Ms. Superpark 6 at Snow Summit, CA

Each month The House Boardshop and Snowboarder Magazine have teamed up to give our customers and fans an exclusive look at an upcoming feature and photos or videos off the cutting room floor of that feature. This week we take a look inside the 6th annual Ms. Superpark with exclusive video edits from all three days of the event. Enjoy.

“Though many of snowboarding’s leading ladies arrive here to perform, please don’t call it a contest. Without an overpaid announcer or scaffolding packed with judges in sight, Ms. Superpark began as the proper retort to SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s more masculine event, and though they may differ in features and testosterone, both gatherings put the riders’ best interests at the forefront. Now in its sixth year, Ms. Superpark continues to act as a platform for emerging talent, as well as a place for well-knowns to remain on the radar. With riders free to perform as they see fit, one often witnesses more creativity, friendly competition, and overall achievement at each session. Convening this year at one of the most innovative hills in park-building history, the women received a top-quality setup to hone their skills on courtesy of Snow Summit’s park staff. With the building done by Superpark regular Desi Hauer and company, the setup readily lent itself to the troupe of women waiting to attack. While most may concentrate on the level of expertise each invitee has to her name, it wasn’t long ago that these girls were missing grabs and consulting higher authorities to refine their maneuvers. Though many understand the kind of riding that’s acceptable at Ms. Superpark, plenty may wonder if they will ever be in form to achieve it.” -Jenna Klein

Day Two

Day Three Ms. Superpark After Dark

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Hey Na! Snowboarder Mag & Forum at Seven Springs, PA

The House has teamed up with SNOWBOARDER MAGAZINE to bring our loyal patrons exclusive content each month. Not only will we tease you with a snippet from a fresh feature article, but we’re going to do you one better and pair it up with stuff that didn’t make it into the mag.

This month we bring you photo’s from the cutting room floor of October’s “Hey Na!” feature where Forum Team riders Stevie Bell, Austin Sweetin and Alec Ostreng stopped by a little known resort in Pennsylvania during the filming of this year’s Forum team video, F*ck It.

Hey Na! PA Shredding

By Huggy. All Photos: Huggy

“Aside from having the largest Amish population in the United States, Pennsylvania is best known for the Liberty Bell, Hershey’s chocolate bars, the Rocky movies, and Michael Scott of The Office. The last thing you would think about PA is having dope freestyle snowboarding, yet all this could change after this year.

Seven Springs is located in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, roughly an hour and a half outside of Pittsburgh. The park crew, led by Joel Rerko, is on a constant mission to build legit parks and pipes, and this drive is what led them to make an overabundance of snow in the vicinity of their halfpipe. Located on a steeper slope than most pipes, nearly forty feet of extra snow is needed to raise the lower section and therefore lessen the vertical pitch. As the halfpipe is 590 feet long, this can amount to quite a bit of snow. Fortunately, Seven Springs has a long pedigree of snowmaking innovation, starting with the invention of the HDK tower system in the seventies. This means that with projects of this sort, they can literally bring out the big guns. All of the extra snow used at Seven Springs was able to be farmed, pushed, and piled into several late-season features created exclusively for the upcoming Forum team video, Fuck It.” – Huggy

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Rider Bio: Tanner Hall

Home Town: Kalispell, Montana

Resides: Park City, Utah

Rebel. Rasta. Ripper. Tanner Hall has been called all these things and more over the last decade, and the co-founder of Armada Skis is a pioneer in the purest sense of the word. His go-for-broke attitude has led to some extended stints on the DL, and after overshooting a gap at Stevens Pass, Wash. in May 2009 and suffering multiple injuries, he is still rehabilitating and preparing for a return in Winter 2010-11.

Hall is controversial off the snow—and idolized on it—making him one of skiing’s brightest, boldest stars. In addition to Armada, Hall is also part owner of Retallack cat skiing in B.C., and he’s appeared in 30-plus ski films, including the September 2010 documentary “Like a Lion” which chronicles the highs and lows of Tanner Hall’s life and career.

