Burton EST Optimized Midsole Technology

For a more direct connection with your board, Burton looks beyond bindings. They’ve learned that boot soles also play a crucial role in much board feel and control is humanly possible. Boots withe EST Optimized Sole technology have a lower ramp angle make them ideal for sliding rails, boxes, landing jibs – AKA park riding. While most boots are slightly angled for all mountain riding, it’s not necessary or ideal for all day jib missions. EST Optimized Sole boots are also have a lower profile, thereby making them lighter weight. They literally bring the rider’s center of gravity closer to the board and improve board feel. Thanks to B3 gel cushioning in the heel, cushy dampening for all day comfort won’t be compromised. Sound like a good fit? Check out the Ambush, Ion, ImperialHail, RampantTyro, Axel, BootiqueEmerald, or our full line of Burton Boots.

The EST Optimized EST sole improves feel and control and lowers your center of gravity. The low profile, lightweight and reduced ramp angle is combined with the ultra dampening B3 gel inserts for no sacrifices to your cushioning.

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2013 Burton Dryride Hyperwick Technology

For the ultimate climate control in your snowboard boots, Burton Dryride Hyperwick™ will prevent your feet from getting swampy, while keeping them toasty from first to last chair. We all know about waterproof and breathable jackets, right? Yea, they’re pretty sick. How about the same technology on your boots? Burton is the first snowboard boot company to make it happen. Dryride Hyperwick™ is sort of the top of the line tech jacket for your feet. The toe box of the boots have a mesh panel that draws moisture away from  your feet. The moisture then evaporates through a waterproof, breathable shell membrane. Larger water droplets on the outside of your boots cannot penetrate the membrane, so your feet will stay dry and warm for all day long comfort. Give your feet the luxury of being warm and dry with the Ion or SLX snowboard boots.

Dryride Hyperwick™ mesh in the toe box of the boot both insulates and regulates warmth by pulling heat robbing moisture away from the skin, then evaporating it through a waterproof, breathable shell membrane. Like a one way door, the microscopic pores of this membrane allow moisture vapor to escape, while water droplets from the outside can’t enter. A first of it’s kind for boot design, Dryride® will keep your feet drier and warmer so you can ride longer.

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Burton Crossbone Cuff Tech 2013

Snowboard graphics and a dope snowboard jacket can certainly make or break your level of happiness when it comes to snowboarding. However, any retail employee or person in the snowboard industry will agree that boots should be the first piece of gear purchased. From there, select your board, bindings and outfit. Boots that are poorly constructed with leave you aching (no pun intended) for a better day on the slopes.

Burton’s Crossbone Cuff technology is well thought out and totally dialed for freestyle riders. The articulating cuff allows the upper part of the boot to move independently of the lower portion. When the knees are bent to flex the boot (as in carving, gaining speed, etc.), the articulating cuff prevents the sides of the boot from creasing. A boot that doesn’t flex properly is likely to cause hot spots on the sides of your lower leg and will eventually become extremely uncomfortable. The Crossbone Cuff creates a perfect balance of mobility and stability. The pressing power and pop associated with Wing Backed high backs can alone be felt with the Crossbone Cuff technology.

In addition to the articulating cuff, Jumper Cables run vertically on the sides of the boot, which give the boot lateral support. If popping off of a wind lip or tail sliding a box is your idea of a fun day on the mountain, then look for Burton Snowboard boots with Crossbone Cuff Tech like the Rampant.

The Crossbone Cuff balances the free flexing mobility of an articulating cuff with the lateral support of ultra light Jumper Cables. The benefits of more ollie pop and pressing power associated with Winged Highbacks are brought to the boot itself. Riders are able to easily able to power up the tip and tail without sacrificing freestyle freedom and mobility.

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Burton V Rocker Technology

A three stage rocker that’s equally fun from park to pow, V Rocker features a center rocker between the feet with additional rockers outside each foot that lift the tip and tail completely off the snow. Along the channel zones, Burton added Frost Bite Edges, formerly known as Pressure Distribution Edges, for enhanced grip and power that balances the board’s loose and forgiving skate-like feel. Together the Burton V Rocker package energizes edge control while disengaging the tip and tail contact points to create a catch-free feel that’s incredibly forgiving, floaty, poppy and fun on all terrain.

V Rocker. Loose the camber completely. Go with continuous rocker between and outside the feet and you get V Rocker – with it’s peak to park catch free float and playfulness. Frostbite edges enhance power and grip, balancing the board’s over all loose and forgiving feel.

