Powder Skis


Powder Skis are worth investing in for people who are particular about the type of snow they want to ski. These skis will cater perfectly towards…..powder. But before we can dissect the ski we must first define the snow.

What is “powder?”

  • Freshly fallen snow that is not compacted nor tracked up
  • Deep, light, and airy snow
  • Its soft, smooth feel will give you a floating sensation
  • Regional due to the level and type of snowfall required. (ex. The Rocky Mountains are renowned for their succulent and extremely light powder, often referred to as “Champagne Powder”)

There are many ways to describe powder and lay out the benefits of its pure majesty but the common trait among devoted skiers is the constant search for this epic snow. However, riding  powder can be a tricky endeavor for the less experienced skier and for those who don’t possess the adequate equipment. Hence, THE POWDER SKI.


When a skier wants to learn powder skiing they will need the appropriate gear for maneuvering. Most powder new comers will start with All-Mountain skis. These are appropriate because they allow the user easier control in differing snow conditions on all types of terrain.  An All-Mountain ski will provide much more versatility than a pure powder ski but  performance is sacrificed when skiing in more extreme levels of powder.

Powder skiing is usually done by intermediate to advanced skiers due to the increased level of difficulty and energy needed. Therefore, with a powder ski there are many defining characteristics. FAT-POWDER-SKI

  • Wider skis ranging from 100-140 mm in width for the ability to float on top of this loose, deep snow. The width can be a  limiting factor. When off of the powder the ski can lose a considerable amount of edge-to-edge quickness.

  • Softer flex allows for a better ability to stay on top of the snow and grants a more playful feel. Adds a great “pop” in the turn transition.

  • Camber and Rocker hybrid technology is used; giving the ski more flotation capabilities than smaller, skinnier skis. Dramatic sidecut makes for less effort needed from turn to turn.


These type of skis are also great for skiing in Crud Snow. Crud Snow is wind, weather, and skier affected snow. Previously fallen and skied, Crud is set up and hard. Powder Skis can power through this difficult snow condition. Wider skis are recommended for both Powder and Crud. Getting a ski which is too small can result in a more difficult and effort filled skiing experience. As with anything, skiing in powder will take practice and proper instruction from the right mentors. Do not be afraid to ask for sizing advice. Be sure to get the right tool for the job in terms of skier type and snow conditions. This simple advice can make your trip a lot more pleasurable.

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Gore-Tex Snowboard Pants



Gore-Tex snowboard pants are among the best snow pants on the market today and for many reasons. When you’re snowboarding, you’re going to want pants that can keep you dry on the slopes and feel comfortable and breathable while on your body. The way that Gore-Ttex snowboarding pants are designed, you’ll be able to have all these features without sacrificing quality or durability. In fact, all Gore-Tex products are made with the idea of accomplishing all of these goals and compromising on none of them.


The way that Gore-Tex snowboarding pants are made give maximum waterproofing and breathability. The fabric has a special membrane that has microscopic pores that are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water. Making it impossible for water droplets to pass through. With Gore-Seam tape applied to every seam, the potential for leaks are also gone.  All Gore-Tex products are tested rigorously in a specially designed water testing facility that simulates different rain conditions that one might face while snowboarding, skiing or just walking in hurricane. Which is why Gore-Tex is guaranteed to keep you dry.


The multiple layer design that’s applied to all Gore-Tex snowboard pants will provide the best in breathability while still  keeping you warm. The same membrane that makes the material waterproof also has pores which are larger than water vapor molecules to let perspiration pass through. Creating a breathable material that helps remove perspiration. This membrane is then bonded between a high-performance lining and a shell in 2-layer, 3-layer or Z-liner construction, each of which provide more comfort, durability and better insulation to suit the needs of any snowboarder.


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Rocker Snowboards


The snowboard industry has witnessed an explosion of snowboard shapes over the last decade. This boom has allowed advanced riders to excel beyond their dreams and beginners to progress unlike ever before. Reverse camber, mustache, early rise, banana, call it what you will, rocker snowboards have made the biggest impact in the snowboard shape world. We offer hundreds of rocker snowboards for every riding ability and style. Read on for a break down of all things rocker to ensure you’re next board is a perfect fit.

