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Ronix District Wakeboard Review

Ronix District Wakeboard

Ronix Wakeboards We are really excited about the District’s utilities for its user friendly ride ability, easy to get used to, really works well on cable part. With a brand new 2011 District Wakeoard, all the new features make it so user friendly that it’s so predictable.  So as I’m edging out, I know exactly how the board’s…


2011 Liquid Force Watson Classic Wakeboard Review

liquid-force-watson- classic-2011

The 2011 Watson Classic is just that. This boards is a classic. Liquid Force has been working with Sean Watson to develop this board. He wanted a magic board that everyone could like and at one point in time pretty much all the team have ridden a Classic. From Sean to Harley, now this is…


2011 Hyperlite Vigilante Wakeboard Review

2011 Hyperlite Vigilante Wakeboard

Today we are here to talk about newest flex board in the Hyperlite line, the 2011 Vigilante. When They set out to design to Vigilante, They had a lot of input from all of their team riders. They all wanted a fun board to hit sliders with that could take a beating, and that they…


2011 Byerly Monarch Wakeboard Package Review

Byerly Monarch Wakeboard Package

The 2011 Byerly Monarch. The Byerly Monarch has been one of the strongest selling boards we’ve ever had. This thing’s a great shape and super user friendly and versatile for riders of all abilities. The reason why I like the Monarch so much is because not only does it have sick graphics but it rides…


2011 Liquid Force Soven Wakeboard Binding Review

2011 Liquid Force Soven Wakeboard Binding

For 2011, Liquid Force is proud to work with the king of wake, Phil Soven. Phil Soven demands a binding that performs to the same high level that he does. The Liquid Force Soven Wakeboard Binding is the most supportive we make with a flex level of ten. His binding is made on the IP6…


Ronix Phoenix Wakeboard Review

Ronix Phoenix Wakeboard

Hi, my name is Eric Ruck. I’m an ex-world champion and an ex-pro tour champion. I’m just someone that loves to be on the water. Back in the day, we were all together and I got an opportunity to join the Ronix team. Things just happened to work out and it’s just a blessing that…


2011 Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard Binding Review

Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard Bindings

For 2011, Liquid Force worked with Sean Watson to create him a brand new binding that’s form-fitting and stiff but easy to get into. The Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard Binding has a flex level rating of 9, which means you can nail super technical tricks and it has tons of support. This is built on…


2011 Ronix Krush Wakeboard Review


Hi, I’m Mike Ferraro and I am going to talk to you today about the Ronix Krush Wakeboard. Some of the things that are really interesting and that I really like about designing wakeboards are that they are such a wide range of users. So one of the big challenges that I always pride myself…


2011 Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard Review


Shaun Murray here, I’m going to talk to you about my 2011 wakeboard. Greg Nelson and I have been shaping boards for a long time, I think I’m at board number 15 with Hyperlite and over the years, I’ve really gotten to spend time figuring out what I like, what I don’t like. Hyperlite is…


2011 Liquid Force Index Wakeboard Bindings Review

Liquid Force Index Wakeboard Bindings 2011

The Liquid Force 2011 Index is the perfect binding for beginners and intermediates to progress their skills. You’ll find this binding stable and forgiving for everybody on the boat. With a Flex Level of 4, it’s supportive, but not stiff. Built on the IP6 chassis, the Index features the dual density EVA impact foam for…