Flow Solitude Review

Flow Solitude Snowboard – 2011

Flow Snowboards, Snowboard Boots & BindingsThis is the Flow Solitude big mountain free riding snowboard. You can find peace in the Solitude. This board has a lot of great features, a cool top sheet, great graphics, and it’s fast. The directional shape is going to help you stay up in the powder. The tail is going to be a little bit shorter than the nose. The tail is also going to be a little bit stiffer than the nose. The stance is set back just slightly. The reverse camber is going to be a little bit longer in this board in between the feet with a slight camber underneath the feet with the flat nose and the tail.

The progressive dual transitional sidecut radius is great for both high speeds and low speeds. At the nose and at the tail and in between the bindings the sidecut radius is going to be a little bit mellower. Underneath each binding the transition of the sidecut radius is going to be pretty steep. So when you’re cruising at high speeds, it’s going to hold you up. When you’re cruising at low speeds, it’s going to be there for you as well. The Reflex core is pretty unique because it uses both low and mid density poplar woods. As you can see through the top-sheet it runs tip to tail and it also has Whiskey Double Malt Titanal Forks. You see these forks right there, this will also give it a little bit more structural integrity.

The light quadratics fiberglass makes this board one of my favorite all mountain boards. The fiberglass runs in four directions, at 90 degrees, where a majority of the fiberglass is located, at zero degrees, negative 30 degrees, and positive 30 degrees. You can also see the carbon micro stringers that run tip to tail. The Sintered 4000 base is an ultra high molecular weighted base. You’re going to want to keep this baby nice and fast by waxing it because it is very porous. Again this is the Flow Solitude with Whiskey Double Malt technology, carbon stringers, quadratic fiberglass, and some pretty amazing bases. Check it out, Flow Solitude.


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