad boot. It does have the tweaker technology, so you’re not going to tweak your feet on these things. I love it. Lots of comfort, lots of F-gel in the liner, the foot bed and on the outsole. Go check these out. These are the 2011 Forum Kicker Snowboard Boots. Rad boots, dudes.


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