Burton Channel System

What Is the Burton Channel?

The Burton Channel is a mounting system that contains two channels in the board (one for each foot) that run parallel to the edges. Traditional boards have binding inserts where the channel is located. The Channel allows nearly infinite and customizable stand-width and angle adjustments. With the rider’s feet closer to the board and less inserts in the board, the board will fully and naturally flex as it was intended. Traditional mounting systems do now allow the board to flex beneath the rider’s feet, creating a “dead spot.”

Check out the clip below to get a visual of how The Channel works. While disc bindings from some other brands are compatible with The Channel, the natural board flex will best be felt with Burton EST or Reflex bindings. Such bindings have an EVA foam pad beneath the foot as opposed to plastic, which will enable the natural flex of the board beneath the rider’s feet. The Burton Channel System is a pretty sweet technology. Check it out!

The Burton Channel System focuses power through a central connection that acts as a backbone for the board’s internal tech. It also lets you easily micro-adjust your stance-width and angles with EST, Reflex or Disc bindings. The Channel is compatible with bindings by Forum, Drake, Union, Flow, Flux, Ride and K2.

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Burton Camber Technology

It wasn’t until recently that all snowboards had camber. What is camber exactly? Well, it’s the convex or arch shape to a snowboard base that is noticeable when the board is lying on a flat surface. Try it out. You’ll notice that there’s space between the board and the flat surface with a camber snowboard.

Why camber you ask? Camber is loved for precision, hard driving turns, speed and immense pop. Think about it. When you strap into your bindings and step onto a camber board, the board now completely touches the ground (no convex). The board beneath your feet has extra power since the convex is now pressing into the snow. The result is impressive edge hold, drive and power. Bam!

People who ride camber snowboards are often more aggressive riders, sometimes bigger riders and usually  have more experience. One thing for sure is that camber riders like to work for their turns. A board with rocker is easier to ride and doesn’t take as much effort to initiate turns. Camber boards demand that you give each turn your all – which is totally fun!

Do you like half pipe? Do you like to put slalom skiers to shame? Are you planning to put your name in the hat for the Banked Slalom? Does going 60 MPH on fresh corduroy sound like your idea of a good time? Boardercross perhaps? If you fall into any of those categories, camber is your thing…

A lot of “dudes” who have been riding for fifteen plus years stick to camber. Rocker is new and somewhat trendy. While it’s a different style of riding than camber, some people are just camber riders for life. There’s no right or wrong. It’s totally preference. Now let’s get to it. Pick your poison…

Men’s Camber Snowboards
Custom X
Juice Wagon
Con Artist

Women’s Camber Snowboards

Camber. Camber is where it all begins. An advocate of powerful turns and poppy precision, camber speaks to the core values of board design. Offering a snappy suspension, camber distributes weight evenly over the entire weight of the board allowing for smooth continuous edge control from tip to tail.

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2013 Burton Lightning Bolts

With riders like Peetu Piiroinen, John Jackson, Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark pushing snowboarding limits on boards with Lightning Bolt tech, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. Lightning Bolts yield insane response with the highest performance in a lightweight shred stick. The best part is that Burton figured out how to maximize response without making the board stiff. Lightning Bolts are carbon fiber rods integrated into the fiberglass that radiate outward from the bindings for quick response and unreal precision. Snowboards with Lightning Bolts, like the Custom XAntlerFeelgood and Feelgood Flying V, demand a rider that’s ready to shred hard. You can afford to get lazy on these boards. They’re just waiting for you to slash some nasty pow, destroy corduroy and stomp landings that’ll scare your mom. Seriously. Lightning Bolts are the real deal for aggressive riders.

Burton Lightning Bolts are energy transfer strands that radiate outward from beneath your feet sending input from brain to edge quicker for faster response and effortless precision. For more electrified handling, Lightning Bolts High Voltage feature energy transfer strands woven into the fiberglass both above and below the board’s core for dual drive power and response.

