Wakeboard Reviews

2011 Hyperlite Forefront Wakeboard Review

hyperlite forefront

Hey, I’m Trevor Maier, a coach at West Coast Camps, and today, I’m going to be riding the hyperlite forefront. Being a coach at West Coast Camps, I’ve noticed that the majority of campers really struggle with their toeside edge. This board is going to help you out with that. It’s got toeside footbed risers,…


2011 Liquid Force Groove Wakeboard Review

Liquid Force Groove Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Groove is a shape developed with Collin Harrington. This board is suited to an all-around rider. If you’ve ever seen Collin’s style, he does everything from unreal rail riding to killing it in the wake lab events to just some of the most fluid wake slashing you’re going to see. One of…


Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard Review

Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Shane is the fourth pro model developed here at Liquid Force with Shane Bonifay. From a ripping grom to two-time rail rider of the year, Shane’s always been a leader in both pushing the sport and board styles as well as graphic styles. Shane’s new pro model features unique bottom contours, combined…


Liquid Force Plush Womens Wakeboard Binding Review

Liquid Force Plush Wakeboard Bindings

For 2011, the Liquid Force Plush Wakeboard Binding. Just as the name implies, the Plush is the perfect, comfortable binding for all the gals on the boat. Featuring a flex level of four, the plush is a forgiving binding for everybody. Easy to get in to, you’ll spend less time on the swim platform and…


2011 Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard Review

hyperlite franchise wakeboard

What up, guys. I’m Jimmy LaRiche, sitting here with my Hyperlite 2011 pro model, the Franchise.  I’m super pumped with how it came out. Me and Nelson worked really hard last Winter on coming up with a board that was good for someone that was starting out or someone at a pro level. We knew…


Liquid Force Comps Vests


For 2011 Liquid Force is offering a complete line of life jackets for men, women, and children in both CGA and COMP styles. The first vest we have here is the men’s Cardigan which is the ultimate in flexibility and range of motion. It has super thin padding and super flexible, stretchable neoprene. The men’s…


2010 Liquid Force Grind Witness Wakeboard Review

lf grind

The Liquid Force Witnesses are shapes developed with Ben Greenwood. Now one of the key characteristics that Ben wanted in his board, was a board that was going to give him a higher arch; a more of a straight up pop off the wake. But he also wanted to be able to have the board…


2011 CWB Faze Edge Wakeboard Review


This is the all-new 2011 CWB Faze, and this is a great package for guys getting out there and getting ready to start riding, and taking all their buddies too. Part of that is because it’s got four molded-in fins, and a nice center fin. You can actually ride it without the center fin if…


2009 Liquid Force Witness Wakeboard Review

Liquid Force Witness Wakeboard

This shape is the Liquid Force Witness. The Witness was a design inspired by Ben Greenwood. Ben has been with Liquid Force for quite awhile and he has had the opportunity to ride a lot of our different shapes. He wanted to take the feelings of a couple of different boards and integrate them together…


Byerly Conspiracy Wakeboard


Hey. This is Scott “Butch” Bouchard here, going over the new 2010 Conspiracy wakeboard. The Conspiracy board was developed around our new team rider Aaron Rathy. I worked with him quite a bit in the off season with the shape and design of this board. We added a lot of new features to this board…