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Features of the Honey Pot Snowboard

  • Combo Platter Profile:—->
  • Shape: Twin
  • Gnar Core
  • Laminate: Biax
  • FreeBase
  • New Buttercup
  • Swingers Club
  • Flex 4

Andrew here, with Forum. I’m going to be talking about the Forum Honey Pot. This is a brand new profile construction shape for Forum this year. There’s definitely a lot to talk about on this. We’re going to talk about a bunch of things here, so I hope you can keep up and understand everything I’m about to get into. The whole idea of this board came from the idea of having the power of a Camber Board with the forgiveness of a Rocker or a Chillydog Board. Other companies have approached it from the other way of building a Camber Board, and then it having the ability of Rocker. We’ve kind of approached it the other way, from building a Rocker Board that feels like a Camber Board, so forgiveness with the power of a Camber Board. If you look here, you see how, underneath the binding area or the the insert, it’s raised up off the snow, kind of concave like a skateboard. What that does, when you’re flat-based, it gives you that loose, playful feel of a Rocker Board. But when you get it up on edge, it has the power of a Camber Board. You can see that it’s still a Camber Board.

So that’s how you get that feeling of forgiveness of the Rocker with the power of a Camber Board. The guts of this board are pretty simple. It’s the Narco, which is just basically a wood core with Grainbelt technology, which is the grain of the wood on the edge of the board here going at a 90 degree angle, where the rest of the core is running vertically through the deck. Bi-axial glassing, so you’ve got a nice, smooth, forgiving flex through here. Freebase, which is pretty much standard on all of our boards, it’s real easy to maintain, real easy to repair. It’s nice and fast, it’s going to retain wax real good. Another thing on this; if you look close, you can see, it’s called the Buttercup. It’s kind of a spoon shaped nose, so it plows through crud and reduces swing-weight. If you’re plowing through deep, heavy powder snow, you’re going to be able to kind of be like the hull of a boat, it’s going to blow through there really easily. But other than that, I think that’s about it for the Honey Pot.


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