What is Rocker?sb_guide_rocker.jpg

Simply put, the nose and tail are slightly elevated above the center of a rocker snowboard. When the board is laying flat on a surface, the rocker shape is easily noticeable. The board will also pivot and spin easily on a flat surface. Now picture a rocker board on snow with the weight of your feet splitting the center. The board will float and turn easier making for a loose and agile ride. There’s much less of a chance of “catching” an edge making rocker a great choice for beginners and park riders of all levels. Rocker snowboards also offer superior float in the soft snow and powder.

Benefits of Rocker

  • Increased Float in Powder – Since the nose is lifted by design, rocker snowboards naturally float through powder and become buoyant in the snow. This in turn decreases  back leg burn and allows the rider to maintain a more natural stance rather than leaning back. If cliff drops are you thing, landings feel like a fluffy pillow with a rocker board.99.600x398
  • Park Riding Made Easy – Park riding calls for a lot of pressing – nose presses and tail presses. A rocker snowboard is already in that pressed shape, so it’s a million times easier to nail that nose press down a kinked rail. Well, it’s still a nasty trick that takes a ton of skill and practice! But, you get the point. Adding to fun in the park, the less-catchy nature of a rocker snowboard allows the rider to initiate spins early (making you look good!). It also yields a greater ability to recover from off-axis landings. You’re park skills will progress like mad with a rocker snowboard.
  • More Maneuverability – With the tip and tail elevated, initiating turns takes far less effort. With contact points being in the tip and tail, as in a camber snowboard, it is more difficult to get that turn going. The increased mobility works great in tight trees and for buttering turns.

Who Should Ride Rocker?

Anyone! Overall, rocker snowboards make for an easier ride with less fatigue. Beginners, park riders and anyone looking for some more fun on their board in any terrain will dig a rocker snowboard. Add one to your quiver today!

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Snowboard Gloves

Extremities have the least amount of blood flow in your body, so keeping them warm is of the utmost importance for hours of fun on the slopes. The best way to keep your hands warm is knowing which snowboard gloves best suit your needs and sticking with the reputable brands like Burton, Dakine or Celtek.

Most gloves nowadays have some type of box cut finger and articulation of the hand. This yields a better fit, better wrap and just plain enhances the overall comfort of the glove. Such designs also allow room for insulation in the glove to further enhance the wamth factor. Fabrics used in gloves are very similar, if not the same, as those used in jackets and pants – waterproof coating on outside combined with a waterproof membrane on the inside.

Some gloves even have a vent on the back of the hand, which improves air circulation on the inside. Gloves with a vent are best for those who tend to get clammy or sweaty hands on the slopes. On the other end of the spectrum, mittens are ideal for those with cold hands (ladies!).

A glove that fits well should allow you to strap in and out of your bindings smoothly. It should feel comfortable and not restrict movement too much. If it’s too big or too small, hands will not stay warm, nor will they be happy. If it’s too small, the glove will have tendency to bunch up in the fingers, while dexterity and comfort will be lost. If the glove is too big, the extra material will feel bulky and the additional space on the inside will be more difficult to heat.

Now that we’re schooled in snowboard gloves 101, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of specific types of snowboard gloves. We’re not talking about brands, but rather styles. Keep in mind that most snowboarders own at lest a couple pair of gloves for different temperatures, conditions and types of snowboarding.

