Best Beginner Snowboards

Best Beginner Snowboards Pair yourself up with the best snowboard for your riding level. It's crucial for long term success, faster progression and more fun on those first few days of learning to stand sideways. Companies like Burton, Rossignol, K2, Rome, Gnu, Ride and Roxy have devoted extra attention and resources to build snowboards designed [...]

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2014 Burton Snowboard Boots

Burton Snowboard boots are among some of the best boots in the industry. With features like: 1:1 Lasting, Shrinkage Footprint Reduction Technology, Speed Zone Lacing, Burton Total Comfort fit and Womens Specif  True fit Design: It is easy to see and feel why they are consider by many to have the best fitting snowboard boots made. [...]

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Burton EST Bindings

"The Burton EST Bindings are part of a complete system that Burton offers with their line of Infinite Channel System (ICS) snowboards. This Infinite Channel System isn't something new, but it is something that's been reintroduced by Burton that the EST bindings have been designed for. When you bring these two things together, you [...]

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Snowboard Binding Hole Patterns

It's important to be able to distinguish binding hole patterns apart. There are four distinct styles of mounting patterns and each one will mount to a board differently. When you go buy your equipment you're going to want to know what kind of hole pattern your board has and if your bindings actually [...]

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Snowboard Boots

  Even more important than a limited edition graphic on your misty snowboard is a solid pair of snowboarding boots. They're arguably the most critical component of your entire setup and can make or break your snowboarding experience. Brands like Burton, DC, K2, Ride, Thirty Two, Vans, Sapient and Salomon are constantly striving to make [...]

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Mini Snowboards

Tiny board? Why not! They're an absolute blast to ride on groomers or in the terrain park. Mini snowboards are more of a second or third board to add to your quiver, so don't go cracking your piggy bank if you only have enough coin for one board. Mini snowboards make surprisingly nice, clean turns. [...]

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Burton Technology

Snowboard Technology Boot Technology Binding Technology Outerwear Technology Bag Technology Burton Snowboard Technology 2013 Burton Jumper Cables > 2013 Burton Lightning Bolt > Burton Camber Technology > Burton Channel System > Burton Infinite Ride Technology > Burton Nug Raduction > Burton Rocker Technology > Burton S Rocker Technology > Burton Springloaded Technology > Burton Squeezebox [...]

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Burton Reflex Baseplate Technology

In simplest terms, Burton Reflex baseplates are designed to optimize board feel. It's underfoot flex is 70% softer than a traditional baseplate, which naturally allows the board beneath the binding to flex more naturally. The baseplate is cored to dramatically reduce weight. A lighter weight binding allows for improved performance, reduces fatigue and just plain [...]

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Burton Gas Pedal Technology

Burton is the creator of the snowboard binding as we know it today. Back in the day, bindings didn't even have a highback. Leave it to Burton to come up with revolutionary functions and features that make their bindings the best on the market. The adjustable gas pedal has been around for over a decade [...]

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2013 Burton Kickback Hammock Technology

Bindings are a pivotal piece for your snowboard set up. Top of the line, high performance boards like the Custom, Custom Flying V, Custom X and Feelgood demand responsive bindings in order for the board to perform the way it is intended. In other words, don't skim on the bindings if you're throwin' down on a [...]

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