Flow Verve Review

Flow Verve Snwoboard- 2011

This is a Flow Verve all mountain freestyle affordable ride for you. This board will give you outstanding results. It has a true twin shape with EZ Rocker. It’s a combination of both rocker and camber and a little bit of flat. In between the bindings there is a convex shape that is reverse camber. Underneath the bindings this board has camber and by the nose and the tail the board is flat. It’s pretty nice. The sidecut radius has an EZ Transitional sidecut radius. There is a blend of both mellow and tight sidecut radius in this Flow Snowboard. So when you’re hauling ass and going down the hill at a million miles an hour this thing is going to hold you up and you’ll be able to make aggressive tight turns. And when you’re going slow you’ll be able to make mellow turns as well.

The Truflex Core is quite outstanding. They use different density poplar wood stringers from tip to tail in this board. If you didn’t know, poplar wood has outstanding strength to weight ratio. The biax fiberglass runs in two different directions, at 90 degrees and at zero degrees. There’s going to be a little bit more torsional flex in the glass because the majority of the fiberglass actually runs at zero degrees over 90 degrees.The extruded Optix 2000 base is going to keep you running fast all season long. It’s going to be pretty much as fast as a board would be even if you didn’t wax it. Again, this is the Flow Verve, cool graphic, kind of wild, kind of loud, kind of psychedelic. Flow‘s definitely been stepping it up over the years. Great team riders of course, if Tim Humphreys can do it, I’m sure you can too, enjoy.


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