  • Under Gloves – Designed to seamlessly fit underneath a snowboard cuff, under gloves are excellent at burt-approach-under-glvs-rasta-13-zoomkeeping snow off your wrists. They have a velcro cuff on the wrist for a smooth entry and exit. It can be tightened or loosened up for a customized fit. All snowboard jackets these days have  an adjustable velcro cuff specifically designed to pair up with under gloves. With less bulk and material, under gloves are the most popular glove style on the market. Even after a huge wipeout or a sick pow run, the snow will have a difficult time finding it’s way into your gloves.
  • Over Gloves – With a large gauntlet extending from the hand portion of the glove, over gloves are easily identifiable. They extend over a snowboard cuff just beyond the wrist. Many have a an elastic string on the end of the gauntlet that can be tightened once the gloves are on. Over gloves  more of a traditional style and were synonymous with snowboarding in the 80’s and 90’s. They’re still quite popular as many people find them easy to get on and off . Riders are also attracted to the trusted, long lived reputation of over gloves.burt-podium-glvs-trublk-heronblu-marauder-13-zoom
  • Pipe Gloves – Grabs, goggle adjustments on the fly and carrying your board up the pipe for hiking missions are made a whole lot easier with pipe specific gloves. Pipe gloves have the most amount of dexterity compared to any other glove style. A thin profile and lack of insulation makes for a very minimal glove. Pipe gloves also have grippy palms and fingers making grabs much more efficient. Pipe gloves are also extremely popular for warmer days on the  mountain or for those who tend to run hot in their hands. Some guys in areas like Colorado or California wear pipe gloves year round. With a proper fit and a good brand, they’ll  feel like a second skin.
  • Insulated Gloves – To bump up the warmth factor, insulated gloves are ideal for the vast majority of snowboarders. Varying degrees of insulation and materials make up the wide range of choices on the market. Every reputable company that makes snowboard gloves offers a range of price options. Like all other products, you get what you pay for. If cold hands force you to hit the lodge after every run, it might be time to dive into a high end insulated glove constructed with down or a down-like insulation.dakine-impreza-glv-cobalt-13-zoom
  • Gore-Tex Gloves – For  ultimate protection from the elements, Gore-Tex gloves are the answer. They’re waterproof, windproof and breathable. The brand has been around for over 50 years and has become a household name for decades. All Gore-Tex products come with a hang tag that guarantees comfort and protection for life. Ready for the burliest conditions imaginable on the mountain, Gore-Tex gloves allow the hands to breath, while keeping the snow and rain out. You won’t be disappointed!


2014 Burton Snowboards

The New Line of 2014 Burton Snowboard will be arriving soon! Did you know that all 2014 Burton board with the Channel System will come with a 3 year warranty. To find out what else is new read more.


New for 2014 Burton Snowboard

  • 3 Year Warranty: On all 2014 Burton boards with the Channel.
  • Filet-o-Flex: Provides you with a super soft flexible board that rips. Giving you flexibility, stability, and durable all in one board. (The New Filet-O-Flex can be found on the 2014 Burton Hate)
  • Boat Hull Nose– New 3D Spoon shaping to provide maximizes float, faster acceleration and out of turns, and creates a smother transition form edge to edge.  Found on the Fishcuit.
  • Balanced Freeride Geometery – Twin Or directional? That is the question… Found on the NEW Burton Landlord you get the best of both worlds with the New Balanced Freeride Geometery. Which gives you a twin freestyle feel when riding flat base.  On edge it gives you the quick tight turns and float you would expect form a directional snowboard.

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2014 Burton Snowboards Sneak Peak

Burton Split Boards

Burton Spliff – Split Board meets short board. the Spliff has a S-rocker profile, directional shape and a 5 mm tail taper. The addition of Reduction Tech allows you downsize 8 to 10 cm from your normal board length.

Freebird Split Board – S-rocker- directional snowboard with a 7mm tail taper. Built to thrive whether you are going up hill or down.

Burton Springloaded Snowboards

2014 Burton Landloard -New -

2014 Burton Landloard –NEW – S-rocker with Twin Balance Geometry – Terje’s new pow stick.

2014 Burton Custom flying V

2014 Burton Custom  – Flying V – Sintered base – Tried and tested the custom is the most trusted board ever made.

2014 Burton Process Flying V

2014 Burton Process – Flying V  and Cambered – Twin Shape with  Directional flex making this a great all mountain freestyle board.

Burton Fish

2014 Burton Fish – S-Rocker profile shape with 30 mm directional taper with a reduction level of 6 allowing you to downsize 3-6 cm from your normal board length. Changing how we all ride powder!

