Burton Outerwear Collections 2013

Choosing the best outerwear is all about your own unique preferences. Hey - if you want to wear print head to toe, it's all you. While we wouldn't advise that combo this day in age, personal style shows your individuality. At the same time, it can be quite overwhelming to pick a snowboarding outfit with [...]

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Best Flow Snowboard Bindings: M9-SE

Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings Countless factors were examined to determine the best Flow Snowboard Bindings and we finally made our conclusion.  The best Flow Snowboard Bindings are the M9-SE bindings.  The three pillars that assisted our outcome were, price point, technology, riding feel.  With tons of unique technology, a splendid riding feel, and a relatively [...]

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2013 Etnies Marana Shoes

  After going through some major road blocks with the accidental leak release of  a Etnies Marana Ryan Sheckler Shoes video we finally can present the newest Etnies skate shoes - the Marana.  Etnies did it again, made an comfortable bombproof shoe that has an unbeleiveable amount of feel.  There as been a long awaited release for [...]

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2013 Etnies Marana Ryan Sheckler Shoes

Etnies Marana Skate Shoes Here it is kiddos, the long awaited Etnies Ryan Sheckler 7 Shoes - actually they're not called that at all.  The shoe's real name is the Etnies Marana.  The Etnies Marana comes in 3 colorways, the Ryan Sheckler shoes just happens to have one specific color - red.  We actually caught [...]

The Interior Plain Project

The Interior Plain Project Dark Meadows Collection There isn't a board company based out of the Midwest with as much heart and soul as The Interior Plain Project.  Pete Harvioux has the visionary mind behind The Interior Plain Project which started in 2001 with something simple...stickers.  With a factory ready to produce decks Pete decided [...]

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Most Comfortable Snowboard Boots

Burton Total Comfort Technology Headed out West for New Year's? Are you a weekend warrior? Whatever the case, no one wants to spend precious days on the mountain breaking their new boots in. And who's to say that the boots will even break in to your liking! Burton tacked this problem hard. Total Comfort Technology [...]

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2013 Good Wood Snowboards

When it comes to Snowboard tests and reviews, the TransWorld Good Wood Awards are by far the most recognized and highly anticipated board test of the year. Over a six day period a solid group of 18 riders took Mt Bachelor like fish to water.   The crew of miscreants tested hundreds of the worlds best board and after a long deliberation only a few survived.  The 2013 Good Wood award winning [...]

2013 Emerica Skate Shoes Sneak Peak

Emerica Skate Shoes Depending on your age, Emerica Skate Shoes have probably been around for longer than you have skated.  With a  superhero team of riders, Emerica has been at the forefront of innovative technology and rider driven ideas. The probability that you've skated in a pair of Emerica's is high.  And why wouldn't you? [...]

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2013 Hyperlite Franchise Jimmy LaRiche Wakeboard Review

Hyperlite Franchise The first thing you'll enviously notice staring that the Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard is the graphic.  The Hyperlite Visual Liberation is a collection of wakeboards that draws inspiration from a worldly group of desingers.  The Hyperlite Franchise's graphic was created by Theocy Design.  Clap your hands with a big stance for those guys.  But [...]

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2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection

  2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Yeah, yeah, yeah there has been a lot of talk about Travis Rice lately.  He was the star of the Art of Flight that came out earlier this season, he was the man behind the Red Bull Supernatural event, and he dates a supermodel (well, she's pretty close).  When [...]

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