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1 - quiksilver-clothing-logo-120Quiksilver Japan jumped head first into the business to active wear segment with the True Wetsuit.  There isn’t much worse than cramming behind an ocean front desk counting down the ticks until punch-out.  Imagine being able to stride from work to water with zero transition time to change clothes.  Quiksilver has done just that; created a business suit designed to give powerpoint presentations that can also snap slashes on tight barrels within the time it takes to get from the office to the beach.

Finding a perfect surfboard can take a tremendous amount of time, as does finding the flawless suit.  The Quiksilver True Wetsuit is available in three killer styles.  The BLK (black) and NAV (navy) suits are cut for business and surfing whereas the Tux (black) is strictly for partying and surfing.


Cut with a modern slim silhouette the pants and jacket flatter the fit, but with a 2mm thickness anyone can slide into a size range from medium to extra large.  GBS (Glued & Blind Stitching) seams assist the regulation of heat while the cuffs freely filers new water throughout the single breasted double button suit.

The DRYFLIGHT 4WAY fabric that was developed in conjunction with Scotchgard and 3M makes up the water repellent and stain/dirt proof Quiksilver True Wetsuit Dress Shirt.  The shirt could actually be worn on a day to day basis – it’s soft to the touch and has a firm collar to frame any well tied knot.

Sublimation transfer printing allows for bold colors on the ties.  A refined finish starts as a 2mm neoprene ultra stretch jersey fabric and gracefully knots with a center dimple.

Draping over a hanger around $2,500 USD the True Wetsuit is a commodity worth its weight in gold.  Whether in a boardroom or on a board the Quiksilver True Wetsuit will be rippling waves for years to come, make sure to get one before the tide dies.

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Types of Wakesurf Board


Wakesurf Board Construction:

There are two basic Wakesurf Boards construction styles: compression molded and composite surf style boards.

  • Compression Molded Wakesurf Boards
    1. Built the same as a wakeboard
    2. Heavier and more durable (better for beginners)
    3. Usually thinner and shorter
    4. Typically more budget friendly
  • Composite Style Wakesurf Boards
    1. Surfboard style construction- foam core with hand layed glass
    2. Lighter, more buoyant and more fragile (handle with care)
    3. Performs well in smaller ,”mushier” waves
    4. Better for airs and surf style riding


Examples of three different types of wakesurf board styles:

Surf Style–  Great for bigger guys who are looking for that surfing feel. Characterized by bigger boards, surf-style wake surfing utilizes the whole wave with snaps, carves, ollies and aerials. Normally surf-style wakesurf boards have bigger fins and are longer than skim style wakesurf boards. Typical they have a fin size that is greater than 2.5” and board length of  5’2” or longer.

Hybrid or Freestyle Twin– The newest addition to wake surfing is a blend of the Surf and Skim style wakesurf board designs. The end goal is to make a board that combines the playfulness of a skim board with the feel and responsiveness of a surf-style board.

Skim Style– Typically, but not always, skim board style wakesurf boards are compression molded. They are a little wider, shorter and thinner than a traditional wakesurf board. Skim style riding includes more surface oriented tricks like spinning and shove-it maneuvers.  A Skim style wakesurf board typically has less rocker and fins that are under 2.5 inches.

Directional Vs. Twin Tip Wakesurf Boards:

Unlike twin tip boards directional boards (i.e. single tip) are more difficult to ride switch (the opposite of riding naturally facing forward). Advanced riders who are looking to improve their bag-of-tricks out on the waves may prefer twin tip boards.

Twin tip boards such as the O’Brien Alias TT Wake surf board and the CWB Blackjack Wake surf board are designed to ride both ways. This allows for an increase in the boards versatility creating a more skate inspired surf session. A lot of hybrid boards are directionally shaped with a front fin to help increase stability when riding switch.

Some simple rules you should follow while wakesurfing

  1. Only surf behind inboard motors. You could end up losing or dramatically disfiguring one of your limbs. (Warning, do not click hyperlink if you have a weak stomach. May not be appropriate for children.)
  2. Respect others and know your surrounding effects- When your boat is weighted correctly you can turn a glassy lake into a gnarly wave pool.
  3. Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning, if you start getting a headache or feeling light headed TAKE A BREAK! To learn more visit Boating Safety Resource Center

Liquid Force 2012 Wakesurf Boards – Sneek Peek


2012 Liquid Force TC Custom Skim


Lightweight, fast and aggressive! The TC Custom Skim is what every die hard skim surfer is looking for! Tommy Czeschin’s passion has helped create it. Spin and shuv with ease with this supercharged rocket! Kapow!

