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Byerly Hazard Wake Surf Board Review

Byerly Hazard Wakesurf Board

In 2010, Byerly came out with the Hazard Wake Surf Board. Butch has been shaping surfboards forever and this is his first board that he actually shaped for behind the boat. It’s one of the best boards I’ve ever ridden behind the boat, for sure. My background is surfing. That’s what I did for a…


GrindWater Slaysh Wakesurf Board Review

Grindwater Slaysh Wake Surf Board

From the Grindwater line, The Slaysh Wakesurf Board. It’s their smaller of the two boards. It’s 4′ 8″ and it’s definitely a little shredder. It’s probably the most maneuverable wake surf board. All of these boards come with the kick tail stomp pad in the back. This board also has the fly rail design. This cutaway…