Exclusive Sneak Peek at 2015 K2 Annex Skis

K2 peaked at the SnowSports Industries America (SIA) trade show in Denver when it captivated the audience with the Annex series. The scene was almost Pied Piper’ish. Annex is a directional freeride ski for the aggressive powder-crusher looking to charge harder than a rhino on Red Bull. K2 has mastered the art of ski making and has taken innovation and design to the next level.


2015 K2 Annex Skis

The K2 Annex 118 (Seth Morrison’s pro model) is the  pinnacle of the line. This wide platform ski is great for powering through knee-high pow and also holding a great edge on hardpack crud. Greatness lies in the Annex line through drawn-back taper tip and traditional box tail, which minimize chatter and hold power through the apex of the corner. If you’re not skiing K2, you’re not skiing… period!



Sneak Peek at 2015 Lange XC 120 Ski Boot

Lange (manufacturer of all out awesome alpine boots) embedded an indelible bootprint on the industry at this year’s SnowSports Industries America (SIA for newbies) Trade Show in Denver. From the corn-soaked fields of Dubuque, Iowa to World Cup podium domination, Lange has had many firsts in the alpine boot industry and has amassed an unparalleled resume. However, Ski boots are often viewed as the middle child of the ski family: constantly overlooked and rarely impressionable. But Lange did make an impression, even with the skeptics, when it unveiled its new XC 120 AT boot. The reinvented freeride boot is here and it’s Lange’s gift to all you seekers of adventure.


2015 Lange XC 120 Ski Boot

Set to make its off-piste debut in 2015, the XC 120 is a hiking-capable, high-performance 102mm freeride boot designed for a wider foot without relinquishing comfort and fit. The vastly improved Power V-Lock— scraped from the XT model–delivers optimal range-of-motion so you can hike with the agility of a mountain goat. Who wouldn’t love to be G.O.A.T?  The revolutionary grip sole gives you traction when scaling the mountain side. No more summit tumbles. Nick, the Rain Man behind Lange, defuses the myth that AT boots become “fishy” after time. He explains that there are no gaps where the upper and lower come together, so the shells interface powerfully like in a traditional boot. The XC will come in 3 different models for both men and women

Sneak Peek at 2015 Dynafit Beast 14 Binding


2015 Dynafit Beast 14 Binding

This past January’s SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Trade Show in Denver felt more like a “tech” buzzword feeding frenzy than a show that had touted individualism. It seemed companies were hyper-concerned with meeting their impression goals by resorting to carni-style tactics: “Step right up and get your tech here!” Dynafit, with 30 years of binding tech experience, let its newest tech immortal the Beast 14 binding speak for itself. The Beast 14 addresses athletic, passionate Freeriders who seek speed, performance and innovation in every discipline and on every terrain. Being unleashed in 2015, Dynafit extracted the DNA from the award-winning B16 to create this Dr. Moreau  hybrid. The frameless Beast 14 is equipped with an elastic toe piece to ensure a consistent release pattern and to prevent premature toejaculation from side impacts. The heel unit releases at both the toe piece and heel unit. Hendi, Dynafit Deity, gushes over the Beast’s shaved weight and its uber-usability when “mini-golf” skiing. The last time a beast was this sleek and performed that well was when Bigfoot shaved for the swim team. Usually that ah-ha moment comes in the shower or when you’re 12 deep in a case of buds. But not for the snow Gods Frederick Anderson and Eric ‘Hoji’ Hjorleifson; their inspirations came from angles and neutrality. To paraphrase: “A low lean angle improves neutral ski performance and makes skiing easier on difficult terrain.” Put a Beast under your feet and unleash the terror within.

Exclusive Sneak Peek at 2015 K2 Shreditor Skis


2015 K2 Shreditor Skis

K2 climbed to the summit of success at this year’s SnowSports Industries America (SIA) in Denver, Co. when it unleashed the Shreditor--a beast of a ski. Carnage ensued shortly after that. K2’s predator tamer Mike gets giggity about the athlete-inspired line of playful, surfy and versatile skis. The line comes in 92, 112, and 120 (Sean Petit’s pro model). The award-winning line will definitely put a shiver in your quiver.

