Red Sunglasses – Anon Burnout Review


Anon Burnout

Anon Burnouts have a modern touch with a vintage feel.  Take one look through the red fire chromed blue lens and you’ll be hooked.  The Burnout grabs attention with it’s big lens and it’s translucent matte red frames.  On-lookers will stare, but with the confidence the shades give you, you’ll have nothing to worry about because you know you look good.

It doesn’t matter if your male, female, or transgender the Burnouts make you look better than you actually do.  If you sit at a 6 in the 1-10 hotness scale, by the time you slip these babies on you’ll be at 11.  Be the life of the party, step away from the norm and into the light with the Anon Burnouts.

  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • ANSI Z80.3 Eye Protection Standard
  • 100% UVA/B/C Protection
  • Injected Grilamid TR-90 Frames
  • Lifetime Warranty

2013 Thirtytwo – 32 Joe Sexton Signature Series


2012 Thirtytwo Joe Sexton Signature Series

How in the world could a kid from Minnesota get as good as Joe Sexton?  With tons a dedication and the willingness to always have fun.  Joe got picked up a few years back by Thirtytwo and has gradually worked his way to the top of the snowboard industry.  His exposure meter is off the charts, he rides for some great companies, and Thirtytwo let him design his out kit.  That’s right, Joe has pro-model boots, jackets, and pants.

If the Joe Sexton Signature Series feels a little to hesh for you, check out the DGK Collection, it’s pretty big.

 Joe Sexton Unleaded Jackets

The Unleaded Jacket is pretty straight forward and simple.  This 50’s gas station employee inspired thick canvas jacket helps you do it all – shred, school, chill.  STI Repel keeps the water out and the quilted liner keep you warm.


Joe Sexton Kermit Pants

With a classic 5 pocket denim fit how can you go wrong with the Kermit Pant?  You can’t.  Medial leg cuffs slide easily over your boots and with gloves on the zipper fly opens with a blink of an eye.  Be warned, there is no insulation in these babies, think about adding a baselayer underneath.




Joe Sexton The Maven Boots

So you thought the 2012 86 FTs were skate inspired?  Wait until you ride the The Maven Boots!  The cuff is low and soft, the outsole is thin, and Thirtytwo laced them up.  The first person to Treflip with these gets an internet high five.

Hunger Games Shirts

Hunger Games Shirts

Don’t lie, you read the Hunger Games trilogy.  You also dresses up and camped out 3 days in advance for the Hunger Games movie premier.  As a snowboarder you feel the need to stay “core” all while showing support for your Hunger Games crushes; Peeta and Gale.

Whomever you choose, the Hunger Games shirts are going to fly off the shelves.  Snowboarding heartthrob Peter Line fits the profile of Peeta Mellark perfectly for the Team Peeta shirts and steals the hearts of young girls all over the world.  There are no pro snowboarders with the name of Gale, but after a quick search we found Pro Bowler from the Green Bay Packers, Gale Gillingham, to be our man Gale Hawthorne for Team Gale shirts.

Peter Line hits huge hips and Gale Gillingham hits people, hard.  How will you pick your team?  Team Peeta or Team Gale?

Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie & Benny Milam

Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie & Benny Milam

Garrett McKenzie and Benny Milam are the two kids you see at your local park that kill it and make you want to either quit or work harder.  This little posse of two travel the nation in search of the best contests and park setups.  There are very few riders who are at the same age and level of Garrett and Benny.  Keep your ears to the slopes because you’ll be hearing of them a lot in the near future.

Video: Rider Bio: Austin Hironaka

Austin is proud to be from the Northwest, and people from the upper territory are just as proud to claim him.  A well-rounded rider with a penchant for going huge, Austin owns a number of tricks suited for gnarly rails or gigantic hips. Still on the come up, look for Austin to do big things in films by “Think Thank” and hip sessions everywhere.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Snoqualmie

Board: Ride Machette 155

Boot: Ride Ful

Binding: Ride Contraband

Outerwear: Airblaster

Goggle: Airblaster

Rider Bio: Spencer O’Brien

Photo courtesy of Snowboarder Magazine

This Canadian babe may look like a sweetheart but make no mistake this girl downright rips.  With a silver and bronze X-Game medal to her name as well as a Dew Tour title, it’s only a matter of time before Spencer sharpens her skills and becomes one of the biggest threats women’s snowboarding has ever seen.

Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb

Board: Burton Blender

Binding: Burton Lexa EST

Boot: Burton Supreme

Outerwear: B by Burton

Goggle: Dragon

Rider Bio: Mikey LeBlanc

In 1995, someone somewhere claimed that Mikey LeBlanc was their favorite snowboarder. In 2005, someone somewhere else claimed the same thing. A living legend for nearly two decades, LeBlanc broke boundaries by hitting monstrous rails and redefining urban shredding.  Flash forward to now… and he’s still out there slaying it, both on the hill and with his popular outerwear company (that we happen to carry here at The House) Holden.
Stance: Regular

Home Mountain: Brighton, Utah

Board: Ride

Boot: Ride

Binding: Ride

Outerwear: Holden

Team Gale Shirts

Team Gale Shirts

How do you show support for your favorite movie the Hunger Games?  By wearing Hunger Games shirts.  The Team Peeta shirts and the Team Gale shirts are at a tie when it comes to fan favorites.

There is nobody in the action sports industry by the first name of Gale.  However, there is a Pro Bowler from the Green Bay Packers named Gale Gillingham.  I bet if the late Gale Gillingham were still with us he’d hit hips just as hard as he hit Quarterbacks.

Team Gale or Team Peeta?

Team Peeta Shirts

Team Peeta Shirts

Hunger Games shirts are going to be THEE fashion piece this spring, especially the Team Peeta (Peter Line) shirts.  The Team Peeta shirts and the Team Gale shirts are at a tie when it comes to fan favorites.

Although Peter Line has nothing in common with Hunger Games character Peter Mellark, we decided he needed a shirt.  Show support for your favorite pro rider and your favorite movie without looking like a complete sally.

Team Peeta or Team Gale?

Kevin Sansalone Pro Colorway – Switchback Bindings

Switchback Kevin Sansalone Pro Colorway

Kevin Sansalone is one of very few riders who was able to beat out Peter Line in the late 90’s.  With a Switch Backside Rodeo Kevin won the 1999 Winter X Games Big Air.  Being a living legend is hard, but when you’re that good, why not choose the best like Switchback Bindings.  Known for his timeless style, Kevin Sansalone will go down with all of the other greats.  Riding completely customizable Switchback Bindings, Kevin continues to push himself into what he loves most, snowboarding.