2013 Burton Gumbo High Back Tech

As park riding levels soar, bindings have been forced to step up their game. One of the biggest challenges has been maintaining a consistent flex in varying temperatures. Urethane has been the high back material of choice for it’s flexibility, but it has one major downfall. As the temperature rises and falls, the flex changes! That’s pretty weak if you ask us. The all new Gumbo High Back tech by Burton is the first of it’s kind – a perfect park binding that flexes the same everyday on the mountain from November through April. The Bootlegger is the one and only binding with this insane tech for 2013.

Stiff hi-backs suck on rails. But the only skate-style alternative has been urethane, which changes its flex as air temps rise or fall. Our specially formulated solution is the NEW Gumbo Hi-Back, made with more pliable ingredients that maintain the same extra soft flex whether it’s a single digit day or slushy session.

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2013 Burton Dial FLAD Technology

The Forward Leaner Adjustor, better know as the FLAD is a now a standard feature on all Burton snowboard bindings for both men and women. Once you start playing around with the FLAD on your bindings, you’ll wonder how you could ever ride without such an easy to adjust feature. For park riders who slide rails, bonk picnic tables and jib all day long, minimal or zero forward lean is ideal. In other words, the binding high back will be as close to an upright position as possible. This allows the rider to freely bend at the knees thereby lowering the center of gravity. The rider will feel more stable on the center of their board. Riders like Shaun White and Hannah Teter spend most of their time in the half pipe and therefore require an aggressive forward lean for speed. Freeriders and all-mountain riders will also enjoy some forward lean. The FLAD on Burton bindings doesn’t require any tools to adjust – simply spin the dial with your gloves on at the top of the lift!

Another feature our team can’t live without, the Forward Lean Adjustor – FLAD for short is a standard feature on all Burton bindings. The higher the forward lean angle on your highbacks, the quicker your heel edge response. Crank it up for icy hits in the pipe or back it off for jibbing and playing around. Tool free adjustably makes it easy to tweak your forward lean between runs until you find the right setting.

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Burton Grom Boot 3M Thinsulate

Little ones will be a much happier camper on the mountain with warm toes. The Burton Grom boot is the only boot in the line that utilizes 3M Thinsulate technology. It’s warmer than the average insulation without the excess bulk. Tiny shredders will remain warm and happy all day long. Some how, some way, snow will certainly find it’s way into Little Jonny’s boots despite your efforts to keep those pant cuffs low on the boots. When it does happen, the 3M Thinsulate insulation will still remain warm. Settle for nothing but the best for your up and coming snowboarders – the Burton Grom Snowboard Boots are the ticket.

Kids demand lots of warmth. That’s why the Grom Boot is the only one in the line powered by 3M Thinsulate Insulation. Offering twice the warmth as the other insulations of equal thickness, it provides warmth even when wet –  meaning the kids get to stay outside, right where they want to be.

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Burton Room-to-Grow Footbed Technology

We want nothing but the best for our kids – brains, athleticism, kind spirit and of course the best snowboard gear. Despite our own love for well-made outdoor gear and gadgets, it’s sometimes hard to choke down the cost of that cute little down puffy when you know one year is probably all that Little Jonny will wear it. When it comes to snowboarding, skimping on gear or “buying up” a size just isn’t fair for the little groms. It’s sure to make learning more difficult and worse, injury could occur. How would you like your heel sliding three quarters of the way up the back of your snowboard boot every time you attempted a toe side turn?

Burton knows the fun factor in snowboarding better than anyone else. They also know that having the factory “shrink” an adult snowboard or snowboard boot to a children’s size is far less than ideal. That’s why Burton has devoted a ton of man power and resources into research and development of youth specific snowboard gear. Take the Grom Boot, for example. Not only is it perfectly constructed to mold to tiny feet, but the footbed can be removed to gain a size. That’s right. Come the second season with the boots and Little Jonny can still comfortably wear the boots if his foot has grown a size. Bonus! Beneath the first footbed lies a second one with the same cushioning and support.

