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Liquid Force Melissa Women’s Wakeboard Binding Review

Liquid Force Melissa Wakeboard Binding

For 2011, Mellisa ask Liquid Force for a new binding that would match her riding style. Depending on what she’s doing, she can set the flex level between 6 and 8. With the unique Velcro closure system on the top and bottom, and the control liner, she can set the flex whether she’s hitting rails or going…


2011 Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard Review

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Starting off our 2011 line of wakeboards, is a Liquid Force Trip. Now the Trip, it’s a signature board for Liquid Force. We first introduced this type of a shape in 1997. Brought it out at the X-Games. It was the first wide-tailed multi-fin board. Since that time, this board has gone through a couple of…


2011 CWB Absolute Wakeboard Review


Here’s a couple things about the all new CW Absolute. We dished out the tip and tail to give it strength and to make it a little bit lighter. It’s also got a dish top, so you get a more positive toe-and-heel contact from the boot. On the bottom, these little Chevrons help speed the…


Ronix Cell Wakeboard Boots Review

Ronix Cell Wakeboard Boots

I’m Chad Sharpe. I’m an owner/rider of Ronix Wakeboard. In my binding I like it stiff and responsive. When you want it to do something, it does it. Growing up playing ice hockey, the skate was responsive and when snowboarding you want it as responsive edge to edge. Just like in my wakeboard boot I…


2011 Liquid Force Vantage Wakeboard Binding Review

Liquid Force Vantage OT Wakeboard Bindings

For 2011, the Liquid Force Vantage Open Toe returns. You’ll find the Vantage is the perfect binding for riders that require smooth, supportive binding. With a Flex Level between 6 and 8, it’s easy to adjust the Velcro shafts, depending on what kind of riding you’re going to do. Built on the IP6 chassis, the…


2011 Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard Binding Review

Liquid Force  LTD Shane Wakeboard Bindings

For 2011 Liquid Force worked with to Shane Bonifay to create a binding perfectly tuned for his smooth riding style. His binding features a flex level rating between 5 and 8, and how Shane makes that rating is by using this dual lacing system or using the top strap. So you can leave it open…


2011 Liquid Force Prima Binding Review

Liquid Force Prima Wakeboard Binding

The Liquid Force has the perfect binding for girls looking to improve their skills. The 2011 Liquid Force Prima binding has a flex level rating of five, which is supportive enough to help you progress to the next level. Built on the IB6 chassis, the Prima features the dual density EVA impact foam, and has the…


2011 Ronix One Wakeboard Review

Ronix One Wakeboard

Ronix Wakeboards Hi, I’m Danny Harf. I’ve been a pro wake boarder for ten years now and designing board shapes for ten years as well.  This is my 2011 One pro model and I’m going to tell you about its features. So, I guess basically why we call this board the One collection is because I…


Liquid Force Luna Womens Wakeboard Review


The Liquid Force 2011 Luna. The Luna, another staple board in our line, is on the PS3 shape. This board features a three-stage hybrid rocker, so it’s a little different trajectory, a little different arc coming off the wake then the Angels. It has a straight up pop, but still a user-friendly ride. It has…


Ronix Vault Wakeboard Review


Hi. My name is Mike Ferraro and I’m going to talk to you today about Ronix Vault Wakeboard. Some of the things that are really interesting, and that I really like about designing wakeboards, are there’s such a wide range of users. One of the big challenges that I always pride myself in is finding…