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2013 Burton Jumper Cables

How about a little more pop to your ollies? Or a lot more drive to your turns? When it comes to snowboards, sometimes we want our board to excel at every pow turn, wind lip, picnic table and obstacle that comes our way. Pushing your creative limits on a snowboard is what it’s all about. Simply put, jumper cables are like adding another shot of espresso to a double latte. They make jibbing a tree stump and powering through powder all in the same run a lot more fun. Technically speaking, Jumper Cables are carbon stringers that shoot outward from the bindings toward the tip and tail of your snowboard. So think if it as a little more power where your ollies and turns initiate. Join the party with the BluntSocial, Deja Vu Flying V and Process Flying V.

Jumper Cables are ultra light carbon stringers that radiate energy outward from your feet toward the tip and tail for added pop. Beyond adding amplitude to your ollies, Jumper Cables also create more snap and drive when exiting a turn. For cables High-Voltage, increase energy even more with the added pop of carbonated rods instead of strands.

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Burton DRYRIDE Technology

A Burton DryRide hang tag is a guaranteed seal of approval that your hoodie, fleece, outerwear, gloves or long underwear will keep you warm and dry. Wearing cotton while snowboarding is like wearing socks swimming. It’s just plain silly. Weekend warriors and backcountry mountain men all know that every piece of clothing should have a technical component in the fabric to keep your garments from becoming saturated. Whether it be sweat or snow, if your gear gets wet, you’re pretty much screwed out of a good time. Burton made it easy to pin point the technical clothing pieces in their expansive line by branding them with Dryride. Imagine a long sleeve polo that adds a layer of insulation and will never (ever!) become damp. Burton tacked it with the Rugby First Layer Shirt. How about a hoodie that won’t become a snow magnet as soon as you hit the lift? Done and done with the infamous Bonded Hoodie. And of course, Burton gloves, jackets and pants are all armed with Dryride making them the most tech choice for long days at the mountain.

Dryride is Burton’s fabrication technology used in outerwear, gloves, fleece, softshell, first layer and tech apparel. It represents a strict set of criteria that all materials must meet to be included in our line. Wear your gear with confidence knowing that materials carrying the Dryride name have been designed, developed and tested to ensure you stay drier, more comfortable and outside longer.

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Burton Clothing – Engineering Warmth

It’s true. From the backcountry at Baldface to the rope toe in the Midwest, Burton makes a jacket to keep you warm no matter how hard or where you ride. Truth be told, the best snowboarding jacket is one that’s versatile, balances body temperature and won’t restrict mobility. To make it easy, Burton ranks their jackets on a simple scale.

  • Heavy – Think single digit wind chill, blustery winds or a long commute by foot to class in a Northern climate. Heavy jackets typically have 100g of synthetic insulation or down insulation. For the coldest days imaginable, layer up beneath your jacket and you’ll be stylin. For warmer days, simply wear a think first layer.
  • Mid – With just enough insulation to to take the chill off, but not so much that you’ll start to roast on your second pow turn, jackets with Mid insulation usually have 40g – 80g of insulation.
  • Shell – A true shell doesn’t have any insulation. They’re meant to be extremely versatile with enough room to wear a fleece or extra layering beneath for the coldest days. For warm spring days or a hike to get the goods, a thin fleece or even just a first layer top beneath will suffice.

Keep in mind that all insulated Burton jackets are engineered. There’s more insulation where you need it, like your front and back, and less where you don’t, like the sides of your torso. This allows for maximum range of movement, comfort and temperature control.

Boarding School – Warmth

Jack – Have you ever been so cold that you’ve had to wear two jackets?
Narrator – Jack, two jackets. That’s crazy. Don’t you know that Burton offers to keep you warm no matter where you live or where you ride?
Jack – Well, what if it’s really really cold and how do I know if the jacket is warm?  Is there an insulation rating?
Narrator – Actually, Jack there is. Jackets with higher insulation ratings are warmer and  require less layering when the temps rise. A shell has no insulation for versatility with layering and fleece underneath.
Jack – Well, would you look at this.
Narrator – Jack, say something about how there is added warmth where you need and less where it’s not to improve mobility and balance temperature.
Jack – Well, I think you said it. Burton makes jackets for you to stay warm no matter what.