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Burton Squeezebox Technology

Improved performance is the result of Burton’s revolutionary Squeezebox technology. Thicker, more powerful core sections live outside the feet, while thinner, more flexible sections are under the bindings. Energy originates under the feet, then is transferred outward to the stiffer sections, energizing the tip and tail. Get ready for some jibtastic butter! All the while, the board becomes more stable and easily manipulated.

Burton Board Profile

Some argue that Burton Squeezebox technology is destined to revolutionize the snowboard industry. The entire uneven core profile is unlike anything ever brought to the snowboarding table. Furthermore, this new tech allows snowboarders to ride shorter boards with the same confidence and less swing weight. It’s the same idea as riding a short surfboard. Hell yea. Burton has the fun factor dialed with Squeezebox! You can find Squeezebox tech on the following models – Root, Easy Livin, Antler, Aftermath, Sherlock, Joystick, Custom X, Super Hero, Custom and Custom Flying V.

Squeezebox is a patent pending technology that releases untapped abilities. Regardless of whether the board is camber, rocker or springloaded, soft flexing core sections under foot increase flex and maneuverability. Stiffer, more stable sections outside the feet evenly distribute energy for increased stability, direct foot control and greater pop. The result is a more stable board that can be powered up and manipulated with less effort.

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Burton Springloaded Technology

So, you’re looking for a board with float, but one that also delivers precision and drive? Sounds like a Springloaded Burton board. Boards with either Flying V or S Rocker both have camber under the bindings for pop and energy where the turn is initiated. Flying V has rocker between and outside both feet. S Rocker has entry rocker that extends from the front foot to the nose. Both bends provide float for powder, variable conditions and of course, for the fun factor. Springloaded is the term Burton uses for boards with a rocker/camber combo. You guessed it…Springloaded boards are pretty amazing, so Burton has plenty to choose from…

For the best of both world, the Springloaded category combines the pop and precision of camber with the forgiving float of rocker. For all around performance, look around for boards that are springloaded with Flying V or seek out boards with S Rocker for a more pow and free ride oriented ride.

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2013 Burton S Rocker Technology

S Rocker is the next best thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe since Rocker… It’s the real deal. For float through powder while maintaining speed, stability and powder, S Rocker is the way to go. As turns were made and word spread, it’s popularity has gone through the roof in the past year. Why? Because it’s a totally fun. Plain and simple.

Here’s a quick scenario on why you need S Rocker. You get off the gondi at the top of the mountain. You slip into the trees to catch some freshies. You’re riding and riding and riding for about a half hour having the time of your life. You haven’t gotten stuck in snow and you’re snowboard seems to be surfing the snow. And then it’s time to dip back onto a groomer to get down to the lift. Hmm…now you’re board isn’t so fun. It’s just not digging into turns as deep as you’d like. That old dude on skis just passed you. With camber beneath the bindings and a kicked up nose, you can float through powder in the trees and really drive into turns when you’re on groomers. The added camber also drastically helps you maintain speed and stability in deep snow and variable conditions. Make sense? It’s really the best of both worlds and we’re pretty certain that you’ll dig the Freebird, Spliff, Barracuda, Fish and Fishuit as much as we do.

S Rocker offers a spring loaded blend of camber and rocker that’s freeride focused for maximum speed and float. Entry rocker extends from the nose to under your front foot, then transitions to camber between your feet. Compressing the camber causes the entry rocker to naturally lift the nose, thus improving float while maintaining momentum and stability through deep driving pow turns and variable conditions.

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Burton Rocker Technology

During a long game of “telephone” in the snowboard world, word spread that rocker boards are only for the park! Well sure, they’re heaps of fun in the park and allow faster progression on obstacles, but rocker boards are also a blast in the backcountry, on groomers and pretty much anywhere on the mountain. Boards with rocker are also ideal for beginners. We’ll get into the logistics later in this article.

With a rocker board, the contact point is in the center of the board, between the bindings. The nose and tail are kicked up a bit making the board easier to maneuver and turn. As a result, the rider will experience more float in powder whether riding switch or regular. Rocker bends have evolved since they hit the market several years back. Burton breaks down their rocker down quite nicely. Check it out…

