Rider Bio: Moss Halladay

The most exciting thing out of New Mexico since Taos lifted the ban on boarders, Moss has since left the west side of the tree and gone north. Only moving so far as Colorado, Moss broadened his bag of tricks and began to link up with locals, filming with So-Gnar and a variety of other crews out of Tahoe.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Vail

Board: Arbor WestMark 156

Binding: Flux Titan

Boot: 32 Prime

Outerwear: 32

Goggle: Ashbury

Rider Bio: Louis Paradis

Louis is a man of many first names. His most official name, Louis-Félix Paradis, sounds just as classy as he looks, on rails that is. Bringing tech techniques to some of the streets most rugged metal, whether you call him Louie, Louif or Louis the style remains the same.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Le Massif

Board: Salomon Answer 159

Boot: Salomon F20

Binding: Salomon Arcade

Outerwear: Bonfire

Goggle: Ashbury

Rider Bio: Chris Carr

Another product of the East Coast system, Carr is not only a fun guy to be around, but a fun guy to watch on a snowboard. Using a creative approach when logging footage and choosing features, be on the look out for this up and comer who can stomp bolts off any staircase you throw him on.

Stance: Goofy

Home Mountain: Loon

Board: Salomon Riot 154

Boot: Salomon Synapse

Binding: Salomon Chief

Outerwear: Oakley

Goggle: Oakley

Rider Bio: Sage Kotsenburg

Currently calling Utah home, Sage takes full advantage of Park City’s gargantuan jumps for dialing in his double cork 1080s.  An up and comer who began beeping loudly on the radar a few years back, Sage has now hit the podium twice in slopestyle at Winter Dew Tour and looks to have the passion and precision to land himself much more.

Stance: Goofy

Home Mountain: Capita Midlife

Board: Capita Midlife 155

Binding: Union Force

Boot: DC Judge

Outerwear: Quiksilver

Goggle: Quiksilver

Rider Bio: Forest Bailey

Vermont has pumped out its share of technical rail riders in it’s day, including the likes of Chris Rotax, Yale Cousino and most recently Forest Bailey. Sweeping up rail jam titles across the country for the past few years, Bailey is on a mission to tackle all the metal in his path.

Stance: Goofy

Home Mountain: Northstar

Board: Gnu Park Pickle 150

Boot: New Balance

Binding: Gnu Backdoor

Outerwear: 686

Goggle: Drop

Rider Bio: Chas Guldemond

If you’ve glanced at a slopestyle podium lately, you’ve definitely seen what Charles is capable of. Moving west from New Hampshire to follow his dreams, Guldemond struck gold since moving to California, winning a Winter Dew Tour stop, the US Open and the Nippon Open in the last two years alone.  One of the riders taking big rotations to the next level, Chas is unstoppable in all types of terrain.

Stance: Goofy

Home Mountain: Northstar

Board: Rockstar 156

Boot: Burton

Binding: Burton

Outerwear: Under Armour

Goggle: Electric

Rider Bio: Austen Sweeten

Part of the new generation holding it down for the Northwest, Austen Sweetin follows in the footsteps of legends like Peter Line, so you know he’s bringing the goods to the table. A certified A grade jumper and powder slayer to boot, look for Sweetin to spread his stoke and style across screens everywhere in Forum’s “F It.”

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Snoqualmie

Board: Forum Contract

Boot: Forum Republic

Binding: Forum Kicker

Outerwear: Special Blend

Goggle: Oakley

Rider Bio: Desiree Melancon

Quite possibly the best thing that’s ever come from Riverside, Desiree has been putting down hammers and raising the bar for women through untapped presses and casual controlled style. Though her backlips and frontboards may look simplistic, don’t be fooled by the true level of difficulty behind her faultless maneuvers.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Bear Mountain

Board: Salomon Gypsy 153

Boot: Nike Hadar

Binding: Salomon Chief

Outerwear: Bonfire

Goggle: Ashbury

Rider Bio: Jess Kimura

Jess crushes the stereotypes once directed at all women snowboarders. Shredding through multiple injuries to produce standout parts in Peepshow’s premiere production, look for Kimura to impress as the solo female in Think Thank’s “Right Brain Left Brain.” Earning the title of Snowboarder Magazine’s Ms. Superpark standout 2010, Jess is not only on a path full of bumps and bruises but is also on the road to shred success.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Seymour

Board: Capita Space Metal Fantasy 143

Boot: 32 Lashed

Binding: Union Milan

Outerwear: Volcom

Goggle: Electric