Review: Liquid Force Diva Wakeboard

This is the Liquid Forcece Diva Wakeboard. It’s a good beginner to intermediate wakeboard.
One of the features of the Diva is that it comes with a nice soft round rail. Now, what that means is it’s going to be harder for you to catch a toe edge or even a heel edge when you’re riding. So, you can avoid those face plants.
It also has a three-stage rocker. So, what that means is when the tip hits the wake, you’re going to get a nice, good pop up and a nice wake-to-wake kind of ride. It comes with two molded-in fins and an optional middle fin. With the middle fin in, it’s going to be nice and sticky on the water, really good for helping you progress. You can also take it out and it’ll give you a looser ride that will allow you to try more things.
It’s a very good wakeboard because it offers you a lot of control. It’s very predictable, it’s not going to be fast and out of control like some of the more advanced wakeboards. So, that’s the Liquid Force Diva Wakeboard.


Review: ’09 Liquid Force Groove Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Groove Wakeboard. A great new shape in our line; it’s Collin Harrington’s first Pro Model with Liquid Force wakeboards. Now this might be Collin’s first Pro Model, but is far from the first wakeboard he has ridden. He spent more time on the water riding more wakeboards than any Liquid Force rider. And that waterman knowledge has made him one of the most difficult guys to shake for because he knows exactly what he wants in a wakeboard. He is incredibly picky. I’d get prototypes back from Collin with all kinds of notes on it. I mean telling me sharpness edge, soft in this rail, lift is pebble, but that all translated into unreal great riding wakeboard and a terrific addition to our line. Collin likes a wakeboard with a nice predictable but smooth surfy feel.
So we gave his wakeboard a progressive continuous rocker. And by progressive I mean it’s still a smooth curve, no kinks in it like a three stage. But the curve accelerates through the tip of the wakeboard so it gives it a higher trajectory off the wake. If you notice, just because he is a waterman doesn’t mean he doesn’t spend time on the rails. And Collin wanted a bottom that didn’t have anything to hang up, especially through the mid section.
So, you’ve got no edge channels, and the double inside single concave ensures that the center beam is lower than the outside panels. He has combined it with a lifted rail here which is ever so slight bevel that lifts the edge up and combined with a variable edge rail, makes it catch-free on rails. This all gets sharper and crisper as it moves out the end of the wakeboard where this double concave flows into a quad concave placed between a quad fin setup. Now this gives Collin that drivy surf feel that he loves. The quad fin set up focuses the flow between each of these concaves and he’s even got a little mini keel in the center to just keep that center concave to the right or left side of where the flow is coming.
Another thing Collin wanted to incorporate in his wakeboard is he wanted it to be strong to hold up to his rail abuse but still flex at the tips. So, it’s got a ridge line on top of the rail on the right and left side that tapers out to nothing and the whole wakeboard itself, the profile gets really thin out to the tips which gives the wakeboard extra flexing response. Collin’s new shape comes in three sizes: The Liquid Force Groove Wakeboard.


Review: Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard

I’m Sean Watson, here, talking about my Liquid Force Watson Carbon X wakeboard. Pretty much the same shape as the past two years. Going on the third year with this shape.
Made a few changes, just to, kind of, lighten the wakeboard up. Put the carbon ‘X’ in the wakeboard, and what that’s doing is, actually, stiffening the center of the wakeboard up, and we’re able to lighten the core up to, actually, make the wakeboard stiffer and lighter. Not stiffer all the way throughout, just in the center so the tip and tail still has that little bit of flex but allows to give that extra pop. The Liquid Force Watson Carbon X wakeboard.


Review: Liquid Force Team Wakeboard Handle

Sean here at The House talking about wakeboard handles today. What we have here is the Liquid Force Team wakeboard handle. This is one of the top selling wakeboard handles in the Liquid Force line and has been for years. wakeboard handle here is fifteen inches, aluminum wakeboard handle, foam filled. Happen to float a little bit, it’s a nice and strong tube of aluminum.

Does have an anatomically correct, an anatomical grip, so it locks in your knuckles and helps you see it won’t let go. This is soft to the holder, the foam in the outside, nice EVA, grow comfortable as mold to your hands, the more you ride it. The Liquid Force Team wakeboard handle comes in two colors: you got black with white outsides and white with the black.


Review: Hyperlite B-Side Wakeboard

Hey. What’s up? I am JD Webb. This is my pro model, the HyperliteB-Side Wakeboard. I am really pumped on it. We got a new graphic on it this year. The things I like most about it, it is a blended 3-stage rocker. It has really good pop off the top of the wake. And it also has good carving. And when you want to get on that edge cutting into the wake, it holds a really good edge cutting in as well.

