Ethan Morgan Pro Colorway – Switchback Bindings

Switchback Bindings Ethan Morgan Pro Colorway

Ethan Morgan has submerged himself in the lifestyle of snowboarding.  Constantly killing the European contest scene in his Switchback Binding Pro Colorway, Ethan makes snowboarding look easy.  His customizable colorway is great, but it’s surprising he didn’t select Germany’s colors!

Garrett McKenzie


Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie

One of the first things you’ll notice about Garrett Mckenzie is that he doesn’t care what you think. He’s never bogged down with peer pressure and what everyone thinks is cool; that’s why he rides and lives like he does. Garrett can look at a park and create a line that would make Picasso blush. Growing up and spending most of his days riding Wild Mountain with Benny Milam, Garrett took his skateboarding style and started applying it to snow. Garrett has caught the attention of some of the biggest companies in snowboarding, and he’s already started the march towards world domination. There isn’t very many youth snowboarders that do what he does, nor will there ever be.

Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie

Eventually you’ll have to get up to get down, and if you want to do it like Garrett check out his gear.

Neff BeanieRome Mob BindingsRome Artifact Rocker SnowboardRome Libertine BootsHolden Skinny Grey Classics PantsHolden McMillian JacketAshbury Kaleidoscope Goggles

1. Helmet: Sandbox – Certified – Medium
2. Beanie: Neff x Windells
3. Goggles: Ashbury – Kaleidoscope
4. Jacket: Holden – McMillian – Medium
5. Gloves: Howl – Maroon – Medium
6. Pants: Holden – Skinny Grey Classics – Medium
7. Boots: Rome – Libertine – Size 8
8. Bindings: Rome – Mob – Medium
9. Board: Rome – Artifact Rocker – 144cm

Benny Milam


Youth Snowboarding – Benny Milam

Benny Milam will be the next kid blowing out of the Midwest leaving the rest of his peers in his wake. Benny and a close friend Garrett McKenzie have been thrashing the Midwest snowboard and skate scene and their destruction rampage is far from over. The ability level of youth snowboarding has grown faster than ever before and at this rate Benny may be, one day, one of the best riders on the planet.

Youth Snowboarding – Benny Milam

In order to rip like Benny you better have the right kit to get the job done. If you like hard street riding, huge jumps, and Evil Knievel speed check what Benny rides.

1. Helmet: Smith – Maze – Small
2. Beanie: Volcom – Krug
3. Goggle: Smith I/OS
4. Jacket: Volcom – Slapdit Slim Hoodie – Medium
5. Mittens: Celtek – Bitten by a Mitten – Medium
6. Pants: Volcom – Loft – Small
7. Boots: Flow – Rift Coiler – Size 7
8. Bindings: Flow – Fives – Small
9. Board: Flow – Micro Verve – 135cm

Rider Bio: Zac Marben

Joining the list of top-notch Minnesota boarders including the Leines Brothers, Chad Otterstrom and Joe Sexton, Zac is a bona fide rail slayer who happens to have one of the better methods seen on-hill today. A guy who gets enough amplitude in the pipe to take a medal, Marben instead focuses on taming metal when he’s not jamming gypsy songs or riding pow.

Stance: Goofy

Home Mountain: Hyland Hills

Board: Volcom

Boot: Vans Hi-Standard

Outerwear: Volcom

Goggle: Ashbury

Rider Bio: Johnny Lazzareschi

Johnny Lazzareschi- Born in North Lake Tahoe, Johnny Lazz has transcended from mini-shred to local hero in under a decade. Part of the young crew pushing the rail riding revolution years ago, Johnny has recently moved up to the big leagues, going pro for Rome and moving his technical trickery to natural terrain.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Northstar

Board: Rome Agent

Boot: 32 Ultralight

Binding: Rome Targa

Outerwear: Volcom

Goggle: Electric

Rider Bio: Scott Vine

One of 7 children, Scott’s compulsive need to progress may stem from wanting to be the star of the siblings, however, we’re sure if Scott has this much talent on hill, his family has tricks we don’t even know about. A standout performer at Southern California resorts, Scott has been making big moves out of the park and can be seen taking on new terrain in “This Video Sucks.”

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Bear Mountain

Board: StepChild Chiborg 155

Binding: Flux SF45

Goggle: Dragon

Rider Bio: Jack Mitrani

The elder brother of child phenom Luke, the bigger Mitrani has made a name for himself by blasting into the stratosphere with massive pipe hits and impressive competitive results. Aside from taking names in the pipe, Jack enjoys sunny afternoons lapping the mammoth park with all of his Frends.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Mammoth

Board: Burton Joystick

Binding: Burton Exile EST

Boot: Burton SLX

Outerwear: Burton

Goggle: Smith

Rider Bio: Ikka Backstrom

Amongst the riders who skipped the pond in search of better hills, Backstrom developed his smooth style on rails in his homeland of Finland before blowing up backcountry jumps world-wide. A jump and jib master with more energy than anyone you’ve ever meet, Iikka continues to impress through his video parts and countless magazine spreads.

Stance:  Regular

Home Mountain:  Whistler

Board: DC Backstrom

Boot: DC Rogan

Outerwear: DC

Goggle: Electric

Rider Bio: Erik Jackson

Proving that Crowley Lake is full of hypertoxic chemicals that accentuate on-hill abilities, both Eric and brother John reign supreme on terrain of all types. A junior half-pipe champ turned out of bounds butcher, E Jack slaughters anything in front of him from massive kickers to powdery pillow lines.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Mammoth

Board: TRS Banana

Binding: Bent Metal

Boot: Nike Zoom Force

Outerwear: Nike

Goggle: Von Zipper

VIDEO: Bryan Fox Shred to Toe

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