Top Rated Skis 2014

Click Infographic to Enlarge   Super Awesome Radical Skis of 2014 Rossignol Soul 7-- extremely lightweight, maneuverable, versatile all mountain, great for on or off-piste, is a 4 in 1 ski quiver, can do everything a skier wants to do, rocker in tip for float and turn initiation, thick enough waist for float yet not [...]

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Midwide Snowboards

Snowboards are available in three different widths - regular, midwide and wide. The purpose of midwide and wide boards is to prevent too much toe overhang for riders with larger feet. There's nothing fun about toe drag. A midwide snowboard, well, is just a hair wider in the waist than a regular board. Riders with [...]

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Wide Snowboards

Toe drag is a real...drag. If your boots are too big for the width of your snowboard, your toes will hang over the edge of the snowboard. They'll drag against the snow when you come to an edge on your toe side. Not only is this frustrating, but it can be down right dangerous. It [...]

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Longboards VS Skateboards

To the untrained eye, a person riding a board sideways with four wheels would be considered a skateboarder. And a board with four wheels would be called a skateboard. Looking a bit more closely at how the skateboarder is riding and the shape of the skateboard will determine whether the activity should be called skateboarding [...]

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Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing

Imagine quietly paddling to fish filled pockets of water without having to worry about a dragging rudder or stirring the water too much. Stand up paddle fishing is truly a pristine and magical form of fishing. Also know as extreme fishing or "man on fish," stand up paddle board fishing has been around since surfing [...]

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Powder Skis

Powder Skis are worth investing in for people who are particular about the type of snow they want to ski. These skis will cater perfectly towards.....powder. But before we can dissect the ski we must first define the snow. What is “powder?" Freshly fallen snow that is not compacted nor tracked up Deep, light, and [...]

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Gore-Tex Snowboard Pants

Gore-Tex Gore-Tex snowboard pants are among the best snow pants on the market today and for many reasons. When you're snowboarding, you're going to want pants that can keep you dry on the slopes and feel comfortable and breathable while on your body. The way that Gore-Ttex snowboarding pants are designed, you'll be able to [...]

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Rocker Snowboards

The snowboard industry has witnessed an explosion of snowboard shapes over the last decade. This boom has allowed advanced riders to excel beyond their dreams and beginners to progress unlike ever before. Reverse camber, mustache, early rise, banana, call it what you will, rocker snowboards have made the biggest impact in the snowboard shape world. [...]

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Snowboard Gloves

Extremities have the least amount of blood flow in your body, so keeping them warm is of the utmost importance for hours of fun on the slopes. The best way to keep your hands warm is knowing which snowboard gloves best suit your needs and sticking with the reputable brands like Burton, Dakine or Celtek. Most gloves [...]

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2014 Burton Snowboards

The New Line of 2014 Burton Snowboard will be arriving soon! Did you know that all 2014 Burton board with the Channel System will come with a 3 year warranty. To find out what else is new read more. New for 2014 Burton Snowboard 3 Year Warranty: On all 2014 Burton boards with the Channel. Filet-o-Flex: Provides you [...]

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