Rider Bio: Dustin Craven

Craven is a loose canon. Living his life exactly how he snowboards, the word “try” doesn’t exist in Dustin’s impressively large vocabulary, there is only do. Whether riding tipsy toward a 70 foot jump or chasing unsuspecting females through a fine establishment of the night, when Craven’s on the loose, prepare for some out of [...]

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VIDEO: Scott Stevens Shred to Toe

Ever wondered what allow pro snowboarder Scott Stevens to jib stuff you never imagined jibbable? Maybe it was what his mom fed them for breakfast as a kid, maybe it is natural talent, or it could just be the gear he's riding. See what's in Scott's arsenal of product in this Shred to Toe video.

Rider Bio: Lauri Heiskari

Bursting onto the scene with his breakthrough part in “Video Gangs,” Lauri was amongst a hyper-talented crew of Finns who infiltrated the snow scene a few years back. Whether gapping huge rails or taking tips in the backcountry from DC teammate Devun Walsh, Heiskari is one of the most well rounded riders America has on [...]

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Rider Bio: Annie Boulanger

This reformed park rider has been charging big, bold backcountry lines for years, riding alongside mostly males as she solidified herself as one of the top female performers in nature terrain. Scoring herself major video parts in productions by Absinthe Films, Annie is amongst few females pushing the boundaries out of bounds. Stance: Goofy Home [...]

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Rider Bio: Eric Willett

Sent straight to Youtube fame with his ludicrous line at Breck, Willet was somewhat unknown when he knocked out big leaguers Mikkel and Torstein at last year’s Dew Tour. Seemingly in his prime, Willet’s riding is likely to ripen long before we see it rot. Stance: Goofy Home Mountain: Breckenridge Board: Omatic Celebrity 154 Boot: [...]

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Rider Bio: Shaun White

He’s got shocking red hair, stands at 5 feet 8 1/2 inches tall, is a multi-talented master of the boards, an Olympic gold-medalist (twice), has won both summer and winter X Games and Dew Tours, and he has his own video game. He is none other than professional snowboarder and skateboarder, Shaun White. Shaun Roger [...]

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VIDEO: Jess Kimura Shred to Toe

Jess Kimura is one bad-ass rider. She's so bad-ass that she's got an entire system to keeping her gear legit while living out of her truck during her summer's training at Mt. Hood. Hang with Jess as she goes through her setup piece by piece in a little series we like to call "Shred to [...]

VIDEO: Forest Bailey Shred to Toe

Take a relaxing stroll through the woods with Forest Bailey as he catches The House Boardshop up on the latest gear he's rocking when's he's out playing professional snowboarder in the latest installment of Shred to Toe, brought to you by Snowboarder Magazine and The House Boardshop.

VIDEO: Bode Merrill Shred to Toe

Ever wondered what allows Bode Merrill to double-cork into powder? Maybe it was what their mom fed them for breakfast as a kid, maybe it is natural talent, or it could just be the gear they are riding. That is why SNOWBOARDER Magazine and The House Boardshop are catching up with some of the top [...]

Rider Bio: Scotty Arnold

Whether you call him Scotty or S.C.O Dubbs, Arnie has a fluid style that’s impossible to deny.  Bustin’ moves early on in Robot Food before flaunting his trickery in Mack Dawg productions, Arnold may have mic skills but it’s his technical rail riding and backcountry bangers that keep him in the game. Stance: Regular Home [...]

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