  • Flat Top – The profile between the bindings is flat resulting in stability, better balance and continuous edge control. The rider will still experience that catch-free turns and jibs. Like all rocker boards, the tip and tail kick up a bit for a mellow and loose ride. Snowboards with Flat Top tech are a blast anywhere on the mountain. Check out the Chopper, Chicklet, Chopper Toy Story, Genie, Root, Lipstick, Lux, Hero and Hero Smalls.
  • Easy Rider – Geared towards beginners, Easy Rider rocker technology is incredibly soft and forgiving. The convex base lifts the edges off the snow making it virtually impossible to catch an edge. Get ready to learn balance and board control with the Genie, Chopper, Chicklet™, and After School Special.
  • Flying V – A blend of camber and rocker, Flying V offers a playful, yet powerful ride. Rocker runs the length of the board, including between and outside your feet. This enhances playfulness and float through pow. Subtle camber zones sit beneath the bindings focusing edge control for crisp snap, added pop and power through turns. Join the Flying V fun with the Antler, Custom Flying V, Custom Smalls, Deja Vu, Feelgood Flying V, Feelgood Smalls, Mystery, Process Flying V and Sherlock.
  • V-Rocker – With the same catch-free playfulness and improved float that rocker boards have to offer, v-rocker is one continuous rocker between your feet and in front of your feet towards the tip and tail. To enhance power and grip, burton added Frostbite Edges which balance the board’s overall loose and forgiving feel. V-rocker boards excel in the park, backcountry and pretty much anywhere on the mountain. Snowboards with V-rocker include Blender, Blunt, Bullet, Clash, Feather, Joystick, Nug, Nug Ash, Social, Smalls, Standard and Whammy Bar.
  • S Rocker – If you like to float while going fast, S-Rocker™ is the bend for you. The full bend mimics the letter “S,” hence the name. Rocker first extends form the nose to under the rider’s front foot. Camber lies between the bindings. When the rider stands on the board, the camber is compressed which causes the nose rocker to lift. The result is improved float while maintaining momentum and stability, even through deep powder and variable snow conditions. Get ready for some fun. Sold? Check out the Barracuda, Spliff, Fish, Fishcuit or Freebird.

For a catch free feel and effortless float that brings more fun to every type of terrain, choose a board with rocker. Seek out boards with V-rocker for more all around fun or go for flat top boards for extra fun and an easy ride.

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Burton Nug Raduction Technology

When it’s just you and your crew tearing down the mountain slashing turns, bonking stumps and feeding off each other’s creative riding, you just get this feeling that everything and everyone is simply amazing. It makes you feel unstoppable, confident, strong and insanely happy. What’s better is when you’re on that perfect shred stick for the conditions, terrain and your mood. The Burton Nug is one of those fun boards that’ll make you ride a little differently..

For a quicker, more maneuverable ride, downsizing 8-10 centimeters is now made possible with Burton Nug Raduction Tech. With less board to handle, riding switch, catching some air and jibbing your heart out will feel like a whole new world. But it’s so much more than just shrinking down a high end board. The Nug can still ride fast minus the wobbles. A combination of revolutionary Burton snowboard attributes make it all possible. For starters, the waist is a bit wider for optimized stability. The tip and tail both have increased contact points, or Side Effects as Burton calls it, to drastically improve edge hold and stability. Jumper Cables feature carbon stringers that radiate outward from your feet toward the tip and tail to add amp to your ollies and more snap when powering through turns. To top it off, Squeeze Box core profile features soft, flexing core sections underfoot balanced by stiffer core sections on either side of the feet, which transfers energy to the tip and tail. Phew! Yup, Nug Raduction is a mouthful. Big things come in small packages.

Recent marvels of engineering and design introduce Nug Raduction. Boards featuring Nug Raduction are light and lively underfoot. Easy to maneuver and surprisingly floaty, poppy and stable at speed all while giving you the option to downsize up to 10 centimeters in length. These dynamics are achieved by optimizing every element such as increased width where you need it (around the waist of the snowboard), utilizing Side Effects to lengthen the contact points along the top and tail for improved edge hold and stability, Jumper Cables, carbon strands inside the  board to add desired snap and pop, the revolutionary Squeeze Box core profile to transfer energy to the tip and tails while balancing stability underfoot. Combined, these key attributes compose Nug Raduction.

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Burton Infinite Ride Technology

With the purchase of all men’s  Burton Snowboards and women’s, you can rest easy knowing your shiny new purchase will maintain it’s pop, flex and feel year after year. What a bummer it’d  be to drive up to the mountain on opening day, only to find that your two year-old board has become a boring noodle! Infinite Ride is a Burton exclusive technology that utilizes a sweet machine to “break in” your board. That way, the board is guaranteed to deliver and ride the same season after season. Infinite Ride is such a crucial piece of tech for snowboards, that Burton now offers it on every single model in their line. Curious what the Infinite Ride machine looks like? See for yourself…

Infinite Ride is exclusive to Burton. It allows us to maximize pop and strength by overbuilding the board by using a machine that breaks the board in for you. With Infinite Ride, your board will maintain it’s flex, pop and feel from day one, season after season.

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