Tanner Hall Highlights

• DOB – October 26, 1983

• Home Mountain: Park City Mountain Resort

Seven time X Games Gold Medalist

• 2005 and 2007 Skier of the Year

• Only male athlete to three-peat at the Winter X Games

Sponsors: Armada Skis, Red Bull, Oakley, POC Helmets, Dakine, Dalbello, Tyrolia, Pull-In Underwear, Park City Mountain Resort

Rider Bio: Grete Eliassen

Home Town: Salt Lake City, Utah

In September 2010, Grete and Red Bull hosted the World Premier of her film, “Say My Name.” It’s an all-women’s film that sets a new bar for ski films, and two years of hard work certainly paid off. It’s a great representation of where Eliassen is at with her ski career—progressing, always, setting records, and upping her game in the backcountry.

Eliassen set a women’s world record in the spring of 2010 at the Canyons Resort in Utah by launching 31 feet into the air off a 30-foot hip jump. She’s won the X Games SuperPipe and U.S. Open Slopestyle, designed signature pro-model skis and filmed lines in the backcountry. As for the upcoming Olympics at Sochi in 2014, she says we’ll have to wait and see… –MH

The Goods on Grete

• DOB – Sept. 19, 1986

• Sign: Virgo

• Raised in: Minnesota

• Home Mountain: Snowbird/Alta

• Favorite Artist: Trina

• Favorite Celebrity: Oprah

• Favorite Magazines: Powder & Freeskier

• Favorite Store: I don’t shop or I don’t like to. Just ask my sister.

• Favorite T.V. Show: Beverly Hills 90210

• Favorite Movie: Tristen & Isolde

• Favorite Quotes: “I don’t even know!”

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Sponsors: Volkl, Red Bull, Oakley, Dakine, Tecnica, Swix, Kicker, Snowbird, Alta, Brighton

Burton EST Binding Tech With Danny Davis

If there’s one thing Burton is known for, it’s being one of the few snowboard companies that can successfully reinvent the wheel. Pro Snowboarder and Burton team rider Danny Davis hits the nail on the head describing the benefits of the EST system as opposed to traditional systems. Enhanced board feel, no interruption in the flex of the board and a completely adjustable system for ultimate comfort.

As Mr. Davis points out, the Burton EST Bindings are best paired up with the Burton Channel System boards. Both technologies are available here at The House Boardshop.

VIDEO: Scott Stevens Shred to Toe

Ever wondered what allows Scott Stevens to jib stuff you never imagined jibbable, or Bode Merrill to double-cork into powder? Maybe it was what their mom fed them for breakfast as a kid, maybe it is natural talent, or it could just be the gear they are riding. That is why SNOWBOARDER Magazine and The House Boardshop are catching up with some of the top pros to see what in their arsenal of product for this video series we like to call, “Shred to Toe”.

Rider Bio: Lauri Heiskari

Bursting onto the scene with his breakthrough part in “Video Gangs,” Lauri was amongst a hyper-talented crew of Finns who infiltrated the snow scene a few years back. Whether gapping huge rails or taking tips in the backcountry from DC teammate Devun Walsh, Heiskari is one of the most well rounded riders America has on its import list.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Bear

Board: DC Lauri  158

Boot: DC Superpark

Outerwear: DC

Goggle: Oakley

Rider Bio: Annie Boulanger

This reformed park rider has been charging big, bold backcountry lines for years, riding alongside mostly males as she solidified herself as one of the top female performers in nature terrain. Scoring herself major video parts in productions by Absinthe Films, Annie is amongst few females pushing the boundaries out of bounds.

: Goofy

Home Mountain: Whistler

Board: Salomon, Lilly 152

Boot: Nike Zoom Force 1

Binding: Salomon Absolute

Outerwear: Nike Snowboarding

Goggle: Anon

Rider Bio: Eric Willett

Sent straight to Youtube fame with his ludicrous line at Breck, Willet was somewhat unknown when he knocked out big leaguers Mikkel and Torstein at last year’s Dew Tour. Seemingly in his prime, Willet’s riding is likely to ripen long before we see it rot.