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Burton Boot Lacing

Speed Dial, Speed Zone and traditional laces – yup, Burton has the option of three different lacing systems. Traditional laces are for those who prefer the tried and true system that’s worked for decades. 2013 models with traditional laces include Hail, Invador, Rampant, Westford and Coco. Speed Dial is fast, easy and effective. Simply turn the dial on the upper tongue to tighten and pull the tab to loosen or remove the boot. It’s that simple. If Speed Dial is your thing, check out the Jet, Tyro or Bootique. Speed Zone is the ultimate boot lacing system for speed and strength. It’s also allows the rider to custom fit the upper and lower portions of the boot. Like it loose on top of your foot, but tight on the shin? No problem. Speed Zone laces are used in a variety of models – Ambush, Imperial, Moto, Ruler, SLX, Emerald, Felix and Mint.

Whatever Burton lacing system you choose, you can be certain that the boots will be comfortable, durable and looking good.

Boarding School – Lacing Systems

Narrator – What are you doing, Kimmy?
Kimmy – Oh just writing down the things I like about this boot.
Narrator – Looks like you’ve got Speed Zone laces on that one. Good choice. Did you know that Burton has three different lace systems available on their boots?
Kimmy – Three different lace system? No way. Like the ones over there?
Narrator – Those are the ones. You see, there are traditional lacing, which is good. Above that is the new Speed Dial, which is fast and easy. It’s the one with the dial. And then there is Burton’s super fast and strong Speed Zone, which thanks to it’s zonal control is pretty much the ultimate  lacing system.
Kimmy – I use Speed Zone because it’s fast and it allows me to custom fit the upper and lower part of my boot, which is always nice but especially when I’m hiking the back country.
Narrator – Or even in the parking lot. You know, Speed Dial is  really fast, easy and strong. All you do is turn the dial and you’re ready to ride.
Kimmy – All you have to do is turn the dial and you’re ready to ride? That’s cool.
Narrator – And when you’re ready to not ride, just pull the tab to release the laces. Whether it’s the timeless appeal of traditional laces or the speed and strength of Speed Zone and Speed Dial, rest assured all Burton boots are pretty sweet and totally comfortable.

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Burton Outerwear Collections 2013

burt-2l-goretex-murdoc-jkt-trublk-13-zoomChoosing the best outerwear is all about your own unique preferences. Hey – if you want to wear print head to toe, it’s all you. While we wouldn’t advise that combo this day in age, personal style shows your individuality. At the same time, it can be quite overwhelming to pick a snowboarding outfit with so many awesome jackets and pants from Burton! If you’re lost with pairing up an outfit, choose the Burton outwear collection that bests suits your style and select a jacket and pant from that category. Have fun!

Boarding School – Collections

Teacher – What’s the matter, Jack?
Jack – Well, you see this jacket here and these pants?
Teacher – Yes.
Jack – They go pretty good together, right?
Teacher – Well, yes, they do. So what’s the problem?
Jack – Well, my problem is – I’m looking at this jacket over here, too, and it’s pretty cool, too.
Teacher – Sure is. If you’re having trouble choosing though, maybe have a look at Burton’s outerwear collections. There are certain styles and colors designed to match. They can help with pant and jacket selections.
Jack – So, Mountain Gentry, Prep to the People – these were all made to go together?
Teacher – Sure were.
Jack – So, what about this Restricted Jacket here and these AK pants?
Teacher – Woa…ahh…functionally, of course. But look, the collections are here to help if you need it. Only you can choose the right outerwear for you.

Best Flow Snowboard Bindings: M9-SE

The Best of Flow

Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings

Countless factors were examined to determine the best Flow Snowboard Bindings and we finally made our conclusion.  The best Flow Snowboard Bindings are the M9-SE bindings.  The three pillars that assisted our outcome were, price point, technology, riding feel.  With tons of unique technology, a splendid riding feel, and a relatively low price point the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings are nearly impossible to matchup.