2014 Burton Fishcuit

2014 Burton Fishcuit – S-Rocker with a 35mm taper and the New Boat Hull Nose. With a Reduction level of 8 this board allows you to down size 4-8 cm from your normal boards length. The go to pocket pow rocket for those deeper days.

Burton Mystery

Burton Mystery – Comes with both a cambered and Flying V profile shape. The Mystery is Burton lightest snowboard built to date.

Burton Sherlock

Burton Sherlock

Burton Barracuda

Burton Barracuda

Burton Antler -

Burton Antler – The softer, more playful side of high-performance


2014 Burton Rocker Snowboards



Burton Trick Pony

Burton Trick Pony – NEW – With a Flat Top profile shape this baby  is a twined out trick machine built for the groomers and backcountry.

Burton Descendant

Burton Descendant – With a flat profile shape the Descendant gives you pure park performance for those on a couch  surfer’s budget.

Burton Root

2014 Burton Root – With a flat Top profile shape the Root gives you stability you need with out sacrificing the catch free fun you would expect for a rocker snowboard.  With a reduction level of  10 this board also allows you to down 8-10 cm from your normal board length.

Burton Ripcord

Burton Ripcord – With a V-Rocker profile and a directional shape this board is the friendly all mountain snowboard built to help you step up your game.

Burton Nug

2014 Burton Nug – The original short board with a Reduction level of 10. That allows you to downsize 8-10 cm from your normal board length.

2014 Burton Super Hero

2014 Burton Super Hero – With a flat top profile shape the Super Hero is jammed packed with performance in a shorter more maneuverable package. Allowing you to down size 4-5 cm.

2014 Burton Blunt

2014 Burton Blunt – Twined out park performance with a flat top profile shape.  New for 2014 the Blunt now offers the channel system and a 3 year warranty.

 2014 Burton Blunt Burton Trick Pony 2014 Burton Super Hero Burton Nug Burton Ripcord Burton Root Burton Descendant Related posts: Burton Springloaded Technology Review: Burton Supermodel Snowboard 2013 Burton Antler Snowboard Review Review: Burton Custom V-Rocker LTD Snowboard Burton Squeezebox Technology Edit Leave a Reply SEARCH ARTICLES: Go THE HOUSE BLOG Ethan Deiss Bonus Days at Troll GO skateboarding Day- GoldCoast – Hump Day Giveaway Windells Session One 2013 Zach Soderholm: Season Edit 2013 Happy Father’s Day SHOP THE HOUSE Burton Custom Flying V Twin Snowboard 156 Early Release Now: $397.95 Was: $529.95 Burton Chopper Star Wars Snowboard 130 Early Release Now: $149.95 Was: $199.95 Burton Sweet Tooth Snowboard 145 Early Release Now: $337.95 Was: $449.95 Burton Custom Flying V Twin Snowboard 154 Early Release Now: $397.95 Was: $529.95 Burton Chopper Star Wars Snowboard 80 Early Release Now: $149.95 Was: $199.95 Burton Chopper Star Wars Snowboard 125 Early Release Now: $149.95 Was: $199.95 Burton Chopper Star Wars Snowboard 100 Early Release Now: $149.95 Was: $199.95 Burton Chopper Star Wars Snowboard 110 Early Release Now: $149.95 Was: $199.95 Burton Sweet Tooth Snowboard 141 Early Release Now: $337.95 Was: $449.95 Burton Anti Social Splitboard 150 Early Release Now: $524.95 Was: $699.95

2014 Burton Clash – The Softest and most playful in the rocker line. Easy to ride the Clash is perfect for mastering the basics.


Burton Camber Snowboards


Burton Custom X

2014 Burton Custom X – The Custom is as aggressive as it gets ts for those who  are looking for a competitive edge.

Burton Custom

2014 Burton Custom  Cambered – The Cambered Custom is the go to board for those looking for  performance, response and power.


Burton Cloudsplitter

2014 Burton Cloudsplitter – NEW – No mater how deep or steeps it gets the Cloudspliter is primed and ready to take on the pow!