Stance: Goofy

Home Mountain: Breckenridge

Board: Omatic Celebrity 154

Boot: Vans Cirro

Binding: Flux Titan

Outerwear: O’Neill

Goggle: Smith

Rider Bio: Shaun White

He’s got shocking red hair, stands at 5 feet 8 1/2 inches tall, is a multi-talented master of the boards, an Olympic gold-medalist (twice), has won both summer and winter X Games and Dew Tours, and he has his own video game. He is none other than professional snowboarder and skateboarder, Shaun White.

Shaun Roger White was born in Carlsbad, California to Roger and Kathy White in September of 1986, he has two older siblings; a brother Jesse, who is seven years older, and Kerri, who was one year old when Shaun was born.  Early on it was apparent Shaun was a fighter. He was born with a common congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot, the condition causes mixing of oxygen poor blood with oxygen rich blood being pumped out of the heart and into the circulatory system of blood vessels. Since this condition can eventually become life threatening Shaun had to undergo two heart surgeries before the age of five.

Shaun and his siblings were born into a family of talented people; their father, Roger, was an exceptional surfer back in the 1960’s and their grandparents on Kathy’s side were well known stars in roller derby.  So naturally it should come as no surprise that Shaun is a two-sport athlete and was even the very first person to ever compete in Summer and Winter X games; being skilled at both snowboarding and skateboarding has allowed him to do this.  During the winter season Shaun’s family would take four-hour trips to Big Bear Mountain where Shaun was known as a little “daredevil” on skis.  Shaun learned to snowboard from his father at the young age of 4, and he quickly became a shadow in everything his older brother Jesse did.  His mother, Kathy, said that to keep him out of trouble she bought him a snowboard and told Shaun to copy everything his older brother Jesse did.  Shaun gives credit to his brother saying he was his main influence in snowboarding.  Shaun said that when they were younger his older brother would let him tag along with him and his friends and they would challenge him to do all the stunts they did.  It obviously proved to be a good thing because he has become a popular icon that some children aspire to be.

Not to long after he turned six Shaun was sponsored by Burton and competed in youth snowboarding competitions.  At the age of seven Shaun entered his first 12 and under snowboarding competition and finished in 11th place.  By the time he was 9 Shaun’s name was becoming well known in the snowboarding world and he even caught the attention of professional skateboarder Tony Hawk who claimed he would be the future of snowboarding.  He threw himself into jumps and was getting at least 5 feet of air during each of his jumps allowing him to be able to do more tricks and turns.  Anyone who knows Shaun knows that he is ultra competitive; whether it be a game of Monopoly or out on a snowboard he is a force to be reckoned with and rarely to be challenged.  When he turned 12 he began competing in some of the top competitions for snowboarding in the world.  During his first year he had a lot of top 10 finishes but was still known to most as the “cute little kid”.  By Shaun’s second year he became more noticed when he placed 2nd in several events and suddenly he was a main player in the game.

When Shaun first began snowboarding the thought of competing in the Olympics seemed like a crazy idea and definitely wasn’t a goal of his, but when he became the face of the American team that all changed.  At 14, in 2001, Shaun entered a dry run for the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City and finished 2nd in the halfpipe giving hope to many that he could actually win the gold medal at the Olympics the following Olympics. Much to Shaun’s surprise when it came time to making the team he missed it by a hard to accept 0.3 points and ended up watching the Olympic Games on TV with the rest of the world. It was no shock the next year Shaun had risen to the occasion and was performing above a level that was expected of him and things suddenly took off.

Shaun has also triumphed at the X Games by winning a medal at every Winter X game since 2002; totaling 14 in all, two bronze, three silver and nine gold medals.  He also was the first male athlete to ever win a fourth consecutive championship in one event at the X games. The fifth win was foiled by Andreas Wiig.  Shaun eventually got his chance to play on the Olympic team where he brought home a gold medal for his collection. At the 2006 Turin, Italy Olympics  Shaun felt completely out of sorts around a bunch of highly serious competitors.  He had two qualifying runs to do. In his first run he was tight and incredibly nervous and he had even fallen.  So as he prepared for his second run he headed down the mountain totally relaxed and aced it scoring a 45.3 out of 50 giving him a spot in the finals. Everything after that he did with what seemed like complete ease. He mastered six tricks, each one astonishing the crowd more than the last, performing the best run he had ever done. This allowed him to finish with the highest score in the entire competition, a 46.8 out of 50. During the medal ceremony while the national anthem was being played two trickles of tears ran down Shaun’s cheeks. One would assume that this was probably one of the most prestigious moments of his entire life.