Shreditor 92

Shreditor 92

These all-mountain slayers shred groomers to hardpack like a velociraptor shreds unsuspecting paleontologists. New insane graphics adorn the 112 and 120 series. The new twin-tip 92 is built to be a hardpack crusher, pretty much a killa’ on all terrains. The Shreditor has drawn-down tapered tip and tail for zero deflection, so you can dictate where you want the ski to go. K2 brings versatility and killer instinct to all things pow.

k2skis_2015_shreditor_102 (2)

Shreditor 102

Shreditor 112

Shreditor 112



Sneak Peek at 2015 Line Skis

For years at trade shows, the Line booth smelled of wafting excrement from adjoining bathrooms either because no one had heard of Line or the industry had been secretly making tie-ins with the unknown brand. What a difference innovation makes. At last January’s SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Trade Show in Denver, Line threw down some fat lines and everyone came sniffing around. The same industry pros that once shunned the small company now came searching for those fat pow-line killers.


2015 Line Skis

Line skis are as unique as the lines you ski. With models like Chronic, Afterbang, Sick Day and Traveling Circus, the brand sounds more like  a gnarly evening timeline rather than a cred ski company.  Eric Pollard, graphics guru, added his genius touch to most lines.  The new top sheets can only be described as WTF! With innovations that has redefined its very industry, Ride continues to reshape the ski world heading into 2015


Chronic Skis



2014/2015 Line Sick Day Skis (95, 110, 125)






 Traveling Circus Skis



Stand Up Paddle Board Regulations


Oceans, lakes and rivers have all seen a recent explosion in stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Due to it’s increased popularity, the US Coast Guard classified SUPs as vessels in 2008, which means they have to adhere to the same regulations as canoes and kayaks when operated outside of surfing areas. Such regulations should always be followed not only for safety reasons and respect to others in the water, but also to avoid fines!

US CGA Inflatable Life Jacket

Personal Floatation Device Coast Guard Approved (CGA) life jackets must be worn or carried in an easily accessible position when paddle boarding outside designated surf areas. While a ring buoy attached to the cord or a floating seat cushion are acceptable, wearing a comfortable life jacket is preferred by most paddle boarders. If you’re surfing waves on your paddle board, hence inside the surf zone, a life vest is not required.

Sound Producing Device The most basic and commonly used sound producing device is a police-style whistle. It’s a convenient solution for SUPs to comply with the requirement to carry a sound producing device and can be worn around the neck or attached to a life jacket. A whistle will facilitate hands-free auditory signals when help is needed. The whistle can also be used to signal to other vessels when changing direction and passing another vessel.

Visual Signaling Device If you’re heading out after sunset or before sunrise, a waterproof flashlight or headlamp is recommended by the coast guard. A headlamp offers hands-free signaling while a flashlight can be attached to shorts or a life jacket. Either way, the light will warn other vessels of your presence.

Other Restrictions State governments may have additional requirements so it is important to check local regulations. Even some lakes and inland waterways have their own regulations, so it’s best to do a little research to avoid fines and potential harm to yourself or others in the water. Adhering to all regulations will ensure an enjoyable time in the water! Effective 1/1/13 all non motorized watercraft (including Stand Up Paddle boards) over 10 feet in length are required to  be licensed by the Department Of Natural Resources. 

The Future of SUP Regulations Since the paddle board itself might be classified as a PFD, there are some talks that the Coast Guard will revise their paddle boarding regulations to remove the PFD/life jacket requirement. Currently windsurfers aren’t required to wear a PFD since their boards are considered to be “sea-anchors.” Stand up paddle boards could essentially fall under that same category. In the meantime, don’t get caught outside of the surf zone without your life jacket!

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Exclusive Sneak Peek at 2015 Armada Skis

A fleet of Armadas docked at the SnowSports Industries America in Denver, Co. this past January. Equipped with arsenal for the long battle, Armada brought its new backcountry and park weaponry for an all out assault on the competition. “Armada who?” You ask. Armada is a ski company on the cutting-edge of the sport where athlete driven, design obsessed and technologically superior are not just adjectives, they define the company.


