Liquid Force Noserider Wakesurfer Review


From the Liquid Force family of wake surf boards we have the new 5’2” Noserider. Don’t let the name fool you – this is a board you can rip, from all over the board. Whether you’re standing on the nose, cruising through the middle, or driving the board off the tail, this 5 ’2” rips. It’s…


Liquid Force Fish Wakesurf Board Review

Liquid Force Wake Surf Board

This is the 2011 Liquid Force Fish. Last year, we had the 5’3’’ Fish and everyone loved that board, but we had lots of response for a desire to have it in more sizes, so we’ve added two new sizes and we’ve reworked the original 5’3’’. The Fishes come in a 5’0’’, a 5’3’’, and…


Liquid Force Surf Rope Review


For 2011, Liquid Force is offering two, brand new premium surf ropes. Both surf ropes are twenty feet long, and feature three two and a half foot sections. The nine inch handle surf rope features four floats and a three quarter inch diameter. This rope is comfortable no matter where you grab it. The second…


Liquid Force Custom Wake Surf Board Review

Liquid Force Custom Wake Surf Board

The Liquid Force Customs Wake Surf Board also come in two sizes of single fins. This is the single fin with the Force Custom 4’2, it’s a super lightweight shape and the smallest wake surfer we make. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean you need to be a little kid to ride it. Because of…


Ronix Koal Wake Surf Board Review

Ronix Koal Wake Surf Board Red

Parks Bonifay is a professional wake boarder and part owner in Ronix Wakeboards. Here we have a 4′ 6″ Koal from 2011. Ronix wake surfers are actually made in our own factory in-house. It is actually a real surfboard foam as opposed to a wake surfer that was made out of a wake board foam….


2011 Hyperlite The System

The System

So, a binding is there on your board to translate what you’re telling your board you want it to do. Something that we’ve struggled with in the past is getting something that’s comfortable, yet translates that information really well. The inherent design flaw was that you always had something hard and rigid inside a soft…


Glossary: Snowshoeing Terms

Grasping the snowshoe lingo will be helpful when making snowshoe related purchases and in learning more about the sport. Take a peak at the most common terms associated with snowshoeing… Backcountry – Typically refers to ‘off the beaten path’ or a place with no designated trails. Binding – A device with straps that attaches your…


Finding the Right Snowboard Flex


Get out your flex meter and find out what stiffness fits your style of riding before buying a snowboard


What is a Splitboard?


There’s nothing more entertaining than standing at a backcountry trailhead and having someone walk by, stop, and ask, “Is that thar one of them splitboards?” While splitboards have been around for a decade or more, they have remained largely out of the mainstream until the last couple years. Teton Gravity Research’s new Film “Deeper”, which…


Kevin Sansalone Pro Colorway – Switchback Bindings

Kevin Featured

Switchback Kevin Sansalone Pro Colorway Kevin Sansalone is one of very few riders who was able to beat out Peter Line in the late 90′s.  With a Switch Backside Rodeo Kevin won the 1999 Winter X Games Big Air.  Being a living legend is hard, but when you’re that good, why not choose the best like…