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Forum Destroyer Chillydog With Pop
This is the board that’s going to do everything for you if you’re an aggressive rider. This is for the rider that literally does everything, jumps, jibs, drops, picks up chicks. It’s for that guy. It has a flex rating of about a five. It has a chili dog pop profile shape. It has a continuous rocker shape, so it’s going to be a rocker. It’s a little bit more forgiving in between the bindings. It has more pop on the nose and on the tail than a traditional reverse Camber board. It is a twin shape, and it does have a Gnar LE wood core. The Gnar LE wood core is an alternating aspen and 18% sustainable lightweight wood core from tip to tail. It also has aspen at 45 degree angles along the sides underneath the bindings for a little bit more stability. It has the triaxial fiber glass, which is a light glass combination. It has degrees of 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees and 0 degrees of glass that sandwich the wood core both on the top and on the bottom. It has the Formula Sintered Base. It has two of my favorite features in the Forum line. It has the swinger’s club, which is the tapering of the wood core on the nose and on the tail. It has the Booter Boosters Next Stream. That is carbon strips that start at the end of the binding inserts and go towards the contact points. You’re going to have a little bit more responsiveness when you’re take off and you want to snap off the jumps and land on jumps. And even when you’re pressing as well, you’ll be able to snap onto that rail as high as you possibly can. This the Forum Destroyer, cool board, cool graphic, rad die cut.

Forum’s Chilly Dog With Pop Staring Peter Line

Tthe Forum Destroyer Snowboard with Chillydog. Like with the Youngblood , it’s got the Chillydog with Pop. Basically, what it is is, you’ve got a continuous arc between, underfoot, with extra pop at the ends. It adds a little bit more ollie power, a little bit more response when you really load the tail. You can see how the contact points are lifted up off the snow quite a bit. Easier landings, more forgiving on take offs, landings, things like that.

This board is a twin. It does have a Gnarly Core in it, which is a lighter-weight core with the Grain Belt technology. So the grain of the wood underneath the foot is going at a 45 degree angle to the length of the rest of the wood in the core. The Formula base, a nice fast base. It retains wax well, really good high speed, a nice die-cut base here. This does have light triaxial, so it’s going to be a little bit more responsive, a little bit snappier. The twin shape; a blunted out nose so it’s a little bit easier, you’re not going to catch when you’re ollieing onto things or taking off. A kicker cool graphics story on this; this is a real skull from the Smithsonian Museum. This guy met the end of his life with a ball-peen hammer. So all the rest of the boards are going to have different skulls with a different instrument that they were killed with. So it’s kind of brutal, kind of dark, but definitely more for somebody that wants that kind of feel from their snowboard. A little interesting tidbit there. Swingers Club as well in this, so you have the core profile built out a little bit to reduce swing-weight. Make sure to check out all of Forum’s Snowboard Gear.

Last years Forum’s Chilly Dog Tech with Peter Line Video


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