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For a more direct connection with your board, Burton looks beyond bindings. They’ve learned that boot soles also play a crucial role in much board feel and control is humanly possible. Boots withe EST Optimized Sole technology have a lower ramp angle make them ideal for sliding rails, boxes, landing jibs – AKA park riding. While most boots are slightly angled for all mountain riding, it’s not necessary or ideal for all day jib missions. EST Optimized Sole boots are also have a lower profile, thereby making them lighter weight. They literally bring the rider’s center of gravity closer to the board and improve board feel. Thanks to B3 gel cushioning in the heel, cushy dampening for all day comfort won’t be compromised. Sound like a good fit? Check out the Ambush, Ion, ImperialHail, RampantTyro, Axel, BootiqueEmerald, or our full line of Burton Boots.

The EST Optimized EST sole improves feel and control and lowers your center of gravity. The low profile, lightweight and reduced ramp angle is combined with the ultra dampening B3 gel inserts for no sacrifices to your cushioning.

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