Snowboarder Bio’s

Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie & Benny Milam

Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie & Benny Milam Garrett McKenzie and Benny Milam are the two kids you see at your local park that kill it and make you want to either quit or work harder.  This little posse of two travel the nation in search of the best contests and park setups.  There are…


Video: Rider Bio: Austin Hironaka


Austin is proud to be from the Northwest, and people from the upper territory are just as proud to claim him.  A well-rounded rider with a penchant for going huge, Austin owns a number of tricks suited for gnarly rails or gigantic hips. Still on the come up, look for Austin to do big things…


Rider Bio: Spencer O’Brien


This Canadian babe may look like a sweetheart but make no mistake this girl downright rips. With a silver and bronze X-Game medal to her name as well as a Dew Tour title, it’s only a matter of time before Spencer sharpens her skills and becomes one of the biggest threats women’s snowboarding has ever seen.


Rider Bio: Mikey LeBlanc

Mikey LeBlanc

In 1995, someone somewhere claimed that Mikey LeBlanc was their favorite snowboarder. In 2005, someone somewhere else claimed the same thing. A living legend for nearly two decades, LeBlanc broke boundaries by hitting monstrous rails and redefining urban shredding.  Flash forward to now… and he’s still out there slaying it, both on the hill and…


Team Gale Shirts

Team Gale Featured

Team Gale Shirts How do you show support for your favorite movie the Hunger Games?  By wearing Hunger Games shirts.  The Team Peeta shirts and the Team Gale shirts are at a tie when it comes to fan favorites. There is nobody in the action sports industry by the first name of Gale.  However, there is…


Team Peeta Shirts

Team Peeta Featured

Team Peeta Shirts Hunger Games shirts are going to be THEE fashion piece this spring, especially the Team Peeta (Peter Line) shirts.  The Team Peeta shirts and the Team Gale shirts are at a tie when it comes to fan favorites. Although Peter Line has nothing in common with Hunger Games character Peter Mellark, we…


Kevin Sansalone Pro Colorway – Switchback Bindings

Kevin Featured

Switchback Kevin Sansalone Pro Colorway Kevin Sansalone is one of very few riders who was able to beat out Peter Line in the late 90’s.  With a Switch Backside Rodeo Kevin won the 1999 Winter X Games Big Air.  Being a living legend is hard, but when you’re that good, why not choose the best like…


Ethan Morgan Pro Colorway – Switchback Bindings

Ethan Featured

Switchback Bindings Ethan Morgan Pro Colorway Ethan Morgan has submerged himself in the lifestyle of snowboarding.  Constantly killing the European contest scene in his Switchback Binding Pro Colorway, Ethan makes snowboarding look easy.  His customizable colorway is great, but it’s surprising he didn’t select Germany’s colors!


Garrett McKenzie

Garrett Featured

  Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie One of the first things you’ll notice about Garrett Mckenzie is that he doesn’t care what you think. He’s never bogged down with peer pressure and what everyone thinks is cool; that’s why he rides and lives like he does. Garrett can look at a park and create a…


Benny Milam

Benny Featured

  Youth Snowboarding – Benny Milam Benny Milam will be the next kid blowing out of the Midwest leaving the rest of his peers in his wake. Benny and a close friend Garrett McKenzie have been thrashing the Midwest snowboard and skate scene and their destruction rampage is far from over. The ability level of…