To keep up with constant growth spurts, the new and improved kid’s Room-To-Grow™ footbed lets the boot gain one whole size. Parents can rest easy knowing they will not have to buy new boots every season or even worse half way through a season by simply removing the footbed when the fit becomes snug.  A secondary integrated footbed insures there’s no compromise in cushioning or support.

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2013 Burton Vibram Ecostep

Vibram® is the world leader in high performance rubber soles targeted to the outdoor, recreation, work, repair and orthopedic markets. Vibram® created the first rubber outsole for mountaineering in the 1930’s. Footwear has not been the same since. Their iconic yellow diamond logo is a seal of quality, performance, safety, innovation and design. Vibram’s® new soles are always produced with three things in mind – to guarantee the best performance, the maximum level of comfort and quality over time. It’s a no wonder Burton teamed up with Vibram® over a decade ago to produce the best snowboard soles in the market. Burton is legend when it comes to snowboarding and Vibram® is legend when it comes to outdoor footwear. It’s a perfect match.

The latest project, Vibram® Ecostep Outsole Technology resulted in lighter weight and 50% recycled construction. It includes the added rebound and cushioning of dual zone EVA and B3 Gel in the heel and toe for added comfort. From fist to last chair, the Vibram® Ecostep will cushion your entire body while the recycled component will remind you that every little bit counts… This season, dive into the SLX for the best of both worlds.

With nearly 70 years of mountaineering knowledge, it’s no wonder Vibram cares about the environment. Using recycled rubber, the Vibram Ecostep Outsole lets you leave less of a footprint on Mother Earth while still committing to superior traction, feel and lightweight.

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2013 Burton Therm-IC Boot Warmer Technology

It’s normal to have cold feet right before dying your hair Cherry Bomb red. It’s also pretty common to have cold feet Burton Therm-IC Boot Warmerbefore bungee jumping. But cold feet and snowbaording? No way. Not in any way, shape or form should your feet be cold when you’re shredding perfect corduroy on a brisk, bluebird morning. Burton, always ahead of the curve,  strikes again with ground breaking Therm-ic Heat Pre-wired Liners. Yup. Heated snowboard boots. They’ve been around for several years now, but they’ve gotten better each year. Sorry guys. This tech is specifically designed for the ladies. Select models (see below) are pre-wired in the tongue for some hot action. A slim Basix battery pack (sold separately) connects to the tongue, while the boot offers three heat settings. With a super sleek minimal design, you won’t even notice the  battery attached to your boot. Talk about ultimate climate control for your toes! For 2013, Burton Therm-IC boots with Pre-wired Liners got some glam…

Burton Axel Snowboard Boot – Women’s
Burton Felix Snowboard Boot – Women’s

Thermic prewired liners are the perfect cold feet. Simply connect the slim Basix battery pack to the tongue of the boot with the cable and choose from three heat settings. The battery pack is sold separately and uses AAA batteries for nine hours of continuous use.

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Burton Speed Zone Lacing System


An alternative lacing system that’s been proven,perfected and backed by Burton team riders is the Speed Zone Lacing System. It allows you to adjust the top and bottom portions of the boot independently for a custom fit. It’s easy to use, too. Simply pull on the laces to tighten and lock them by tucking in the clasp.

The laces are incredibly strong. In fact, it’s literally impossible to break the lace unless, of course, you rub the edge of your sharp snowboard on it while riding the lift. Yikes. Burton uses laces manufactured by New England Ropes. The same rope is used for shark fishing. Honestly don’t worry – they won’t break!

Speed Zone laces are also rad because they’re much faster than traditional laces. While it’s certainly preference, some people just prefer Speed Zone. A ton of women dig Speed Zone because it’s much easier to get a tight fit than with traditional laces. Ladies, not to say that you are the weaker sex, but it can be tough for some gals to tighten the boots to the desired fit. Speed Zone makes it easy and effortless to tighten those babies up.

