Wakeboard Reviews

Review: Liquid Force Diva Wakeboard


This is the Liquid Forcece Diva Wakeboard. It’s a good beginner to intermediate wakeboard. One of the features of the Diva is that it comes with a nice soft round rail. Now, what that means is it’s going to be harder for you to catch a toe edge or even a heel edge when you’re riding….


Review: Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard


I’m Sean Watson, here, talking about my Liquid Force Watson Carbon X wakeboard. Pretty much the same shape as the past two years. Going on the third year with this shape. Made a few changes, just to, kind of, lighten the wakeboard up. Put the carbon ‘X’ in the wakeboard, and what that’s doing is,…


Review: ’09 Liquid Force Groove Wakeboard


The Liquid Force Groove Wakeboard. A great new shape in our line; it’s Collin Harrington’s first Pro Model with Liquid Force wakeboards. Now this might be Collin’s first Pro Model, but is far from the first wakeboard he has ridden. He spent more time on the water riding more wakeboards than any Liquid Force rider….


Review: Liquid Force Team Wakeboard Handle


Sean here at The House talking about wakeboard handles today. What we have here is the Liquid Force Team wakeboard handle. This is one of the top selling wakeboard handles in the Liquid Force line and has been for years. wakeboard handle here is fifteen inches, aluminum wakeboard handle, foam filled. Happen to float a…


Review: Hyperlite B-Side Wakeboard


Hey. What’s up? I am JD Webb. This is my pro model, the HyperliteB-Side Wakeboard. I am really pumped on it. We got a new graphic on it this year. The things I like most about it, it is a blended 3-stage rocker. It has really good pop off the top of the wake. And…


Review: Liquid Force Lyman Wakeboard


The Liquid Force Lyman wakeboard. This is a wakeboard completely inspired by the riding style and design influences of Keith Lyman. And now when working with Keith on his dream wakeboard, one of the things he spent some time on, and got influenced by, were the trips. Keith liked the feel of continuous rocker wakeboard,…


Review: Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard


Now, the Liquid Force wakeboard line starts off with the Trip series, and the Trip series this year celebrates the style of art that we originated with the trip with the artist Drew Brofree. As you can see, we’ve got a killer design that splays across all five models. The Trip goes from a 130,…


Review: Liquid Force Mod Wakeskate


  The board I have here is a Liquid Force 2009 Mod Wakeskate. This is a 42 inch board and the board series comes in a 40 inch and a 42 inch series. The Mod features grip tape; the Signal, which is the sister of this, just features an EVA pad. The Mod series is…


Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Binding Review


This is the 2009 TRANSIT binding. The TRANSIT binding is featured on the response SI plate system. It also has internal gussets to allow for comfort and a dual lace system that allows you to crank down in the throat area on your forefoot and the throat area up top, around your ankle. The 2009…