Liquid Force Doum Skim











The Doum is the tougher little brother of the TC Custom Skim.  Dominic Lagace  “Doum” the global ambassador for L.F. Wakesurfing has created a compression molded board that he can compete on or teach a beginner. Still the same great shape with classic L.F. graphics.

New Custom Thruster

The New L.F. Custom Thruster is wake slashing machine! With a thruster fin set up this board rips through the water fast helping you find the barrel!

New Liquid Force Custom Quad


Just when you thought no….L.F. says YES! The New Custom Quad offers you 4 fins for more speed and launching potential. You and your friends will boost airs like never before with the speed and agility of a Galapagos Fur Seal!


Liquid Force Noserider Wakesurfer Review

From the Liquid Force family of wake surf boards we have the new 5’2” Noserider. Don’t let the name fool you – this is a board you can rip, from all over the board. Whether you’re standing on the nose, cruising through the middle, or driving the board off the tail, this 5 ‘2” rips. It’s made in a lightweight surfboard construction. This is a C&C’d, foam core, stringer blank cut from my original master file of the original protos that I shaped for the team, and tested extensively. It’s hand-wrapped, hand sanded, it’s a super lightweight board and it really performs. The bottom features a big concave underneath the nose, and this will give you lift and support so you can just hang out on the tip of this board and still bring it up and down. Now all of this flows to the center of the board, a slight V with a subtle concave between the two outside fins. You’ll notice this board has a removable fin system. This allows you to ride it as a tri or as a single, and the center plugs allow you three positions of the center fin, so you can make the board ride super loose, or push it all the way back where it will give you more drive and more projection out of turns. The 5’2” Noserider is just a great board, and you’ve got to try it to love it.

Liquid Force Fish Wakesurf Board Review

This is the 2011 Liquid Force Fish. Last year, we had the 5’3’’ Fish and everyone loved that board, but we had lots of response for a desire to have it in more sizes, so we’ve added two new sizes and we’ve reworked the original 5’3’’. The Fishes come in a 5’0’’, a 5’3’’, and a 5’6’’, so there’s a board for every size rider and every size wake. These are compression-molded, and they’re built to last. But they also have a lot of performance features. Now our Fishes, they have a lot of performance features built into them. We start off with a Venturi hole at the bottom. It’s got a single concave down here in the center that flows into a double concave with a slight V. This gives the board a lot of lift and drive, so you can get squirt out of your turns. The full-tail shape, the winged swallowtail, gives the board a lot of drive. This is set up so that it’s set up as a tri-fin with smaller center fin and slightly bigger outside fins, so it lets you drift back into the wake and then pump and drive the board up closer to the bow so you can really travel a good distance on the Fishes. At 5’0’’, 5’3’’, 5’6’’ — there’s a Fish out there for whatever size rider you are or whatever size wake you’ve got. You’ll love the ride.

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Liquid Force Surf Rope Review

For 2011, Liquid Force is offering two, brand new premium surf ropes. Both surf ropes are twenty feet long, and feature three two and a half foot sections. The nine inch handle surf rope features four floats and a three quarter inch diameter. This rope is comfortable no matter where you grab it. The second line, also twenty feet, is the knotted surf line, which features a T-handle, and five of these monster sized knots in a one and a half inch diameter coiled surface for gripping. These are awesome wake surfing ropes.

Liquid Force Custom Wake Surf Board Review

The Liquid Force Customs Wake Surf Board also come in two sizes of single fins. This is the single fin with the Force Custom 4’2, it’s a super lightweight shape and the smallest wake surfer we make. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean you need to be a little kid to ride it. Because of its super lightweight construction, the stringer core, and a hand laminated fiberglass shell this board has super buoyancy. The single fin allows you to drive and spin this shape. You have a beveled edge rolling through the nose which helps you to keep the nose edge free, especially that outside nose rail all that water coming off the back of the boat, this board breaks free of that and gives you a lot of forgiveness. The edge gets sharper and sharper as it runs through the tail of the board. Single concave through the center gives you lots of lift, and if you’re a bigger rider and get a smaller wake you can check out the 4’10 for all the support you need. Liquid Force also offer this board in a 4’6 thruster setup. It features a wider tail shape, gives you a wider lift, and gives you a little more flexibility of playing around with the fin setup either as a single, twin, or tri. So check out one of Liquid Forces line of wake surfboards if you true performance.