Armada’s JJ 2.0s have been redesigned for the 2015 season. New updates to the Vector series, women’s line and expansion of accessories will guarantee Armada as the leader in 2015 ski gear. Having FUN and creating memorable moments are the Armada way.

Sneak Peek at 2015 4FRNT Skis


2015 4FRNT Skis

4FRNT showcased its new women’s specific Hoji W at this year’s SnowSports Industries of America (SIA) Trade Show in Denver, CO. For many years this rider owned and operated ski company has been producing some of the most state of the art skis the industry has ever seen. More recently they’ve also produced some podium powerhouses and big mountain slayers. Matt Sterbenz, founder and messiah, along with a highly skilled team of riders and designers have elevated 4FRNT into one of the leaders in ski tech. Watch Matt and The House’s PaddyO as they delve into the 4FRNT passion and philosophy, highlighting the next seasons skis. Anticipation is 4FRNT’s theme heading into 2015. The new lineup, innovative ski technology, and Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise are sure to amplify 4FRNT to new heights in the 2015 season.

2015 4FRNT Wise Ski


 2015 4FRNT YLE Ski


2015 4FRNT YLE Coyote Youth Ski


2015 4FRNT Switchblade Ski


2015 4FRNT Renegade


2015 4FRNT Raven Ski


2015 4FRNT Madonna Ski


2015 4FRNT Hoji Ski


2015 4FRNT Hoji Womens


2015 4FRNT Grom & Grommette Kids Ski


2015 4FRNT Goucho Ski


2015 4FRNT Devastator Ski


2015 4FRNT Click


 2015 4FRNT Blondie Ski


 2015 4FRNT Aretha Ski



Sneak Peek at 2015 Slash Snowboards

slash-snowboards Slash snowboards made a lasting impression at last January’s SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Trade Show in Denver. Owner by the one an only Gigi Ruf, the man and mission behind Slash snowboards, stepped out of the shadows and into the limelight for his creative ingenuity off the mountain. From his inauspicious beginnings in Austria to his accent as one of the most iconic names in snowboarding, Gigi Ruf, ex-Burton team member turned Nike Golden Boy, is on his 3rd year with Slash and looks to seep into the arteries of his competitors’ markets heading into 2015.


In just 3 short years, Gigi has metabolized his company into an innovative head-turner that rivals that of the King Pins (like that “B” entity). Snowboarding may be heading into a cookie-cutter industry because of copycat tech. But what separates Slash from the feeder cats is the unique way it incorporates various woods into its boards for exceptional laser-focused performance. Take for instance Forever Wood with its culinary-esque mixture of paulownia, spruce, beech and poplar to create a reactive lightweight wood that ages better than Hugh Hefner’s. Or The Snap Crackle Pop that alternates poplar and beech stringers for strength and liveliness. You can find these ingenious wood combos in Happy Place, Paxson, ATV and Straight.

So don’t be so quick to overlook the lilliputian of the snowboard world. Slash is quickly gaining market share behind Gigi Ruf’s drive and ingenious mind that is all things snowboard.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

If you love the outdoors, water, and yoga, you are bound to love Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga.  Besides taking your practice to a new level, SUP yoga will help you improve your balance, quiet your mind, and get in shape.  Best of all, it will allow you to see the water/world in a whole new way.

Whether it’s your first time on a board or you’re a seasoned veteran, Paddleboard Yoga will reinvigorate your senses and soul as the sensation of floating is one of the most relaxing activities on Mother Earth. When the water becomes your studio and the paddleboard becomes your mat, new challenges and benefits arise. Check out our Best Stand Up Paddleboards for yoga here.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga – An infographic by the team at The-House

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Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga – An infographic by the team at The-House

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Infographic – An infographic by the team at The-House
Paddleboarding and Yoga are both fantastic anaerobic exercises and excellent ways to lose weight, lower blood pressure, and decrease stress. Try SUP yoga today and discover how you can strengthen your body and relax your mind.


Why should you try Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga:

  • It’s a great workout
  • Reduces the incessant chatter of the mind
  • Boosts immune system
  • Refines your technique
  • Increase your balance.
  • Develops core musical groups
  • It’s a perfect training activity for Surfers, Skis, Snowboards and any outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Most of all IT’S FUN!

The worst that can happen is that you  fall in…

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