Five Things You May Not Have Known About the Pacific Crest Trail

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  1. In order to finish in four and a half months, hikers must walk 22-25 miles a day (everyday). Much of this walking is endured with blisters on the feet, an aching body and a mind that’s fighting your reasons to finish. A grueling, but incredibly rewarding experience, hiking the entire trail is an incredible gift from Mother Nature.
  2. The Pacific Crest Trail (or PCT), is a 2,263 mile long hiking and equestrian trail running from the US border with Mexico to the US border with Canada. It runs through three states, passes through 25 National Forests and 7 National Parks.
  3. Food is likely the most crucial component of a successful trip. The food must be nutritionally and calorically dense – and also taste good so hikers don’t lose their minds on such an extended journey! There are 30 common food drop off/pick up points along the trail. Food must be mailed or transported ahead of time for pick up along the trail. That’s a lot of preparation and planning!
  4. The speed record for the PCT is held by Scott Williamson who completed a north to south solo mission in 64 days, 11 hours, 19 minutes. That’s an average of 41 miles per day. Scott also completed a “yo yo” circuit – twice. He was the first person┬áto thru-hike the entire PCT both ways in a single continuous round-trip. Who’s ready?
  5. The youngest person to thru-hike the PCT is Sierra Burror, who hiked the trail from April – September 2012 at the age of 9. She completed her hike with her mother, Heather Burror. Talk about childhood stories!

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