Ronix Koal Wake Surf Board Review

Parks Bonifay is a professional wake boarder and part owner in Ronix Wakeboards. Here we have a 4′ 6″ Koal from 2011. Ronix wake surfers are actually made in our own factory in-house. It is actually a real surfboard foam as opposed to a wake surfer that was made out of a wake board foam. It sits deeper and it is a lot more compressed. It is a lot more vibrant, a lot more life, and a lot more buoyant. It actually has a wood string up through the center, real glass hook, and is constructed like any surf board that you have ever seen or ridden and it has the same feel on the water. For 2011, the Ronix Koal comes in three sizes. It comes in a 4′ 6″, a 5′ 0″, and a 5′ 6″. I feel those are the sizes that best fit the size of the wakes so we tried to scale them down to where they would really fit with the transition of what most wake surf wakes are now today. For the fins, we’ve got a tri-fin thruster and the tail is optional. Yesterday I actually rode it with only the two side fins so it gives you more of a looser feel if you feel that you want that. If you want more of a grippier feel, you can have three fins. It has a fish tail which also makes it sit deeper in the back giving you more of a looser feel. It’s good if you’ve got bad knees. If it’s rough it is good to just have fun if you want to throw some buckets around. So, get on a Koal and get down.



Byerly Hazard Wake Surf Board Review

In 2010, Byerly came out with the Hazard Wake Surf Board. Butch has been shaping surfboards forever and this is his first board that he actually shaped for behind the boat. It’s one of the best boards I’ve ever ridden behind the boat, for sure.

My background is surfing. That’s what I did for a lot of years. I surfed professionally. So, when I got the opportunity to come up with Byerly surfer, it was a project I jumped on and actually had the most fun with this year.I went back to more of a true original surf design. It’s a really proven outline. I came up with single wing pintail on this. We’ve been riding boards with this type of layup here for 20 years now in the industry. It’s a super respected shape. We did four slots off the tail. Channels give you a little bite, a little traction. But, at the same time, it gives you a good water flow off the tail.

One of the coolest things about the Byerly Wakeurfer this year is the placement options that you have for the fins on this board. This board is going to come to you shipped with four fins. And you can alternate the fin placement on this board to customize your ride. It’s one of the first wave surfers ever in the industry where you have ultimate options on your fin placement. The boards going to come with two larger fins in the front, two smaller fins in the back. You can ride it with a twin fin, with the big fins just in the front. It’s super loose, super skatey. It’s still got a little bit of drive to it. The way I prefer to ride it right now… I’ve been riding with the two smaller fins in the secondary placement in the back. It’s almost as loose as the forward placement, but at the same time, it gives you a little bit more drive having the fins positioned a little bit closer to the rail, and also a little bit closer to the tail. You can also ride one of the bigger fins moved in the back in the single fin position. So, this board, you can ride it as a thruster with three fins in the rear. You can ride it as twin fin with the fins in the middle. You can ride it as a twin fin with the fins up front. You can ride it as a four fin, which four fins are really big back in surfing right now, with the fins placed in the upper and middle positions. So you’ve got a lot of options on this thing, and really, every different placement you put the fins, it rides completely different. So, you can really customize the ride for yourself.

Being from the surf industry, we all have custom surfboards made especially for ourselves from shapers. And what I really want to do was give the consumer the opportunity to customize his board for himself, to make it just how he wants it. It’s got a low entry rocker, so it’s got a really, really, fast rocker to it. There’s quite a bit of flip in the end, in the tip, so your nose doesn’t dig. There’s a really nice full EVA traction pad. It reminds me of the old Astrodeck traction I always used when I was surfing, a really good grip to it. It’s relatively light. It’s actually a vacuum back construction board, so more of a high tech composite internals to it. I’ve watched a lot of the riders get on this thing and just tear it apart. I haven’t had one rider tell me anything but it’s the best board he’s ever ridden anything but it’s the best board he’s ever ridden behind a boat.

GrindWater Slaysh Wakesurf Board Review

From the Grindwater line, The Slaysh Wakesurf Board. It’s their smaller of the two boards. It’s 4′ 8″ and it’s definitely a little shredder. It’s probably the most maneuverable wake surf board. All of these boards come with the kick tail stomp pad in the back. This board also has the fly rail design. This cutaway design we came up with, just gives it so much maneuverability and it works in relationship with the fin. So the fin and the cutaway on the fly rail give it an awesome performance. It also features a swallow tail design. Other features this board has is it’s rail to rail concave design, which means it’s got curvature from rail to rail. So it really has a great surfing feel, but since this board’s a little smaller than our other model, it’s more rippable for those slayshes off the top which is why this board is called the Slaysh.