Wakeboard Reviews

Byerly Monarch Wakeboard Review

2010 Byerly Monarch Wakeboard is one of our most amazing shapes ever. It has been in the line for quite awhile and it has continued to be one of the best riding boards. This board actually came out this year and won two world titles on it. Mitch Langfield just won the Pro Junior title…


Byerly Assualt Wakeboard Review

Byerly Assualt Wakeboard

Hey, Scott Bouchard here. Moving on to the next board in the line force, we have The Assault. The Assault’s one of my favorite boards of all time in the Byerly line; it’s got a really aggressive tracking pattern, it holds insane, super fast rocker line to it. We built in the engineered fiberglass sidewalls…


2010 Liquid Force S4 Wakeboard Review

Liquid Force S4 Wakeboard 2010

The Liquid Force S4 Wakeboard is the fourth pro model I’ve developed with Philip Seven, and that just tells you how long Philip’s been with us and how much feedback he’s given us over the years. From a rippin’ grom to a dominator on the pro tour, Philip’s ridden a lot of shapes, and he’s…


Liquid Force Fly Wakeboard Review

Liquid Force Fly

For the ultimate and lightweight pro model performance, Liquid Force offers the Fly series and what the Fly series is, is it’s taking our four pro models: the S4, the Shane, the Lyman, and the new Watson. And we make these boards with a special CNC light-weight core, a special Triax glass, and super light top…


Ronix Mana Wakeboard Review

Ronix Mana Wakeboard

The 2011 Ronix Mana Wakeboard. The rider that is going to enjoy the Mana more than anyone, is the rider who enjoys a board that has a more immediate response. The 3-stage rocker lining the board produces an immediate snap off the wake and doesn’t get the lag time off the wake whenever you’re throwing…


2010 Liquid Force Watson Classic Wakeboard Review


The 2010 Watson Classic is a shape that’s been the Liquid Force line for a little while now. There’s one simple reason: the board works. From under the feet of Shaun Watson for many years, to now, the weapon of choice for Harley Clifford, this last season on the pro tour, winning the whole pro…


2010 Liquid Force Soven Wakeboard Bindings Review


The binding we have here is the Liquid Force, 2010 Soven Binding. It is Phillip Soven’s pro-model binding, it comes standard on the 2010 Air Ride chassis. It features our Air Ride check and an integrated piece of aluminum that prevents hill lift and locks you into your board. The Soven wakeboard binding features a low…


Review: Liquid Force S4 Wakeboard


Then new for this season is Philip Soven’s fourth promo with Liquid Force S4 Wakeboard. It’s the Liquid Force S4 wakeboard. And this takes all his years of riding so many different shapes with Liquid Force, from just a little grom riding an LF Evo 128, to hopping on the Nemesis in a 131, then…


Review: Liquid Force Index Wakeboard Bindings


[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrLfrLmiSZs&w=775&h=385] So what I have here is the Index wakeboard binding. The Index wakeboard binding features a size run from 5 to 8, 8 to 12, 12 to 15. The Index is an entry level boot, it actually features a duel gusset system. Here you can see flex, it actually allows the boot to accommodate…


Review: Hyperlite Forefront Wakeboard


Greg Nelson here with Hyperlite. I’ve got our new Hyperlite Forefront wakeboard here. It comes in as small a size as a 129 and all the way up to a 144 for the big guys. It’s a really cool design this year. We’ve got a lot of features in this wakeboard that are going to…