Shortly after learning how to snowboard Shaun learned how to skateboard as well and joined Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Tour in 2002. In 2003, at the age of 16 he attended the Slam City Jam and made his professional debut as a skateboarder. Shaun was quoted by ESPN of saying, “I think it’s so much harder to go big and do the tricks. They’re so much faster and so much less under control. I’m used to doing airs and stuff in snowboarding, but I almost think you go bigger on a vert ramp.” He says his older brother, Jesse was also his influence when it came to skateboarding. Shaun grew up close to the Encinitas YMCA which had a vert ramp and he practiced there frequently.  It turned out that 2005 would be yet another big year for Shaun when he won his first major skateboarding event at the Panasonic Open.

When 2007 came around Shaun was at the height of his sports career with a phenomenal year of wins and an Olympic gold medal added to his collection.  He achieved snowboarding’s highest honors with huge wins at the Winter X games in the superpipe, the TTR Tour Championship and the Burton Global Open Championship. Shaun’s goals in snowboarding are not to do the most technical trick, though he has been known to do some pretty outrageous stunts, but to make his jumps look easy and complete them to perfection.

He has held a lot of “firsts” in his career in both snowboarding and skateboarding.  Shaun was the first person to land back to back double corks in an international halfpipe competition. He was also the first person to ever land a Cab-7 Melon Grab in vert skateboarding. A difficult trick to perform, a Cab-7 Melon Grab involves grabbing the back of the board between both heels and extending the legs forward making it appear that you are laying back. He still remains the only person to land the body varial front side 540, otherwise known as the Armadillo.

Shaun already has a lifetime’s worth of accomplishments. At the time this was written he has nine gold medals, three silver and two gold at the Winter X games, his gold, silver and bronze medals from the Summer X games, his two gold, three silver and one bronze medals from the Winter Dew Tour, three more gold medals at the Dew Tour, one gold and one silver at the TTR World’s Snowboard Tour and two Olympic gold medals to add that extra cherry on top of success.

Shaun may be great at what he does on a board but he has had his fair share of accidents, broken bones and fractures. Before Shaun had even begun competing professionally he had broken his hand, fractured his skull and broken his foot. At the beginning of his professional skateboarding career while at MTV’s Sports and Music Festival he ran into Bob Burnquist while skating doubles and broke his leg. During the 2004 X games he suffered his worst injury when he tore the meniscus tissue in his knee leading him to do six months of rehab before heading back to the slopes to train for more snowboarding. His parents recall being terrified watching him wipe out all those times since having almost lost him as a baby.

Through Shaun’s success in snowboarding and skateboarding he has also been able to open up many other doors of opportunity as well. Through his first and biggest sponsor, Burton, he has his own clothing line called the “White Collection”, he was able to release a DVD, “The White Album” which showcases all of his snowboarding and skateboarding, he has his own video game that came out in 2008 “Shawn White Snowboarding” and is also a featured player in a second video game and he accumulated quite a list of big name sponsors.  His sponsors include: Burton, T-Mobile, Target, Mountain Dew, Oakley, Birdhouse Skateboards, Volcom, Sony Playstation and many other brands which was a huge change for the snowboarding world. The thing Shaun likes most out of all his good fortune is that girls now come and talk to him; which is great since he claims he is in no way a lady’s man and has never been able to get the whole “talking to chicks thing” down.

The one big thing Shaun is able to do that some competitors are not is relax on his board. The better he is doing the more relaxed he looks. Unlike other competitors, when the pressure starts to build up in a competition he gets better,“When the pressure’s on, I always seem to go bigger and land everything better,” Shaun said.  If that is the case then continue to bring on the pressure and Shaun will continue bringing the United States gold medals. There is definitely more to come from this talented young man, known to many fans as the “Flying Tomato” because of his quick moves and flashy, long red hair (although rumor has it Shaun despises that nickname). For this dedicated guy the possibilities are endless. He’s a fighter and will continue to “wow” the world with his capabilities.