Burton Rocker Technology

During a long game of "telephone" in the snowboard world, word spread that rocker boards are only for the park! Well sure, they're heaps of fun in the park and allow faster progression on obstacles, but rocker boards are also a blast in the backcountry, on groomers and pretty much anywhere on the mountain. Boards [...]

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Burton Nug Raduction Technology

When it's just you and your crew tearing down the mountain slashing turns, bonking stumps and feeding off each other's creative riding, you just get this feeling that everything and everyone is simply amazing. It makes you feel unstoppable, confident, strong and insanely happy. What's better is when you're on that perfect shred stick for [...]

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Burton Infinite Ride Technology

With the purchase of all men's  Burton Snowboards and women's, you can rest easy knowing your shiny new purchase will maintain it's pop, flex and feel year after year. What a bummer it'd  be to drive up to the mountain on opening day, only to find that your two year-old board has become a boring noodle! Infinite Ride [...]

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Burton Channel System

What Is the Burton Channel? The Burton Channel is a mounting system that contains two channels in the board (one for each foot) that run parallel to the edges. Traditional boards have binding inserts where the channel is located. The Channel allows nearly infinite and customizable stand-width and angle adjustments. With the rider's feet closer [...]

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Burton Camber Technology

It wasn't until recently that all snowboards had camber. What is camber exactly? Well, it's the convex or arch shape to a snowboard base that is noticeable when the board is lying on a flat surface. Try it out. You'll notice that there's space between the board and the flat surface with a camber snowboard. [...]

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2013 Burton Lightning Bolts

With riders like Peetu Piiroinen, John Jackson, Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark pushing snowboarding limits on boards with Lightning Bolt tech, it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. Lightning Bolts yield insane response with the highest performance in a lightweight shred stick. The best part is that Burton figured out how to [...]

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2013 Burton Jumper Cables

How about a little more pop to your ollies? Or a lot more drive to your turns? When it comes to snowboards, sometimes we want our board to excel at every pow turn, wind lip, picnic table and obstacle that comes our way. Pushing your creative limits on a snowboard is what it's all about. [...]

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Burton DRYRIDE Technology

A Burton DryRide hang tag is a guaranteed seal of approval that your hoodie, fleece, outerwear, gloves or long underwear will keep you warm and dry. Wearing cotton while snowboarding is like wearing socks swimming. It's just plain silly. Weekend warriors and backcountry mountain men all know that every piece of clothing should have a [...]

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Burton Boot Lacing

Speed Dial, Speed Zone and traditional laces - yup, Burton has the option of three different lacing systems. Traditional laces are for those who prefer the tried and true system that's worked for decades. 2013 models with traditional laces include Hail, Invador, Rampant, Westford and Coco. Speed Dial is fast, easy and effective. Simply turn the dial on [...]

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