Finally, the best part about Burton’s Speed Zone lacing system is that the laces won’t loosen up as you rider. That means more rebound, better wrap and improved response. Have you ever had your heel slide up the back of the boot or just feel some movement in your boots when your digging deep? That won’t happen with Speed Zone. Get ready to step it up this year. Guys, pick your weapon –  Ambush, Driver X, Imperial, Ion, Moto, Ruler or SLX. Ladies, step into the Axel, Emerald, Felix or Mint.

The fasting lacing system out there, Speed Zone lets you customize the fit of your upper or lower zoner in seconds without forcing your friends to wait. get more power, improve response and increase rep all with less effort. The laces, supplied by New England Ropes, are the same stuff used by stuntmen, firefighters and rescue teams and are twice as strong as the competition’s laces.

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Burton Holy Shit Outsole Technology

The name of this insanely awesome outsole tech pretty much says it all. The comfort, cushioning, support and response is pretty much the next best thing since snowboarding was allowed at ski resorts. If you’ve never had leg cramps or had to rip your boots off mid-run to give your feet a breather, you’re lucky… Ill fitting boots without much thought into ergonomics, design or foot structure shouldn’t even be legal. Seriously. Burton boots with Holy Shit Outsole tech will seriously blow your mind. Multiple EVA midsoles provide optimized cushioning – a dense one for lateral support and a soft one for medial support. Your ankle will naturally roll while providing the perfect amount of support. If you’re ready for some life changing snowboarding boots, go with the Hail boot.

The Holyshit Outsole cardinal cushioning provides support, response and ergonomics in amazing ways. A primary midsole promotes toe to heel response, support and cushioning. Beneath that, a secondary dual density EVA midsole uses a more dense EVA for lateral support and a softer, more cushioned EVA for medial support that allows your foot to  roll naturally reducing stress on your joints and ligaments.

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Burton EST Optimized Midsole Technology

For a more direct connection with your board, Burton looks beyond bindings. They’ve learned that boot soles also play a crucial role in much board feel and control is humanly possible. Boots withe EST Optimized Sole technology have a lower ramp angle make them ideal for sliding rails, boxes, landing jibs – AKA park riding. While most boots are slightly angled for all mountain riding, it’s not necessary or ideal for all day jib missions. EST Optimized Sole boots are also have a lower profile, thereby making them lighter weight. They literally bring the rider’s center of gravity closer to the board and improve board feel. Thanks to B3 gel cushioning in the heel, cushy dampening for all day comfort won’t be compromised. Sound like a good fit? Check out the Ambush, Ion, ImperialHail, RampantTyro, Axel, BootiqueEmerald, or our full line of Burton Boots.

The EST Optimized EST sole improves feel and control and lowers your center of gravity. The low profile, lightweight and reduced ramp angle is combined with the ultra dampening B3 gel inserts for no sacrifices to your cushioning.

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2013 Burton Dryride Hyperwick Technology

For the ultimate climate control in your snowboard boots, Burton Dryride Hyperwick™ will prevent your feet from getting swampy, while keeping them toasty from first to last chair. We all know about waterproof and breathable jackets, right? Yea, they’re pretty sick. How about the same technology on your boots? Burton is the first snowboard boot company to make it happen. Dryride Hyperwick™ is sort of the top of the line tech jacket for your feet. The toe box of the boots have a mesh panel that draws moisture away from  your feet. The moisture then evaporates through a waterproof, breathable shell membrane. Larger water droplets on the outside of your boots cannot penetrate the membrane, so your feet will stay dry and warm for all day long comfort. Give your feet the luxury of being warm and dry with the Ion or SLX snowboard boots.

Dryride Hyperwick™ mesh in the toe box of the boot both insulates and regulates warmth by pulling heat robbing moisture away from the skin, then evaporating it through a waterproof, breathable shell membrane. Like a one way door, the microscopic pores of this membrane allow moisture vapor to escape, while water droplets from the outside can’t enter. A first of it’s kind for boot design, Dryride® will keep your feet drier and warmer so you can ride longer.

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