Burton Speed Zone Lacing System

An alternative lacing system that's been proven,perfected and backed by Burton team riders is the Speed Zone Lacing System. It allows you to adjust the top and bottom portions of the boot independently for a custom fit. It's easy to use, too. Simply pull on the laces to tighten and lock them by [...]

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2013 Burton Hot Pockets Technology

This one's for you, ladies. It's no secret that women's feet get colder on the mountain than guys. Why? Possibly because their feet are too pretty to smell and sweat like their BF's. At any rate, select women’s Imprint™ liners are built to accommodate a disposable toe warmer! How awesome is that? Just slip one [...]

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Burton Holy Shit Outsole Technology

The name of this insanely awesome outsole tech pretty much says it all. The comfort, cushioning, support and response is pretty much the next best thing since snowboarding was allowed at ski resorts. If you've never had leg cramps or had to rip your boots off mid-run to give your feet a breather, you're lucky... [...]

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Burton EST Optimized Midsole Technology

For a more direct connection with your board, Burton looks beyond bindings. They've learned that boot soles also play a crucial role in much board feel and control is humanly possible. Boots withe EST Optimized Sole technology have a lower ramp angle make them ideal for sliding rails, boxes, landing jibs - AKA park riding. [...]

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2013 Burton Dryride Hyperwick Technology

For the ultimate climate control in your snowboard boots, Burton Dryride Hyperwick™ will prevent your feet from getting swampy, while keeping them toasty from first to last chair. We all know about waterproof and breathable jackets, right? Yea, they're pretty sick. How about the same technology on your boots? Burton is the first snowboard boot [...]

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Burton Crossbone Cuff Tech 2013

Snowboard graphics and a dope snowboard jacket can certainly make or break your level of happiness when it comes to snowboarding. However, any retail employee or person in the snowboard industry will agree that boots should be the first piece of gear purchased. From there, select your board, bindings and outfit. Boots that are poorly [...]

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Burton V Rocker Technology

A three stage rocker that's equally fun from park to pow, V Rocker features a center rocker between the feet with additional rockers outside each foot that lift the tip and tail completely off the snow. Along the channel zones, Burton added Frost Bite Edges, formerly known as Pressure Distribution Edges, for enhanced grip and [...]

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Burton Squeezebox Technology

Improved performance is the result of Burton's revolutionary Squeezebox technology. Thicker, more powerful core sections live outside the feet, while thinner, more flexible sections are under the bindings. Energy originates under the feet, then is transferred outward to the stiffer sections, energizing the tip and tail. Get ready for some jibtastic butter! All the while, the [...]

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Burton Springloaded Technology

So, you're looking for a board with float, but one that also delivers precision and drive? Sounds like a Springloaded Burton board. Boards with either Flying V or S Rocker both have camber under the bindings for pop and energy where the turn is initiated. Flying V has rocker between and outside both feet. S [...]

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2013 Burton S Rocker Technology

S Rocker is the next best thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe since Rocker... It's the real deal. For float through powder while maintaining speed, stability and powder, S Rocker is the way to go. As turns were made and word spread, it's popularity has gone through the roof in the past year. Why? Because [...]

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