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VIDEO: Scott Stevens Shred to Toe

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Ever wondered what allow pro snowboarder Scott Stevens to jib stuff you never imagined jibbable? Maybe it was what his mom fed them for breakfast as a kid, maybe it is natural talent, or it could just be the gear he’s riding. See what’s in Scott’s arsenal of product in this Shred to Toe video.


VIDEO: Jess Kimura Shred to Toe

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Jess Kimura is one bad-ass rider. She’s so bad-ass that she’s got an entire system to keeping her gear legit while living out of her truck during her summer’s training at Mt. Hood. Hang with Jess as she goes through her setup piece by piece in a little series we like to call “Shred to…


VIDEO: Forest Bailey Shred to Toe

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Take a relaxing stroll through the woods with Forest Bailey as he catches The House Boardshop up on the latest gear he’s rocking when’s he’s out playing professional snowboarder in the latest installment of Shred to Toe, brought to you by Snowboarder Magazine and The House Boardshop.


VIDEO: Bode Merrill Shred to Toe

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Ever wondered what allows Bode Merrill to double-cork into powder? Maybe it was what their mom fed them for breakfast as a kid, maybe it is natural talent, or it could just be the gear they are riding. That is why SNOWBOARDER Magazine and The House Boardshop are catching up with some of the top…


Review: Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

Burton Wheelie BagPM

What’s so sick about this Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag: Fully padded wheeled snowboard bag Highly recommended for airline travel Heavy gage zipper so it won’t blow out Heavy and durable cordora fabric which is typically found on the bottom of book bags Skid pad so it can handle rolling over curbs Replaceable Skateboard wheels…


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