Sure the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings have tons of great technology, but how do they ride?  Like a dream come true.  Flow’s technology is far from a marketing gimmick,  every piece provides a real purpose.  The Original Reclining Hiback (ModBack), Power Triangle, and Hybrid PowerCapStrap give the rider an unfair advantage for ripping around and unmatched comfort found only in Flow bindings.  Flow M9-SE Bindings have three characteristics that other bindings don’t have…

Original Reclining Hiback – The highback reclines fully flat for quickest rear entry on the planet (SpeedEntry).  The Original Reclining Hiback offers riders quick SpeedEntry from the back.  With one hand you can peel the Modback down, slide your foot in, reposition the highback, and lock it it place.  With the Flow’s SpeedEntry you’ll be ready to ride quicker than your friends.
Power Triangle – A steel cable provides optimal energy transfer from the highback to the baseplate.  Getting onto your heelside edge as fast as possible to crucial for your snowboard to perform right.  Flow offers an opportunity for bindings to move with the utmost precision with the connection of a steel cable from the highback to the baseplate.  When you lean back against your highback the steel cable puts the baseplate up.
Hybrid PowerCapStrap – Flow took a new direction by combining one piece Fusion PowerStrap technology with traditional ankle & toe straps to create a new SideEntry masterpiece.  The most distinguishing piece of technology on Flow bindings is the one piece Fusion PowerStrap.  The Fusion PowerStrap securely covers the entire boots and gives the rider no pressure points.  While riding Flow bindings with the Fusion PowerStarp you’ll hardly even notice the bindings are on because of the lack of pressure points.  Riders who grew up with traditional 2 piece straps (Ankle & Toe) now have an option with Flow.  The Flow Hybrid PowerCapStrap offers riders the FEEL of traditional ratcheted straps (SideEntry) with the connivence of rear entry (SpeedEntry).  If you don’t want to use the rear entry option, you can always use the ratcheted Hybid PowerCapStrap.

Besides the three main components listed above, the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings have a 2 more things that make them ride so smooth – the ModBack HiBack and the Rockered Baseplates.  The ModBack HiBack combines a strong aluminum alloy heelcup and a softer upper zone piece that easily tweakable.  The aluminum heelcup rises halfway up the highback for great response and the soft upper zone freely flexes for poking out tricks.  Getting the board to flex naturally is one goal of every binding manufacturer; that’s why Flow decided to rock up the corners of the M9-SE Snowboard Bindings.  The Rockered Baseplates offers a stable zone underfoot while allowing the board to flex naturally through rockered baseplate corners.

The Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings feel like traditional strapped bindings with less foot pressure.  They’re easy to get into and out of and they ride like a Ferrari on the snow.  If you want the connivence of the Original Reclining Hiback and the feel of traditional straps the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings are the way to go.

2013 Etnies Marana Shoes


After going through some major road blocks with the accidental leak release of  a Etnies Marana Ryan Sheckler Shoes video we finally can present the newest Etnies skate shoes – the Marana.  Etnies did it again, made an comfortable bombproof shoe that has an unbeleiveable amount of feel.  There as been a long awaited release for the Etnies Marana and we’re glad November 26th has passed.

Get all three!

The Etnies Marana skate shoes come in three simple colorways; black, grey, and red.  The red colorway is considered to be Ryan Sheckler’s 7th promodel from Etnies, and well, it is and isn’t.  It could be caught in the middle of a promodel and a normal skate shoe and be called the Etnies Marana Ryan Sheckler Shoes.  The features are the same and the only difference we’ve found in the black and grey Etnies Maran Shoes and the red colorway (Ryan Sheckler) is the RS branding logo on the insole.  That’s itTake some time to take the Etnies Marana Shoes in.  They might be the newest legendary shoes that everyone will talk about in 20 years. Now go flick that skateboard.

Etnies Marana Shoe Key Features

Injected rubber toe cap – Skate longer & harder.
Injection EVA midsole – Like a pillow.
400 NBS rubber with deep Flex grooves – Feel the grip.

Etnies Marana Shoe Colors