My wakeboard has a really nice step-down rail and also a wider, shallower molded in fin which is really good for the release off the top of the wake. My wakeboard this year has some really cool features to it. We have the JD Webb badge, and then also a wood inlay that really makes the wakeboard different. Scott Bechard and I really spent a lot of time developing the Hyperlite B-Side wakeboard, so I hope everyone out there enjoys it.


Review: Liquid Force Lyman Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Lyman wakeboard. This is a wakeboard completely inspired by the riding style and design influences of Keith Lyman. And now when working with Keith on his dream wakeboard, one of the things he spent some time on, and got influenced by, were the trips. Keith liked the feel of continuous rocker wakeboard, but he wanted something with a higher trajectory.

So what we did is we incorporated the most aggressive continuous rocker we’ve ever put on a Liquid Force shape. So it gives the wakeboard the predictability of that continuous rocker, but with an arc higher that you would normally get in a trip. We have taken the low volume rail that is just starting to happen in a trip and put even more area at the top to give this wakeboard a really sensitive rail that is going to set fast and deep and give you will give you really superior hold. What is unique in Keith’s wakeboard is that it’s a double into quad concave bottom. And this coupled with a quad fin set-up, gives this wakeboard super lift, super fly super hold and tons of>

Now Keith loved the warped fins on the Trip, so what we did is we just made them crisper and a little steeper on the outside. And then we coupled this with removable, cupped, outside fins. And place inside the middle two concaves. And now these fins are totally adjustable. One of the things Keith wanted to do was be able to determine and change how this released off the wake. Sometimes you wanted d a little more hold and releasing a little bit later on the wake. Other times he wants to release earlier. So the fins come drilled with four sets of hold allowing you so to change the position ‘for and ‘aft, deepening on how you want it to release on the wake. Keith also took a really big involvement in generating the graphics. He had a lot of really cool ideas, and tied them in with the look of his>

Now Keith’s Liquid Force Lyman Wakeboards comes in a 135, a 139, and a 143. Keith’s wakeboard also comes in a limited. And we have two sizes the 39 and 43 in our fly versions.


Review: Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Now, the Liquid Force wakeboard line starts off with the Trip series, and the Trip series this year celebrates the style of art that we originated with the trip with the artist Drew Brofree. As you can see, we’ve got a killer design that splays across all five models. The Trip goes from a 130, to 134, 138, 142, and our big board, 146. So there’s a killer wakeboard for every rider of every size.

Now, what’s neat about the Trip is that it incorporates features that made this one of Melissa Marquardt’s favorite pro boards. It’s a very user friendly shape. In the middle, it’s got a double inside single concave that flows out into a pronounced double concave between two molded warped side fins.

Now, you can ride it with or without the center fin. Combining with an edge channel on either side, gives the wakeboard super positive tracking. It’s got a nice smooth continuous rocker line, for a real predictable pop. The Liquid Force Trip wakeboard has got a bat tail shaped to keep that tip full and super clean deck contours to just gives you a really nice predictable, but performance user friendly shape.


Review: Liquid Force Mod Wakeskate


The board I have here is a Liquid Force 2009 Mod Wakeskate. This is a 42 inch board and the board series comes in a 40 inch and a 42 inch series. The Mod features grip tape; the Signal, which is the sister of this, just features an EVA pad.

The Mod series is the same bottom surface as our wood skates but due to the fact that it rides a little higher in the water being composite, we actually came and added a channel on the nose and tail and it actually helps the board sit a little deeper as you’re edging in.

The rail is really soft around the mid-area of the board and then it slowly tapers into a crisp rail in the last two inches. So when you’re on edge it really digs in if you’re riding finless or with a fin. The top of the Mod features more of an abrupt nose and tail area that is just more abrupt. It gives you more control and allows you to increase angles on the board.

Side-to-side, the heel to toe transfer is more abrupt as well in the concave. The Liquid Force Mod series is set up to allow for our accessory fins; it actually is packaged with them. It allows you to set it up. I have it set up here with just two nose pieces but you can set it up with quad nose pieces or you can set up for all six if you choose. The Liquid Force Mod Wakeskate just allows you to get a little bit more eccentric with your set-up. It allows nose/tail slides, just even doing manuals across Fun boxes at the park.



Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Binding Review

This is the 2009 TRANSIT binding. The TRANSIT binding is featured on the response SI plate system. It also has internal gussets to allow for comfort and a dual lace system that allows you to crank down in the throat area on your forefoot and the throat area up top, around your ankle. The 2009 TRANSIT binding features pillow top soft liquid liner fit up top. It also has heel cups that lodge your heels in as you’re riding.

Liquid Force Transit Binding

Liquid Force Transit Binding