Burton TWC Pro

Burton TWC Pro – Shaun White’s Promodle ready to help you launch into the

Burton Process

Burton Process – Cambered

Burton Mystery

Burton Mystery – Cambered

Burton Juice Wagon

Burton Juice Wagon



2014 Burton Women’s Snowboards

Anti Social Split board

Anti Social Split board

Feelgood Flying V

Feelgood Flying V

deja Bu

deja Bu

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth









Feelgood - camber

Feelgood – camber



Day trader

Day trader







Starboard Blend Slick SUP Review

starboard-blend-ast-sup-wht-11ft2in-13-zoomA few words to describe the Starboard has Blend Slick SUP – “Ultimate flat water to wave cross-over.” More simply put, it’s incredibly versatile and will be your go to companion regardless of where or how you plan to paddle. For newbies learning to catch some waves, the ample nose flip will dramatically cut down on nose dives. More experienced long-boarders will enjoy the outline and extra V between the feet for a looser, more agile ride. All the while, soul riding up on the nose is still comfortable as ever.

Not feeling waves all the time? No problem. Paddle past the break or head inland for exceptional glide and speed with the Starboard Blend Slick. You’ll be amazed by this board’s “do everything” qualities. So there you have it – an all around board perfect for various skill levels on different bodies of water.

Key Features:

  • Cyan PU painted ding-resistant rails
  • Full deck pad with 4mm square-groove traction
  • EVA foam in the standing area and 2mm EVA fore and aft
  • Starboard Hexel center fins
  • Starboard Hexel side fins in Pro models
  • Starboard Flex fins in regular models

Length (cm): 340.4 Width (cm): 76.2 Thickness (cm): 10.8 Tail Width (cm): 40.0 Volume (L): 174 Center Fin: Hexcel 220 Side Fins: M4.5

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Burton Flying V Technology

Burton's Flying V

The first rocker/camber combo to hit the snowboard market, Burton’s Flying V technology continues to “WOW” snowboarders of all levels. It’s the real deal for riders who won’t settle for groomers all day or non-stop park laps. Flying V gives the rider the confidence and stability of camber beneath the feet for added edge control, power and snap. Rocker overall gives the board a playful feel that’s perfect for jibs, buttering and ollies. Flying V has just enough rocker to lead the charge in powder, too. So, carve some nasty turns on groomers at the top of the mountain, dip into the woods in the middle and drop into the park at the bottom. Boards with Flying V tech like the Custom Flying V, Custom Flying V Wide, Feelgood Flying VDeja Vu Flying V and Process Flying V will take you anywhere on the mountain.


Flying V offers the best of both worlds for a ride that sits in the sweet spot between rocker and camber. Rocker overall, including between and outside your feet, enhance playfullness and float. Underneath your feet, subtle camber zones focus edge control for crisp snap, added pop and power through turns.

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Burton EST Baseplate Construction

Boasting less material, less weight and increased board feel, Burton’s EST baseplate construction is an industry exclusive. With a few decades of research and development under their belt, Burton engineers have toyed with the idea of a baseless baseplate season after season. Baseless prototypes have been hitting the mountains longer than Shaun White’s claim to fame. It took countless attempts to dial it in perfectly before the idea hit the market. Far from a fad, EST baseplate construction will likely become the norm before too long. With EST bindings and a Burton board constructed with The Channel, the rider can literally feel the board flex beneath their feet. It’s a marriage made in heaven.

If you’re looking at or already own a board with The Channel, like the Custom, Custom X or Joystick, it’s a good idea to pair it up with Burton EST bindings to get the full effect of what the board was designed to do. EST bindings like Cartel EST, Custom EST, Diode EST, Genesis EST, Malavita EST and Mission EST are designed for Burton boards with The Channel.

With Burton’s exclusive EST baseplate construction, the materials beneath your feet have been removed to not only reduce weight, but open up an entirely new realm of design possibility. With EST, the possibilities for cushioning and enhanced board feel are infinite. And so are the stance options thanks to the unlimited adjustability of The Channel mounting system.

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Burton Board Reduction

burt-fish-160-13-zoomSurfboards gradually became smaller and smaller over the past few centuries. Smaller surfboards are more maneuverable, lighter and easier to turn. Well, snowboarding hasn’t been around nearly as long, but like surfing, board shapes and lengths have evolved over time making for new challenges, more fun and a variety of snowboarding styles. Snowboarding is all about fun and personal style. That’s why there’s been so much hype around Burton snowboards with Reduction technology. They’re shorter in length, yet hold stable at high speeds. They’re super fun for making small turns in tight trees and pow slashes left and right. It’s just a different feeling than a regular sized board – and one that’ll ignite your inner snowboard creativity. Ready? Check out the Fish Snowboard or Root Snowboard.

Mark – Have you ever wanted one playful board?
Teacher – Who hasn’t?
Mark – How about a shorter board with more of a skate-like feel?
Teacher – Or what about one that was surprisingly floaty, poppy and stable at speed all while giving you the option to downsize up to 10 centimeters in length?
Mark – And real subtle…but yea, we’re talking about boards like the Nug, Nugget, Super Hero – anything the features Reduction. It’s ahhh really fun for tight trees, park, powder – kind of anywhere you want to go. So look for this icon with boards featuring Reduction.
Teacher – Make it short and sweet.

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Burton Waterproofing

Good. Better. Best. That’s how simple Burton makes it to determine the waterproofness of each snowboarding jacket and pant. You can be certain that whatever Burton outerwear you choose, it’s will certainly keep you dry. After all, Burton is a snowboarding company, so of course even the lowest priced pieces will keep the wet stuff at bay. The question of which level of waterproofness is best depends on where you ride most often.

Do you frequent the Cascade Range or the Canadian Rockies? Then, you’ll definitely want to go for a jacket with the most waterproofing properties like the AK 2L Cyclic Jacket, AK 3L Freebird Jacket or the AK 3L Hover Jacket. Burton jackets with the highest waterproof rankings are built with Gore-Tex fabric, so no matter how wet it gets or how many hours you spend on your board, you’re guaranteed to stay dry on the inside…for life.

The main difference between “Best” and “Better” is the lighter weight material used in “Best” jackets. “Best” jackets are designed for backcountry missions, heli trips and the most extreme snow conditions. A middle of the road jacket in terms of waterproofness is also guaranteed to keep you dry. “Better” jackets like the Crack Down Jacket, Full Metal Jacket, Hostile Jacket, Mob System Jacket, Payday Puffy and Squire Jacket are a terrific choice for anyone looking for full weather protection in a more fashion forward style. Some “Better” styles are even constructed with Gore-Tex.

Burton Poacher JacketBurton SentryBurton AK 3L


“Good” jackets will leave you with some extra cash for a lift ticket. They’re a tremendously economical and are all treated with DWR, a water repellent coating. For mild temperatures and sunny conditions at Vail, park missions at Big Bear or a late season comp at Mammoth, “Good” jackets like the Arctic Jacket, Breach Jacket, Checkpoint Jacket, Fraction Insulated Jacket, Fraction Jacket, Groucho Jacket, Hackett Jacket, Poacher Jacket and Softshell Hoodie are perfect. Such jackets are also ideal for walking to and from class, waiting for the school bus or just cruising town. You’ll find the most prints, colors and wallet friendly features in “Good” jackets by Burton.

Boarding School – Waterproofness

Teacher – Mark, do you have questions about waterproofing?
Mark – Nah, just trying to determine how waterproof this jacket is.
Teacher – Ya know, Burton’s outerwear level of waterproofness either measured by good, better or best – so ahh, you don’t really need to do that.
Mark – Well, how am I supposed to know which is the outerwear for me to get.
Teacher – That’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.
Mark – Alright, I live in British Columbia, so it gets wet up there. Does that mean I need BEST rated outerwear?
Teacher – All Burton outerwear is prepared for weather, but some are designed to handle anything Mother Nature coughs up.
Mark – So, you’re saying it’s a decision I’m going to have to make myself.
Teacher – Yup, it all depends on the conditions you’ll be riding in.